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Thread: Wait for the Ice Saints – Il faut attendre les saints de glace .

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    Default Wait for the Ice Saints – Il faut attendre les saints de glace .

    There is a saying in France that you have to wait until after the ice saints – 11th, 12th and 13th May (Mamert, Pancrace and Servais) before you plants tomatoes and flowers like Busy Lilies. Well my tomatoes are fine because they are in the laundry but not the Busy Lizzies or the plumbago in the barrow. Sigh.
    Cette année je n’ai pas écouté le dicton qui dit qu’il faut attendre les saints de glace le 11, 12 et 13 mai avant de faire les plantations d’été. Mes impatiences ont souffert ainsi que le plumbago dans la brouette mais pas les tomates qui sont à l’abri. Oh la la!
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    1. William Kendall:
      09 May 2019 Here it's possible to get frost into May.
    2. Susan Walter:
      09 May 2019 Impatience with the impatiences never pays off :-) (PS. Lilies should be Lizzies -- that looks like an auto-correct typo, since you said Lizzies on FB).
    3. Rosemary Kneipp:
      09 May 2019 Have corrected it! I also posted on the wrong website .

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