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Thread: Comings and goings of town’s quiet street .

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    Default Comings and goings of town’s quiet street .

    NEIGHBOURS in Alaro, a quiet Mallorcan town, are being warned to lock up their cars, because a mystery man has broken into half-a-dozen of them… to pleasure himself!
    At least five neighbours have reported having their cars treated in this manner, and all of them living in the same Calle Joan Alcover street, in the heart of the town.
    The baffling behaviour began at Christmas, when one woman discovered her car had been broken into and soiled. Since then, at least four other neighbours have reported the same complaint to police.
    Yet nothing has been stolen from the cars. “I had left my sunglasses, some money, a mobile charger and even a wrapped present for my husband in the car, yet all of it was still there,” said one woman, who had parked her BMW right outside her house.
    “Things were a little upside down, but strangest of all was that two passport-size photos of me had been stuck in the glove compartment. “I thought it was with glue, but I now know different!”

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