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Thread: You never know... .

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    Default You never know... .

    Give yourself to God before death arrives.
    What you can do today don't defer 'til tomorrow,
    For a day once passed never returns
    And missed opportunities turn to sorrow.
    You never know which chance is the last.
    By the light of a feeble candle we look around.
    Everything vanishes, and there is no applause.
    The words at your funeral fall on deaf ears,
    For you will already entering Heaven...or Hell.
    Our earthly home is but a wayside inn
    On the road to our final destination.
    At the moment of death we awaken to eternity.
    Imagine how it will feel when it is too late
    To call on the Lord to beg His pardon.
    For by then, for you, it will be too late.


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