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Thread: Chan Chan in Yaffo Port .

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    Israel attracts artists from around the globe. In real terms this means European performers. The big acts, pop artists from the 60s to 90s, also come from the US (and perform in big events.) But Latin, Asian and African music is not as popular. There is no shortage of music here, famous and less known. But seeing a good band playing at an out of the way location is rare. Even more rare is a good street performance. That's the case with a Cuban trio at the Jaffa port on a July morning, a pleasant surprise. The port was empty, too early for most tourists. The local crowd was thin and not in dancing mood. Visitors hardly noticed and were unenthusiastic. But for Latin music fans, especially Cuban son or salsa, this was a treat. The trio came with two salsa dancers who tried to get the crowd started, to no avail, this morning the crowd was just watching.

    It's a bit tricky to compare Israeli and Cuban music culture. Apparently in Havana there are roving musicians popping on street corners at every hour of the day. At least this is the impression Israelis come from visiting there. This is not the case on Tel Aviv streets. Once in a while on the tayelet (beach front promenade, ha'yarkon street) you will find a lone performer accompanied by a smart phone on a portable amplifier. On summer evenings you have a better chance to see a guitarist or a pop singer, sometimes singing local Mediterranean style Hebrew songs, sometimes classic English pop tunes. On Fridays (our Saturday equivalent to Christian countries) there may be a street performer in front of a mall or in a crowded street corner (i.e. Dizengoff and Ben Gurion streets). The middle of the summer may bring a few street musicians to the beach front in the early evenings. If you are a local music fan, check out the listings on the big event sites or ask someone in the know. Below, a street musician, Hertzeliya city park, Friday morning:

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