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Thread: Chatter RIP Quality control! .

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    Default Chatter RIP Quality control! .

    It seems to be more common to receive an incorrect order these days.

    Just this week, ordering parts for van. Only part of the order arrived. Then when they sent missing bits, sent the wrong ones. Devil's own job to sort out on online "chat" and even telephone, as it's always a different person and they don't keep a record of the chat conversations.

    Discussing this with our onsite builders here repairing a storm damaged wall. One said similar problem with his car in the garage. So, the "professionals" are not exempt.

    Then, whilst still trying to sort out our correct van parts, lorry arrives with blocks ordered by builders. Wrong sized blocks! And because the drivers have to stay in their lorries whilst the loading goes on, they can't double check the ticket until too late and shipment has gone out.

    All this while in the background on the radio a ballad song called "The sign of the times". Oh, the irony!

    Oh, and now amazon prime are sending out items in their obxes with no packaging, just a delivery sticker on the actual "gift" box. Nice touch!Statistics: Posted by Bayleaf Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:13 pm Replies 0 Views 2

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