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Thread: Top 5 Cruise Ideas for Winter Holidays .

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    Default Top 5 Cruise Ideas for Winter Holidays .

    Mention a cruise to most people and they will think about sun and islands.* But there are lots of different places to go on a cruise that is fun, interesting and can also be done in winter.* So, whether you want some winter sunshine or enjoy the splendor of the snow, here are five ideas for a winter holidays cruise.
    Alaska cruises

    Alaska has some amazing scenery and plenty of great places to visit that means you should definitely try an Alaskan cruise for a winter holiday.* Many of them combine the best of Alaska with neighboring areas of Canada – an example includes seven nights around Alaska and a two day trip to the Rocky Mountains on the Rocky Mountaineer Train.
    Other combinations include taking in the sights of Alaska and visiting one of the big Canadian cities such as Vancouver.* This lets you see the beauty and splendor of Alaska including areas such as Glacier Bay National Park as well as spend some time in the city.
    Norway cruises

    Like Alaska, Norway is a classic place to visit if you love a snowy, cold winter and all the sights that it brings.* Norway cruises are a chance to see amazing spectacles such as the Northern Lights and the Gulf Stream means that the coast of the country is ice-free all year round so the weather doesn’t stop the fun.* These cruises are also a chance to take in some top winter activities such as snowmobile safaris and even dog sledding as well as classic winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.
    Polar cruises

    A Polar cruise is a unique experience, especially for wildlife fans.* It is a chance to see amazing creatures such as whales, polar beads and penguins in their natural habits and also to visit remote Inuit communities in Greenland.* These pristine areas are the last untouched wildernesses on the planet and offer the chance to see locations that are historic for polar expeditions of the past.* You can even try some activities such as kayaking and mountaineering with the ship acting as a base camp.

    Indian Ocean cruises

    Not all winter cruises need to be cold ones – there are plenty of warmer Southern Hemisphere locations to visit as well.* One example is a cruise around parts of the Indian Ocean.* There are a number of notable islands around the ocean that make for a great place to stop on a cruise and enjoy some winter sun.* Examples include visiting the Seychelles, Zanzibar, the Comoros Islands, Reunion Island and even the islands of Tanzania.
    Caribbean Cruise

    The Caribbean Cruise is one that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.* While the temperatures may be a little cooler during winter, it is still pleasant with plenty of sun.* Pick islands that offer the activities you love most – diving, surfing, horse riding or just relaxing on the beach.* Each island has its own personality and offers something different for visitors to ensure you can have the perfect winter cruise every time.
    The full article can be read at Top 5 Cruise Ideas for Winter Holidays.

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