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Thread: 2 weeks and 2 days starting Feb .

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    Default 2 weeks and 2 days starting Feb .

    Hi guys, this will be my third trip to India. This time my girlfriend will come with me, but she's only given a little over 2 weeks off work.
    She wants to experience both Shivaratri and Holi, however both are spaced apart just enough that we will have to miss one of them by a couple of days considering flight time.
    Any suggestions?
    I've though about landing in Delhi a day before shiva ,leaving to Varanasi, then make our way to Rajasthan, and celebrate an early Holi (I've heard of lathmar?) then depart the day after.

    Delhi>Varanasi>Rajasthan, then whatever Holi we can celebrate.
    Help with advice and itinerary?
    Maybe depart home Feb 9 and return around 29?

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