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  1. Immigration: Final List of Questions for May 23, 2019 Conference Call

    Rajiv S. Khanna, US Immigration Attorney, hosts a Free Community Conference Call for all of you, every other Thursday at 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time to answer US immigration related questions,...
  2. Ireland 12 years of MA in Irish and Irish-American Studies at Glucksman Ireland House NYU .

    Expanding Understandings: Twelve Years of the Master of Arts in Irish and Irish-American Studies at Glucksman Ireland House NYU
  3. Ireland 7 delicious foods to pair with Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale .

    These are the best foods to eat with a crisp and refreshing pint of Smithwick’s, the pride of Kilkenny.
  4. Ireland Wild wallabies wander deserted Irish island .

    Lambay Island is home to birds, cattle, deer, four humans, and red-necked wallabies. How did they get there?
  5. Ireland When Amelia Earhart came to stay in Donegal… by accident .

    On May 21, 1932, the record-breaking pilot, Amelia Earhart, landed in Ireland and stole on Donegal family's hearts.
  6. Ireland The London Irish gangster who shaped the Kray Twins .

    London Irish gangster William 'Billy' Hill helped shape the criminal career of the notorious Kray twins.
  7. Ireland Irish priest shows he’s down with the kids flossing during Holy Communion .

    His floss dance skills may be questionable but his spirit is not.
  8. Ireland President Trump to arrive in Ireland on June 5, says White House .

    The White House confirmed on Tuesday that US President Donald Trump will arrive in Ireland on June 5.
  9. Ireland What are the best places to live in Ireland? .

    Dream of retiring to Ireland? Longing to live and work in Éire? Here are the most desirable places to live in Ireland.
  10. Ireland Irish man paralyzed in Storm Emma accident gets ready to move back home .

    Jack O'Driscoll was paralyzed from the chest down after a freak accident during Storm Emma in 2018. Now, the Co Cork native is looking forward to moving home.
  11. Ireland 10 reasons why you have to visit the Guinness US brewery .

    Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House opened nine months ago, outside of Baltimore, and it has already made a lasting impression on the US brewing scene.
  12. Ireland Irish student to have an asteroid named after him after winning at science fest .

    Irish student Adam Kelly took home several awards at this year's ISEF in Phoenix, Arizona.
  13. Ireland It's here! The Downton Abbey trailer has finally been released .

    Ahead of its September release, Downton Abbey fans got an unexpected treat when the trailer was finally released revealing more of the storyline.
  14. Ireland Irish mother of two dies in tragic accident in California .

    Geraldine Barry, an Irish mother of two, passed away tragically on May 15 in California.
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    El Roto .

  16. Name of Thrones: The Spanish couples who called their daughters Daenerys .

    Around 25 kilometers from the center of Madrid, in Parla, the Fernández de Vega Sánchez family is getting ready to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones way past midnight on May 13. When the...
  17. Ceuta: Vox’s anti-immigration message makes gains in a city that is 40% Muslim .

    The Spanish exclave city of Ceuta in North Africa is unlike the cities in the Spanish peninsula. In Ceuta, many locals say hello to each other with the Arabic greeting Salaam Alaikum, and the Islamic...
  18. ‘Lonely Planet’ lists Madrid as the second-best place to visit in Europe .

    The travel guide Lonely Planet has named Madrid as the second-best place to visit in Europe for 2019. Travel experts from the famous guidebook awarded the Spanish capital for its efforts to make the...
  19. Podemos attacks Zara owner’s €320 million healthcare donation .

    The Spanish anti-austerity party Podemos has questioned donations made by Inditex founder Amancio Ortega to Spain’s public healthcare system. The business mogul – who, with a fortune of €56 billion,...
  20. Row over Catalans’ oaths sets the tone as Spanish Congress convenes .

    The inaugural session of Spanish Congress on Tuesday gave a good indication of what to expect during the new political term inside a house that is more fragmented than ever following the snap...
  21. Ireland Is Biden the only Democrat who can beat Trump? Have your say (POLL) .

    Is Joe Biden the only Democratic candidate who can win back the Obama voters who went on to vote for Trump?
  22. Immigration: Oath Ceremony cancelled.

    I passe the interview on May 6. On May 9, they scheduled my Oath Ceremony to June 12, 2019. But on May 10, they sent out another notice to cancel my appointment.

    "This is to advise you that, as...
  23. Immigration: Tattoos & Self-Harm

    So I have self-harm scars on my forearm and I plan on getting a tattoo over them. I'm part of a student exchange program and I'll get a J-1 Visa, will the tattoo covering the scars be a problem? What...
  24. Immigration: Is it too early for TN renewal?

    I will be traveling back to Canada this weekend and was wondering if it is too early to renew my TN visa at the border. My current visa is set to expire July 17 2019, so I have about 2 months...
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    Immigration: TN VISA

    I am Canadian citizen currently working in the US as a civil engineer. I am came across one position name " Advisory -construction" for a business consulting firm. The description of the...
  26. Post Box • Voting in Sunday's Euros .

    Our voting cards arrived today, a big relief as when I enquired at the mairie a few weeks ago when the 'in or out' was in doubt the secretary said, rather uncertainly I thought, 'oui, normalement'.
  27. Long layover? Consider a pod hotel .

    For destination-driven adventurers, vacation lodging is about having a place to rest one’s head after a long day of exploring ancient settlements or testing gastrointestinal limits. It’s a place to...
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    A Bittersweet Joyride .

  29. Post Box • Right to die? .

    Once again the appeal court has said that Vincent Lambert must be kept alive.
    This poor man has been in a vegatative state for many years at the request of his mother and father, against the wishes...
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    Chatter • Ken Loach .

    He is in good nick, and I do admire his films and well articulated views.

    https://www.france24.com/en/encore/2019 ... palme-d-orStatistics: Posted by DaveW — Tue May 21, 2019 6:16 pm — Replies 0 —...
  31. Europa League Final preview: There’s little to choose between Chelsea and Arsenal .

    Chelsea and Arsenal go head-to-head in Azerbaijan, on Wednesday, May 29, aiming to finish off the season by claiming the Europa League trophy.
    The game has added significance for both sides, with...
  32. Ireland Ireland's 12th annual National Famine Commemoration held in Co Sligo .

    Taoiseach Leo Varadkar addressed the congregation at the 12th annual national famine commemoration on May 19.
  33. Ireland Government lends support to aid search for Trinity lecturer missing on Everest .

    The family of Irishman Seamus Lawless was forced to ask for donations to aid his search and recovery with his insurance company not currently providing assistance.
  34. Ireland The best Irish reactions to the final Game of Thrones .

    It's been a decade in the making but we now know the fate of all the winners and losers in Game of Thrones.
  35. Ireland Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla begin two-day visit to Ireland .

    Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, arrived in Ireland on Monday for their two-day visit.
  36. Ireland Ireland awaits clarity on Trump visit; Varadkar says he would've voted for Hillary .

    As rumors abound about President Trump's potential visit to Ireland, Irish government officials set the record straight.
  37. A mountain hideout and a fake identity: How ETA’s Josu Ternera went unnoticed .

    A mountain hut, a heavy backpack and a made-up biography: José Antonio Urrutikoetxea Bengoetxea, better known as Josu Ternera, was posing as Bruno Martí, a Venezuelan writer who had come to the...
  38. Champions League Final preview: Tottenham and Liverpool go head-to-head in Madrid .

    Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool meet in Madrid on Saturday, June 1, hoping to round off the season by clinching the prestigious Champions League trophy.
    Both sides seemed unlikely finalists during...
  39. Guardiola: Dreamer, fanatic and artist .

    The best. I will say it once and for all: what Pep Guardiola is doing is of such a high level and so spectacular that his influence is managing to steer soccer toward uncharted greatness. The opening...
  40. Griezmann: The right moment .

    When it’s time to plan a season as a sporting director, over time you develop a sixth sense that helps you to predict the movements in the market, both in favor and against the interests of your...
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    El Roto .

  42. Jailed Catalan separatists take seats in Congress and Senate .

    Five newly elected Catalan members of Spanish parliament who are in preventive custody for their involvement in the 2017 secession attempt left prison on Monday to complete the formalities to take...
  43. Ireland Trump's hate speech deserves ban from Ireland, readers vote .

    Almost three in four IrishCentral readers believe that US President Donald Trump should be banned from Ireland because of hate speech.
  44. Chatter • Eight year old girl playing "Good Times, Bad Times" .

    on the drums

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91pz1E8pAOYStatistics: Posted by DaveW — Mon May 20, 2019 8:33 pm — Replies 0 — Views 22
  45. Immigration: Lost passport with i-94 in it while outside of US but still have combo c

    Hi I am currently waiting for my interview for green card and have a combo card. I am currently visiting family in Canada and have lost my passport. I just ordered a new one and will be getting it in...
  46. Docaviv 2019: Junha’s Planet .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/junhas-planet-credit-HONG-HYUNG-SOOK.jpgJunha’s Planet/Photo: Hong Hyung-sookJunha’s Planet, directed by Hong Hyung-sook, is a sensitive,...
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    Chatter • Good shot sir .

    On target, https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/brexit-party-leader-nigel-farage-hit-by-a-milkshake-in-newcastle-a4146721.htmlStatistics: Posted by peake — Mon May 20, 2019 2:01 pm — Replies 5 —...
  48. Ireland Frank McCourt Summer School returns to New York City .

    The University of Limerick/Frank McCourt Summer School in New York will return to Glucksman Ireland House this year for an intensive June 27 to 30 run
  49. Ireland How a Waterford socialist politician became England's Minister for Health .

    From his birth in County Waterford to working as a child in the mines of Scotland, to politics and becoming the Minister for Health. The incredible life of John Wheatley started out on this day in...
  50. Ireland Will Game of Thrones kill off its last main Irish actor? .

    The hit HBO show used to be awash with Irish acting talent but this fan favorite is now pretty much the only one remaining.
  51. Ireland Horrific video shows Irish calves beaten on transport to EU .

    An undercover investigation has exposed the abusive treatment veal calves from Ireland received at a resting post for live exports in France.
  52. Ireland Listen to JFK's previously unheard private message to Ireland .

    A previously unheard message from John F. Kennedy to the people of Ireland and a private message to friend Dot Tubridy has been uncovered in Co Meath.
  53. Ireland New immigration sweeps to target thousands, the Irish included .

    How much do your fellow Irish people mean to you? That question isn't academic now. Who you vote for in this country will be your final answer.
  54. Ireland Polish explorer who saved over 200,000 during Irish Famine remembered in new exhibit

    The life of Paul Strzelecki, a Polish explorer who saved over 200,000 children during the Great Irish Famine, is being honored in a new exhibition in Dublin.
  55. Ireland Remote Irish island seeks Irish Americans to work after broadband installed .

    Want to live your Irish dream? Here’s your chance as remote Irish island seeks American workers.
  56. Ireland The fascinating history of Cobh in Co Cork .

    The picturesque town of Cobh in Co Cork has a fascinating history.
  57. Ireland Joe Biden used to sound a lot like Trump on immigration, border fence .

    US presidential candidate Biden was singing from a different hymn sheet in the run-up to and during his last bid for POTUS.
  58. Ireland This Irish hotel has officially been named one of the best in the world .

    The Co. Limerick hotel was the only Irish hotel to make the Condé Nast Traveler 2018 Hot List, placing it among 102 of the world’s best hotels.
  59. Ireland Recalling a time when the Irish in America loved immigrants .

    An excellent, insightful but also depressing book called "The Guarded Gate: Bigotry, Eugenics and the Law That Kept Two Generations of Jews, Italians, and Other European Immigrants Out of America."
  60. Ireland Five things to do in Ireland when the sun is shining .

    Ireland isn't exactly renowned for its beautiful weather - but when the sun is out there are few places more glorious
  61. Ireland Top ten tips for bringing kids on a guided vacation to Ireland .

    From readjusting kids to the new time zone to the best ways to help them engage with the tourist sites and attractions, here is all the info you need to make your trip to Ireland with kids a great...
  62. Ireland The story behind Princess Diana’s secret meeting with JFK Jr .

    It was rumored they were having a secret affair but here's is the story behind the meeting and the real reason they met.
  63. Ireland Former priest who embezzled $70k running for office in Ireland .

    Former priest who was convicted of embezzling from public health services is running for a seat on Kildare County Council.
  64. Ireland Which is the drunkest nation in the world? .

    Global survey uncovered the booziest nation in the world. The results may surprise you.
  65. Why a medical convention could earn more for Madrid than the Champions final .

    It may lack color and fanfare, but a medical convention due to take place in Madrid in 2020 will bring more cash to the capital than the Champions League final on June 1 of this year, according to...
  66. Convictions for driving under the influence jump 10% in Spain .

    Preliminary data offered by Spain’s Attorney General’s Office show a 10% rise in just one year in convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    Seguir leyendo.
  67. Ireland My family's Holocaust story recalled during a trip to Limerick .

    We mark Jewish American Heritage Month with a personal tale of remembrance to ensure that the horrors experienced in World War II are never repeated and that we never forget.
  68. Ireland Accidental concert shooting and car crashes - Life on the road continues for Black 47

    We're back with Black 47's Larry Kirwan. Check with IrishCentral every second Sunday as we cover the history of the iconic band album by album. You can find the whole series here.
  69. 5 Markets in Guangzhou That You Have to Visit on Your Trip .

    Guangzhou is one of only a few cities in the world that offers the perfect balance of tradition and modernization. Despite being the busiest trading center of China, Guangzhou or Canton still...
  70. Ireland Donegal named coolest place in the world by National Geographic .

    National Geographic Traveller named Couty Donegal on their 2017 "Cool List" and we couldn't agree more. As they say themselves up there "it's different"
  71. Immigration: US passport expiry and going to India

    My wife's US passport expires in Nov 2019. She is planning for India trip (with OCI) in first week of June. We want to do the new passport later (or in India itself).
    Does anybody see any...
  72. Immigration: With a pending H1B, would it be possible to start work with TN in August

    Hi everyone,

    I am a fresh graduate (Canadian citizen) who was selected in the H1B lottery for FY 2020. I am currently based outside of the US, but my official start date is August 2019. Under this...
  73. Immigration: Some inquires about b2 visa

    If I would like to apply for b2 for my parents while I have GC and currently lives in USA.
    - Shall I have to show a reasons for why I'm applying for them something like my wife Is pregnant...
  74. Immigration: TD Visa- Education

    (A) Can TD Visa holder dependent go to the University OR College OR Community College OR Online degree courses and study "Credited" courses to complete US Bachelors degree.

    I have asked the above...
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    Immigration: Tn expired

    My TN visa expired but my I 94 departure date has not expired. I haven’t worked since the TN expired a month ago and my employer wants me to reapply for another TN to start working again. I am going...
  76. Immigration: https://supplementeffects.com/opti-health-cbd-oil/

    and D with the intention to serve to reward your dermis that healthful glow you’ve been dreaming Serum CBD! Your dermis will also be saved well hydrated because Opti health cbd oilthe presence Opti...
  77. Post Box • Maybe she wont get so pissed in future .

    Lions arnt the same as a pussy cat, https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/bretagne/ille-et-vilaine/montfort-meu-femme-blessee-lion-1671863.htmlStatistics: Posted by peake — Sun May 19, 2019 1:38 pm...
  78. Post Box • british immigrants to France .

    I read our old local paper La Depeche every day online and was sad to see the comments for this report:
    https://www.ladepeche.fr/2019/05/19/exp ... 208399.phpStatistics: Posted by Patf — Sun May 19,...
  79. Pets - Lost and Found • JR lost at St. Paul la Roche(24) .


  80. Ireland Northern Ireland's abortion laws are actually stricter than Alabama's .

    The UK’s Abortion Act 1967 was never applied in Northern Ireland.
  81. Ireland Conor McGregor quizzed by police over alleged assault in Dublin .

    The Irish sports star was questioned by police in Ireland just 24 hours after he was cleared of a robbery charge in Florida.
  82. Ireland Can you name Dublin Zoo's new baby gorilla? .

    It's a girl!
  83. Ireland Have a question about traveling to Ireland? Ask us anything! .

    The IrishCentral and Irish Studio Travel crew will be on hand to answer all your questions about vacationing in Ireland
  84. Ireland Prince Charles set to visit Ireland next week, according to sources .

    The future King of England is reportedly set to make an Irish visit to Co Wicklow next week.
  85. Ireland #FindMartin: Journalist searching for boy he met during President Reagan’s ‘84 Irish

    A former CNN photojournalist is hoping to find the child he made an honorary reporter during President Regan's 1984 visit to Ireland.
  86. Ireland Happy birthday, Enya, one of the world's top-earning female artists .

    The "Only Time" and "Orinoco Flow" singer was born as Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin in Gweedore, County Donegal, on May 17, 1961.
  87. Ireland Trump visit to Ireland may be canceled over disagreement with Irish government .

    Donald Trump’s June visit to Ireland may not occur after all because of disagreement over venues.
  88. Ireland WATCH: Viral ‘Rattlin’ Bog’ sisters set to perform at Irish festival in the US .

    Sisters Patrice and Clodagh, who went viral for their version of 'The Rattlin Bog,' are set to perform in the US this month at the Irish Fest in the Barn in Wisconsin.
  89. 5 Fun Adventure Activities in Vietnam .

    A stunning country with glorious scenery and an amazing culture, Vietnam offers many attractions for the modern tourist. It would be easy to spend a holiday in Vietnam just sightseeing and immersing...
  90. Ireland When Ulster said 'yes' - the progressive unionism that lost out to the DUP .

    Is progressive unionism needed to put an end to the deadlock in Northern Ireland politics?
  91. Ireland Loretta Brennan Glucksman, Ireland's champion, receives a well-deserved reward .

    Loretta Brennan Glucksman, one of New York’s most prominent benefactors, will be honored with the first Tom Moran Business to Arts Leadership Award at Origin Theatre Company's annual Spring Gala on...
  92. Ireland Travel Ireland and Game of Thrones Westeros at the same time .

    Winter is here, the final season is here, and tours to help you experience all the best parts of the filming location are also here.
  93. Ireland Kennedy family attend Meath exhibition launch dedicated to Irish history maker .

    Members of the Kennedy family traveled to Trim, Co Meath for the opening of an exhibition dedicated to long-time family friend and unofficial Irish ambassador to the US, Dot Tubridy.
  94. Ireland How Ireland forever changed this shy American girl from Utah .

    Taking that next step out of the shadows of anxiety and youth and falling in love with Ireland. It's quite amazing what a few short days in Ireland can do
  95. Ireland 'Fields of Athenry' songwriter to lead annual famine memorial walk in Mayo .

    Irish charity Afri will host its 31st annual famine memorial walk this weekend in Co Mayo.
  96. Ireland Angry Clare locals warn protestors to stay away from Trump during visit .

    Up to 300 jobs in the Clare area have been created by the Trump family, and locals warn they will not welcome protestors against the president if he visits.
  97. Ireland Why is the Land of the Free attacking my fundamental freedom to have a choice? .

    The land of freedom and opportunity is denying just over half of its population, citizens and otherwise, the chance to decide their own futures, taking life-changing decisions from their hands and...
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    Of bombs, X-rays and wine .

    Mark Arrol celebrates Würzburg, a city that was nearly lost in World War II.Halfway between Frankfurt and Nuremberg lies the beautiful city of Würzburg, only just inside Bavaria, but anything but...
  99. Spanish police find a fortune in van teetering on the brink of an abyss .

    At first it just seemed like a regular traffic accident. A van had overturned and careered towards a sheer drop in the mountain pass of Puerto de la Mora, around 40 kilometers northeast of Granada....
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    Gaudi’s last tenant .

    There’s a guard who asks where you are going, and a security barrier in front of the door. A Japanese tourist with a giant camera takes photos of you without asking, while around 12 people line up to...
  101. Ireland Ireland's islands - scenic havens around the Irish coastline .

    Get a dose of the Irish island life at the spectacular locales!
  102. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/5-john-wick-3-1000x545.jpgKeanu Reeves stars as ‘John Wick’ in JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUM.Replete with non-stop action and...
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    Immigration: DV Lottery

    Hello, I am selected for DV lottery 2020, I am currently in F1 status? What are my further steps? Also While applying for the DV lottery, I put the address for the home country but I was here in the...
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    Immigration: Approved

    This forum has been very helpful, and motivational for me. I finally got approved after almost 3 yrs. Here is my Timeline:
    did interview in December 2018, got approved in March 2019.
  105. Immigration: DV lottery in F1 status

    Hello, I am selected for DV lottery 2020, I am currently in F1 status? What are my further steps? Also While applying for the DV lottery, I put the address for the home country in the application...
  106. Immigration: Drug charges can i apply for citizenship

    Hi, hope I can get some answers here as I've been given different answers from different attorneys and I really am confused about the whole situation.

    I've been here since 1990 as a permanent...
  107. Immigration: Employment during first year holding Green Card.

    When I got my green card in 2014, I was going back and forth between US and my home country for the first year since I had no job in US and I was finalizing my stuff back home. I was still...
  108. Immigration: Working overseas for extended period of time: Implications of re-entry f

    Hi there,
    I am trying to find out the risks of using an I-131/re-entry form to work overseas for about 14 months. I don't have any intention of applying for citizenship in the near future, so not...
  109. Immigration: Houston Asylum seekers 2019

    Package sent to Texas centre- 05/14/2019
    Delivered by USPS -05/17/2019
  110. Immigration: i-589 Receipt Notice and Driver's License

    Hi all!

    I was wondering if anyone on this forum has been successful in obtaining a driver's license in his/her state with only i-589 receipt, without EAD. And I am reffering to those states that...
  111. Immigration: Question about marriage citizenship

    Hi all,

    My fiancee is currently in the process of applying for citizenship, but we are also planning on getting married soon and need to decide what the best path forward is regarding her...
  112. How To Turn Your Overseas Holiday Destination Into Your Forever Home

    https://www.travelfeeder.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/architecture-building-chairs-2034335.jpgPhoto by Konstantinos Eleftheriadis from Pexels Whether it’s endless beaches and sunsets or craggy...
  113. Immigration: Asylee Applying for spouse i730 denied

    Hello all,
    please i need your help.
    My i-730 application for my wife is denied after it took a 3 year process. I have my greencard for more than 2 years. Can i appeal the decision or not? I am...
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    Docaviv 2019: Resonance .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/resonance.jpgResonance/Photo: Itay MaromMusic has the power to penetrate the hidden places of our being, transporting our thoughts and...
  115. America Our take on Infrastructure Week in the Washington Post .

    http://t4america.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/WashPo-Headline-Image-landscape-1024x668.pngA new opinion piece in the Washington Post from Transportation for America takes a contrarian view of all...
  116. America How one city is priming itself for Opportunity Zone investment .

    How does a city make sure it’s ready for investment? A question weighing on many municipal minds is how to organize planning, economic development strategies, and zoning regulations to make it clear...
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    The Absence of Racism .

  118. Toxic Masculinity: A Confusing Term .

  119. Chatter • It's that time of year again .

    I know you will all be glued to your TVs again tonight and rooting for Bilal Hassani in this year's Eurovision.

    But one thing I don't understand - or must have missed on the news - when did...
  120. America Repair Priorities 2019: more money won’t fix our infrastructure problems .

    http://t4america.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Repair-Priorities-slider.jpgIt’s Infrastructure Week again and politicians are back at it, bemoaning our “crumbling roads and bridges” and insisting we...
  121. Ireland Ireland's most popular counties and their top attractions .

    From County Antrim to County Kerry, there is so much to see and do in Ireland! Here's IrishCentral's guide to the top attractions for visitors.
  122. Ireland Ireland should welcome President Trump with open arms when he visits in June .

    Far from shunning President Trump on his visit to Ireland, the Irish should give him a great Céad Míle Fáilte welcome.
  123. Ireland On this day in history: Loyalist bombings in Dublin/Monaghan kill 34 in 1974 .

    On May 17 in 1974, Loyalists planted three bombs in Dublin and one bomb in Monaghan, killing 33 civilians and a full-term unborn child.
  124. Ireland Irish climber goes missing on Mount Everest after reaching peak .

    A Trinity College Dublin professor Seamus Lawless is missing while descending Mount Everest after he had reached the summit.
  125. Ireland Tim Conway’s family feuded over his medical care in the comedian’s final months .

    Tim Conway's second wife Charlene and daughter Kelly battled over the comedian's medical care in his final months.
  126. Ireland The Irish people who have been barred from the US .

    A look at some of the prominent Irish figures who have been denied entry to the United States.
  127. Ireland Protests over Trump visit “allowed” and “welcome” by Ireland’s leader .

    Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar has said he would not criticize anyone for protesting US president Donald Trump visit to Ireland next month.
  128. Ireland British Lord occupies Kilkenny mansion to avoid sale of $21m Georgian home .

    Lord George Magan claims he has a right to continue on as a tenant of the mansion.
  129. Ireland Three top Irish police arrested in corruption probe .

    A Garda superintendent, an inspector, and a ranking member were detained after operational raids on a number of premises Thursday morning.
  130. Ireland Your favorite Irish country singer is coming to the US .

    Sing along to hits like “Caledonia,” “Wagon Wheel,”, “The Rare Auld Times,” and “Jealous of the Angels” at Nathan Carter's Celtic Country Show.
  131. Ireland Three million people in the world are descended from one Irish High King .

    The incredibly fertile Irish warlord, Niall of the Nine Hostages, is thought to have 3 million descendants worldwide. Could you be one of them?
  132. Ireland U2’s Adam Clayton on fame, his battle with alcohol and the demons that lurk .

    U2 bassist Adam Clayton has opened up about his battle against alcohol and his dealings with fame, saying that demons still lurk and he works hard at keeping them at bay
  133. After top pick gets rejected, Spain’s PM makes new choice for Senate speaker .

    Following the Catalan parliament’s refusal to appoint Miquel Iceta, the leader of the Catalan Socialists (PSC), as a senator on Thursday, the acting government of Pedro Sánchez has come up with a new...
  134. Ireland What does Guinness taste like? Tasting notes so you can sip like a pro .

    How would you describe the taste of Guinness?
  135. Ireland WATCH: Viral ‘Rattlin’ Bog’ sisters set to perform at Irish festival in the US .

    Sisters Patrice and Clodagh, who went viral for their version of 'The Rattlin Bog,' are set to perform in the US this month at the Irish Fest in the Barn in Wisconsin.
  136. Ireland Campaign to bring major league baseball to Ireland .

    A campaign to bring Major League Baseball to Ireland has been launched by two Irish American baseball organizations.
  137. Ireland Joe Biden describes illegal immigrants as “the best of every nation” .

    2020 US presidential candidate Joe Biden has defended Central American migrants taking advantage of asylum loopholes in immigration laws.
  138. Ireland Trump visit to Ireland may be canceled over disagreement with Irish government .

    Donald Trump’s June visit to Ireland may not occur after all because of disagreement over venues.
  139. ¿Qué? podcast, S02E03: New clocking-in system and Pedro Sánchez’s hero moment .

    This week on our ¿Qué? podcast, we discuss a new law that makes it mandatory for all businesses in Spain to keep track of when their workers sign in and out of work, and talk about how acting Spanish...
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    El Roto .

  141. Researchers probe 2,000-year-old killings on uninhabited Spanish islet .

    The islet of Sa Galera is 170 meters off the coast of Palma de Mallorca, in Spain’s Balearic Islands. It is around 1,800 square meters – smaller than a soccer field – and has never been inhabited by...
  142. The suspicious victory of far-right group Vox in a tiny Spanish town .

    A yellow-and-green plain surrounds Gotarrendura, a village in the Spanish province of Ávila that is home to 161 inhabitants. This year, spring has brought with it two notable rises: the temperatures...
  143. Former ETA chief ‘Josu Ternera’ arrested in France after 17 years in hiding .

    A historic leader of the Basque terrorist group ETA who had been on the run for 17 years has been arrested in France, police sources have told EL PAÍS.
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  144. How a failed “inland sea” project left this Valencian village the most indebted in Sp

    María José Tortosa, the current mayor of Vallada, shields her eyes as she points towards the horizon. “The park was going to be all that and more – 1,300 square kilometers,” she says. “The first...
  145. Spanish health authorities crack down on opioid abuse .

    The unjustified prescription and abuse of immediate-release fentanyl, a potent opioid, has put the Spanish authorities on alert.
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  146. Ireland Jackie Kennedy's former yacht is available for charter .

    The Christina O, once owned by Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy, is available for charter.
  147. Ireland Happy Birthday, Pierce Brosnan! A look at the Irish actor's most popular movies .

    Irish actor Pierce Brosnan celebrates his birthday today, May 16! Take a look at his most popular movies.
  148. Ireland These are the most photogenic towns in Ireland .

    Get your cameras ready to take a tour of the most stunning spots in Ireland!
  149. How To Spend 3 Days in Rio De Janeiro .

  150. Horror blaze claims life, in building for squatters .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Local-9-1-150x150.jpgONE person has died, three men were seriously injured and around 80 people were evacuated after fire swept through a...
  151. I’ll kill you all, threatens Ryanair plane passenger .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Local-28-1-150x150.jpgPASSENGERS on a Ryanair flight rescued a flight attendant as a man who, allegedly, threatened to “kill every single...
  152. Motorway crashes cause chaos on a Sunday night .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Local-5-1-150x150.jpgFIVE people were injured during two traffic incidents on the TF-1 motorway last Sunday evening, in which four vehicles,...
  153. Brit soldier and football coach was a drug-dealer .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Local-4-1-150x150.jpgA BRITISH soldier and football coach has pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and intent to supply in Gibraltar....
  154. Tenerife North airport hits the top-10 best list .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Local-3-1-150x150.jpgAIRHELP, a website which helps people get compensation for their cancelled or delayed flights, has released a list of 72...
  155. Paris mystery of missing student, who is back now .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Local-2-150x150.jpgNATALIA Sánchez Uribe, a Spanish Erasmus student who went missing last week in Paris, has been found alive, says Spain’s...
  156. Replies

    Hi. I’m Rudolph! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Comm-2-150x150.jpgLive Arico news
    URGENTLY looking for a home, having been found at the harbour in Los Cristianos, this is Rudolf. He is a...
  157. Replies

    Archie needs our help! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Comm-1-150x150.jpgCats Welfare news
    THIS poor old boy had been living in misery on a hotel complex for some time. But a tourist alerted us to...
  158. Hoedown happiness for such a display, in support of the needy .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Comm-4-150x150.jpgOVER 100 people gathered at La Camella’s Camel Park last Saturday, to join in the Hoedown fun at the first-ever charity...
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    Come and join us! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Comm-3-150x150.jpgAccion del Sol news
    A DATE for your diary, our next event at the refuge, is 8th June at 2pm. It will be an afternoon for...
  160. Ireland Join Bantry Walking Festival this June Bank Holiday weekend .

    From Sheep's Head Way to Mealagh Valley join the Bantry Walking Festival this June Bank Holiday and soak in some of the best views in Ireland
  161. Ai Goh Hotel, Penang Road – The Most Affordable Accommodation .

    Ai Goh Hotel may sound like a family-owned hotel as my family name is Goh too. However, this hotel is not related to me at all. Ai Goh hotel is a newly renovated hotel in town that provides the most...
  162. Ireland Celebrating the Irishman who reached America before Columbus on his feast day .

    St Brendan is one of the most famous Irish saints, but whether he got to America before Christopher Columbus has remained one of the continuing Irish mysteries
  163. Ireland New Guinness beer honors women in the brewing industry .

    The Guinness US brewery has released a new beer honoring women in the industry and it sounds delicious.
  164. Ireland Top hidden beauty spots in Ireland .

    Are you planning to visit Ireland? What about seeing some history and beautiful countryside in Ireland where few tourists go?
  165. Ireland Ireland is surrounded by volcanoes .

    Volcanoes currently pose no danger to Ireland's residents, but the island is known for its reoccurring history of volcanic eruptions.
  166. Pets - Lost and Found • 3 lost in Dordogne while I've been away .


  167. Wildlife • LPO comptage May 2019 .

    https://www.lpo.fr/actualites/rendez-vo ... 6-mai-2019Statistics: Posted by scooby — Fri May 17, 2019 7:46 am — Replies 0 — Views 25
  168. Immigration: How to denounce a doctor to make fake records for patients

    I live in Orange County. My aunt and I don't know English. I take my Aunt to Dr Psychology for fill out N648 , we pay alot money for that , before go to interview she said need update 1 question and...
  169. 9 things to eat in Bogotá .

    After decades of civil war and instability, Colombia is stepping into the spotlight as an engaging destination, brimming with potential, and, for travelling food lovers, a larder that’s packed with...
  170. Ireland Petition to remake final season of Game of Thrones goes viral .

    Want a Game of Thrones final season remake? You're not alone.
  171. Ireland Irish priests disappointed at Pope's reluctance to ordain female deacons .

    The Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) expressed “major disappointment” over the Pope Francis's comments indicating the church has no current plans to ordain women deacons.
  172. Immigration: Previous work experience and background checks


    I got selected this year for the lottery visa.

    I need information regarding DS-260 for the previous work experience section. I was doing remote work for IT clients/companies.
    Will i have...
  173. Ireland Rory McIlroy to represent Ireland in 2020 Olympics .

    The Co Down sports star also has the choice to represent the United Kingdom.
  174. Ireland Moving to Ireland: Why you should live in Dingle, County Kerry .

    Thinking about moving to Ireland? Dingle town in County Kerry is a jewel in Ireland’s crown. A colorful, busy, welcoming town in an area described as “the most beautiful place on earth.”
  175. Ireland Remembering Father Flanagan, Boys Town founder, on the anniversary of his death .

    Today we remember the rebellious and kind Irish-born Monsignor Edward Joseph Flanagan, founder of Boys Town, Nebraska.
  176. Ireland The American hermit who 50 years ago fled the US for a remote Irish location .

    From Ivy League to west-Cork solitude, how American Dan Hummel shunned US materialism to live on Irish soil.
  177. Ireland Should Trump receive hate speech ban from Ireland like Holocaust-denying US pastor?

    Holocaust denier and fundamentalist American preacher Pastor Steven Anderson was due to speak in Dublin on May 26 but has now become the first person banned from Ireland by the 1999 Immigration Act...
  178. Ireland Tributes paid to Irish-American marine killed in “bizarre” military training accident

    Lt. Hugh Conor McDowell died last week following a "bizarre" military training accident in California.
  179. Ireland "Carol Burnett Show" star Tim Conway dies aged 85 .

    The actor's father was an Irish immigrant to the US.
  180. Ireland On National Police Week, remembering NYPD cop who wrote one of Ireland’s best ballads

    The little-known story behind the author of the song, "Lovely Leitrim," one of Ireland's finest ballads, which was a huge international hit when sung by the late great Larry Cunningham.
  181. Ireland Cavan family’s murder-suicide sees new Irish research on the cards .

    The Irish cabinet has approved research over family homicides.
  182. Ireland Irish author beats Michelle Obama, David Walliams to British Book of the Year .

    Despite Michelle Obama’s biography selling 253% more copies, Rooney scooped the biggest prize of the night.
  183. Ireland Celebrate Chocolate Chip Day with Irish cookies made with Kerrygold .

    A classic melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie recipe with an Irish twist.
  184. Ireland Dublin Airport had a record-breaking number of passengers in April .

    Dublin Airport ushered in nearly three million passengers last month, its busiest April ever.
  185. Ireland Proud Irish Traveller Sharyn Ward sung her way into Ireland's heart and made them thi

    Ireland's Got Talent contestant becomes and ambassadress for Irish Travellers and makes a nation reconsider the prejudice against the ancient Irish people and their way of life
  186. Ireland Irish construction workers cite family as the top reason for returning to Ireland .

    A new survey has found that 65 percent of Irish construction workers cite family as the main reason they return to Ireland from abroad.
  187. Ireland Do you know the story behind the Irish flag? .

    Why is the Irish flag green, white and orange? Where did the Irish tri-color come from? Get the full history of Bratach na hÉirean here.
  188. Ireland Vulture funds are manufacturing homelessness worldwide .

    Statistics show us that the numbers of homeless in New York City have reached the highest levels since the Great Depression of the 1930s
  189. Ireland This Irish woman just won a huge award in New York City .

    Irish woman Katie Van Buren was part of a team who nabbed a Shorty Award on May 5.
  190. Ireland The travel secrets of West Waterford .

    The unique personality, beauty, and charm of West Waterford from Cliff House Hotel to the wonderful cuisine, distilleries and 800-year-old castle and so much more!
  191. Ireland Remembering the Emancipator Daniel O’Connell on his anniversary .

    Today marks what would have been the 243rd birthday of the great Irish political figure Daniel O’Connell born on August 6, 1775.
  192. Ireland Most UK voters support Brexit Party ahead of European Parliament elections .

    A new YouGov survey found that 34 percent of UK voters would vote for the Brexit Party in the upcoming European Parliament elections.
  193. Things to do at Harrison Hot Springs with kids .

    Harrison Hot Springs, British ColumbiaLocated on the shores of Harrison Lake and...
  194. PM to Catalan separatists: Blocking Senate choice is to block spirit of dialogue .

    Spain’s acting prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, on Wednesday told Catalan separatists that their decision to block the designation of a veteran Socialist politician as a regional senator is “a veto on...
  195. US conveys displeasure over Spain’s decision to withdraw frigate .

    The US embassy in Madrid is displeased with the fact that it was not informed about Spain’s decision to pull a frigate from a US-led naval mission in the Persian Gulf at a time of heightened tension...
  196. Unseasonably warm weather in Spain to make way for falls of up to 17ºC .

    The unseasonably warm weather that much of Spain has been enjoying for the last few days is set to come to an abrupt end, with the current conditions, more suited to the month of July, making way for...
  197. Spanish police find Irish woman missing in Madrid since May 9 .

    Spanish police have located a young Irish woman who went missing along with her twin sister on May 9 in the Madrid neighborhood of La Latina. Martha Osaro, 26, was found in good health on Tuesday,...
  198. Spanish court lets newly elected Catalan MPs leave jail to take office .

    Spain’s Supreme Court will allow five newly elected members of parliament who are in preventive custody over their role in the 2017 Catalan independence drive to attend the opening sessions of...
  199. How Madrid became the battleground for a raging street-poster war .

    A large-scale sabotage campaign against street posters in Madrid is damaging publicity for international artists and performers. Posters promoting the concerts of Reggaeton artists Daddy Yankee and...
  200. Problems on day one of Spain’s clocking-in system: “This isn’t going to be useful” .

    More than 24 hours have passed since new rules went into effect in Spain making it mandatory for businesses to keep track of employees’ working hours, and reactions so far are mixed.
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