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  1. Amazing Success for this Year’s Walk for Life Event .

    As well as helping you to discover the very best of what this incredible island has to offer, the team here at Tenerife Magazine also love to support worthy charitable events and causes. It is too...
  2. Post Box • Global warming or what .

    I know it's easy to be anecdotal about this subject, Trump is proof of that.

    We've had an unusually warm Autumn and Winter - so far. Where I live we will get a little frost in November and...
  3. The Best and Worst of Travel in Panama

    Panama was our bonus trip. It’s the trip we took when we realized we had a bit of extra time during our 6 months in South America. As such, we didn’t have as much opportunity to as thorough research...
  4. Ireland Eviction of elderly residents leads to bloody attack on landlord's security guards .

    Eight security guards were injured and one dog killed during a violent attack on a house in Co Roscommon, following the eviction of elderly residents.
  5. Football • Table 15th December .

    DaveW still storming away at the top :Table15thDecember.jpg
    Wibro, would you choose the games for next weekend, please?Statistics: Posted by liz — Sun Dec 16, 2018 6:45 pm — Replies 0 — Views 6
  6. Ireland Lie-detectors used to hunt down family Christmas holiday thieves .

    Parents who have had cash stolen from their homes by an unknown family member are increasingly using polygraph probes to find out who the guilty party is.
  7. Ireland Ode to Dublin captures the magic of an Irish Christmas (VIDEO) .

    “This can be a pretty amazing time around the city. So we wanted to capture some footage of it with a pre-Christmas vibe.”
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    Immigration: DV 2019 !!

    Please pray for me to win DV 2019 to Live in USA
  9. Ireland WATCH: A year on, Australian town of 11 people still disturbed by disappearance of Ir

    Whatever happened to Larrimah resident Paddy Moriarty and his dog Kellie is still a mystery.
  10. Ireland Lie-detectors used to hunt down family Christmas holiday thieves .

    Parents who have had cash stolen from their homes by an unknown family member are increasingly using polygraph probes to find out who the guilty party is.
  11. Ireland How to make a Guinness chocolate cake for Christmas .

    Do you hate traditional Irish Christmas fruitcake? This chocolaty recipe includes Guinness, and you can decorate the top of the cake with the kids as normal.
  12. Ireland Shane MacGowan, Kevin Hart and the unforgivable sins .

    Between the "Fairytale of New York" drama and Kevin Hart bowing out of presenting the Oscars we're all doing serious thinking about ugly things but to what end?
  13. Ireland 105-year-old letter to Santa Claus found in Dublin home .

    A Santa letter over 100 years old offers a fascinating glimpse into the Christmas spirit of old.
  14. Ireland Ode to Dublin captures the magic of an Irish Christmas (VIDEO) .

    “This can be a pretty amazing time around the city. So we wanted to capture some footage of it with a pre-Christmas vibe.”
  15. Ireland Irish Catholic Bishops criticize Ireland’s new abortion bill .

    Prominent bishops have spoken out against Catholic medical workers being involved in abortions.
  16. Ireland What does "Irishness" mean in 2018? Exploring being mixed race and Irish .

    Do a lot of us, North Americans in particular, have outdated mental images of Ireland as a land where everyone has red hair and freckles, wears Aran jumpers, and plays the fiddle?
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    India Bangladesh india marriage .

    I m from bangladesh .my bf from kolkata.we have 4 years relationship. Can we get married in india? Is there any restriction ? We are Christian
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    India Relocate .

    Hello everyone,

    Like lots of people I also like to relocate from ncr to the hills, Uttarakhand is the place where I would like to shift and enjoy rest of my life, places which is short listed are...
  19. India Baleni Pass: A Walk Through Beautiful Alpnie Trail .

    Winters had started knocking the doors announcing the season change, sunshine had started to feel nicer and the breeze was more pleasant now. There was already news of good snow fall in Spiti areas...
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    India Snowbound places in April .


    i am planning to take my wife for a small vacation on the second week of april 2019.
    As she likes snow very much, i am planning to take her to a place where i can find the same.

    Please let...
  21. Ireland Body of newborn found on Irish beach, police issue urgent appeal to mother .

    The body of a newborn baby was discovered partially buried in the sand on a North Dublin beach on Saturday morning.
  22. Ireland Feel the Christmas time magic in Dublin city center (VIDEO) .

    Is there any better place to enjoy the festive season than Ireland’s capital city?
  23. Ireland Ballymaloe's mince pies with Irish whiskey cream recipe .

    Warm up for Christmas by trying some of these traditional Irish mince pie recipes from Ballymaloe.
  24. Post Box • The current French malaise .

    Some of the Gilets Jaunes are still persisting in their protests .....
    I read this article yesterday which could well apply the malaise that seems to be prevalent in France today....
  25. Immigration: need help to apply for immigrant visa for canada

    currently living in Saudi arabia, my wife DOB 1968, have elder sister in canada and she is a citizen , can her sister apply for my wife a immigrant visa ?
  26. Ireland Finding loved ones before Christmas after decades apart .

    Emigration before the Internet meant it was easy to disappear. Molly Muldoon and her family never knew what had happened to Uncle Paddy.
  27. Pets - Lost and Found • Bouvier Bernois lost at St. Michele de Double(24) .

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    India SIM card in Kolkata .

    Hi guys,
    I've been trying to get a SIM card for my phone, so far without success. In the past I had no problem in Delhi, Shimla and Ft. Cochin. I had airtel in the past, but Vodafone is probably...
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  30. Immigration: nutritionless com/cardio-clear/

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  31. India Zoomcar from Guwahati for Meghalaya visit .

    Hi All,
    I am planning to visit Assam & Meghalaya during Jan 19-26. I am planning to start meghalaya on Jan 22 after visiting Kazirganga. I will be visiting with my wife & 1.6 year old daughter. I...
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    Chatter • Diner for One .

    Just a bit of Christmas slapstick

    object Statistics: Posted by peake — Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:38 pm — Replies 1 — Views 11
  33. Ireland Cardinal Dolan kicks of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations .

    Cardinal Timothy Dolan unofficially kicked off next year’s St. Patrick’s Day season in New York by hosting a party last Wednesday evening in his residence for the St. Patrick’s Day Foundation.
  34. Ireland US Congressman Engel presses British on Ballymurphy massacre .

    Congressman Eliot Engel has sent a formal letter to British Ambassador Kim Darroch expressing his concerns about the ongoing Ballymurphy inquest, considered a "fundamental test of justice in cases...
  35. Ireland Pete Hamill's Irish wake at NYU brought out the great man himself .

    New York’s greatest living writer, Pete Hamill, feted with humor, anecdotes, and love as hundreds gathered to celebrate the Irish American great.
  36. Ireland How a "no-deal" Brexit is going to lead to Irish unification .

    A no deal Brexit will likely lead to Irish unification polls show which makes Unionists support for no deal hard to explain.
  37. Immigration: Difficult situation

    I have a E-2 visa which expired on 2013 , since then I have applied for extension of stay here in US. I gave been traveling to Mexico with the visa revalidation program a coumlle of times a year with...
  38. Immigration: https://healthjumpprograming.com/alpha-titan-testo/

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  39. Ireland You know you're Irish at Christmas if... .

    An Irish Christmas is all about the traditions, recipes, songs, decorations, and special greetings.
  40. Ireland Edna O'Brien's "The Country Girls" trilogy to be celebrated in Dublin over a whole mo

    Edna O’Brien’s famed trilogy of novels has been named as the Dublin One City One Book choice for 2019. The Irish author celebrates her birthday today, December 15.
  41. Ireland Priests hear Christmas shoppers' confessions at Irish mall .

    Priests hear confession at a Co Clare mall during the Christmas season as part of 'Mercy on the Mall.'
  42. Ireland Happy birthday Edna O'Brien, one of Ireland's finest writers .

    Three cheers! Today marks the 88th birthday of one of Ireland's most celebrated, trailblazing and controversial writers, Edna O’Brien.
  43. Ireland Pete Hamill's Irish wake at NYU brought out the great man himself .

    New York’s greatest living writer, Pete Hamill, feted with humor, anecdotes, and love as hundreds gathered to celebrate the Irish American great.
  44. Ireland Mick Mulvaney, Ireland's closest ally in Trump White House, named Chief of Staff .

    The grandson of immigrants from County Mayo is set to be Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff.
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    India Ahmedabad domestic lounge .

    A new lounge has recently been inaugurated at domestic terminal ahmedabad. Can anyone tell its name and the cards accepted for entry. Thanks.
  46. India Travel to Nainital - Kausani - Corbett From Delhi .

    Hi Everyone,

    Advanced planning is underway with friends trip to Nainital - Kausani - Corbett in May 2nd week. Around 16 people aged 10-45 yrs. Below is the proposed itinerary:

    Day1 Flight,...
  47. Ireland How a "no-deal" Brexit is going to lead to Irish unification .

    A no deal Brexit will likely lead to Irish unification polls show which makes Unionists support for no deal hard to explain.
  48. Ireland Traveling to Ireland in 2019? Here's everything you need to know .

    If you're travelling to Ireland next year make sure you get the most out of your trip with our need to know guide.
  49. Ireland How the US Navy used the Titanic search as a Cold War cover-up .

    The US Navy used its hunt for the Titanic shipwreck as a cover-up story in the 1980s
  50. Ireland Cardinal Dolan kicks of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations .

    Cardinal Timothy Dolan unofficially kicked off next year’s St. Patrick’s Day season in New York by hosting a party last Wednesday evening in his residence for the St. Patrick’s Day Foundation.
  51. Ireland US Congressman Engel presses British on Ballymurphy massacre .

    Congressman Eliot Engel has sent a formal letter to British Ambassador Kim Darroch expressing his concerns about the ongoing Ballymurphy inquest, considered a "fundamental test of justice in cases...
  52. America Webinar Recap: Implementing Context Sensitive Design .

    This December, we hosted “Implementing Context Sensitive Design,” the latest installment in our monthly webinar series Implementation & Equity 201: The Path Forward to Complete Streets. A recording...
  53. America “We count on T4America to lead at the national level” .

    “If Transportation for America doesn’t do what they do at the national scale, we would be in trouble at the local level. We count on them to lead at the national level and equip us with the knowledge...
  54. America How Washington State will be picking the right transportation investments for economi

    https://smartgrowthamerica.org/app/uploads/2018/12/WSDOT-economic-vitality.png (Image: WSDOT)
    Washington is taking groundbreaking steps few other states have taken to match its transportation...
  55. The Best Cookies in Portland – Chapter 1 .

  56. Immigration: EAD approved but card was sent back, can I work?

    Hi, got my EAD approved on the 29th of November and I got my notice of action the 30th.
    It says on the notice that my ead is valid from 11/29/2018-11/29/2019.

    Since my EAD got sent back I have...
  57. Immigration: Mothers B1 Visa Rejected

    I am a US Citizen. My Mother (House Wife) B1 Visa got rejected twice. The reason being that there was no substantial proof provided that she would return back to India. My dad is no more. What are my...
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  59. Post Box • Is it that? or Do you? .

    At school and since I was always taught that the translation of the English Do you know? should be Est-ce que tu sais (or vous savez)?

    As I am daily on a French website for the Dobies I notice...
  60. Ireland Irish writer says speciesism, insulting animals, is the new racism .

    Irish writer Diarmuid Pepper argues that specieism is the same as racism.
  61. Ireland "Derry Girls" star Tommy Tiernan hints that a movie could be on the way .

    "Derry Girls" star confirms a second season of the hit Irish comedy series will air in March 2019.
  62. Ireland Christmas cooking tips from Irish chef Tony O’Reilly .

    It’s a time to enlist the products of true professionals. Brought to you by Stellar Kitchenware.
  63. Ireland Beloved traditions make Christmas and New Year’s in Ireland extra special .

    Traveling to the island of Ireland for Christmas, New Year’s, or the holiday season? We have some positively magical traditions to recommend if you want an extra special visit.
  64. Ireland Irish freedom began on this day in 1918 in historic election .

    How the election of December 14, 1918, led to the sitting of the first Dáil.*
  65. Ireland Win free Norwegian Air flights from Cork to Boston this Christmas .

    Cork Airport is giving away free transatlantic flights as part of their 12 Days of Christmas promotion
  66. Ireland Americans Googled 'trip to Ireland' a lot this year .

    Ireland was one of the most Googled trips made by Americans in 2018
  67. Ireland UK politicians can’t continue to scold the Irish for their own Brexit mistake .

    Want to know how important Ireland is to the average U.K. politician?
  68. Ireland Bah humbug! The most annoying things about Christmas .

    Call us a bunch of Scrooges, but Christmas isn’t always tinsel and candy-canes!
  69. Ireland Why Christmas party season is so tough to stomach .

    The 2018 office Christmas party season is upon us and it's far from a favorite holiday tradition.
  70. Spanish police deal “final blow” to bloodthirsty Costa del Sol gang “the Swedes” .

    On November 30, Spanish authorities announced they had brought down the most dangerous gang on the Costa del Sol. The group – North African in origin, but from Malmö in Sweden, hence their nickname...
  71. More than 9,000 officers will police Spanish Cabinet meeting in Barcelona .

    More than 9,000 law enforcement officers will be on duty in Catalonia next Friday, when the Spanish Cabinet is scheduled to meet in Barcelona rather than at its usual location in Madrid.
  72. How the dreams of Messi’s young Afghan fan turned into a nightmare .

    It was the happiest day of Murtaza Ahmadi’s life. Dressed in a tracksuit several sizes too big for him, the five-year-old child entered the Doha soccer stadium hand in hand with his Argentine hero,...
  73. Public prosecutor in Spain accuses Shakira of €14.5 million tax fraud .

    The public prosecutor in Barcelona has today filed an accusation against Shakira for tax fraud. The written report concludes that the Colombian singer feigned tax residency in the Bahamas in order...
  74. How a hashtag inspired 150,000 women to break the silence on sexual abuse .

    When Paula was very little, her father used to sneak into her room in the middle of the night. On the phone, she explains how he would pull the quilt off her – something that today continues to bring...
  75. How second-generation immigrants are transforming the landscape of Spanish society .

    “As far as I’m concerned, it’s worked,” says Fátima J., 23, who was born in Almeria to a Moroccan father and Spanish mother. “If I was to say anything, it would be positive. It’s true that when...
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    El Roto .

  77. Spanish Cabinet set to approve €7.3-billion weapons program .

    The Spanish Cabinet is set to approve three weapons programs worth a collective €7.3 billion, according to sources at the Defense Ministry.
    Seguir leyendo.
  78. India Chadar Trek 2019 vs Sandakphu Phalut 2019 Vs Kuari Pass .

    Hi,i was tld this is the best forum to ask such questions and hence i;m here
    I was planning to go for a trek in the december- january months and have zeroed in on the following treks which i am ok...
  79. India Help in planning Kumaon vacation .

    Hi all,

    Please help us (me, wife and kiddo, 3yrs) in planning for a quick trip for 4 days, 22 to 25 December.
    We are basically looking for a quiet place preferably with a view of Himalayas, but...
  80. India Visa run for two months or a few days? .

    I would appreciate any input regarding the following issue. An American friend, a senior citizen, has a ten year multiple entry visa to India. She entered India in June this year and was given six...
  81. India Join a group for a trek in Ladakh in summer 2019 .

    Hi guys,

    I'm going to Ladakh this summer and I'll be travelling alone. I'm planning to join a trek and I'm not able to decide between the climb of Stok Kangri and a trek to Tso Moriri....
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    India E visa after rejection .

    Hello, I have a problem. I stayed in India for a very long time, contrary to the validity of my visa. I have srilankan passport. Today I applied for a visa, it was refused me, I thought that I was...
  83. India Bachelorhood certificate/Single certificate .

    Hi Guys,

    I am an indian national, living and working in Thailand for past few years. I am planning my marry my Thai fiancée but we have difficulty getting the Bachelorhood certificate.

  84. Immigration: Abandonment of Green Card Application

    Hi guys,

    My USC wife and I got married in 2012, after which she moved back to the US to give birth to our daughter in 2015. I entered the US on my B1/B2 visa around April 2015 with the intention...
  85. We name this street after our pioneering giant Kurt Konrad! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Local-12-1-150x150.jpgKURT Konrad, one of Adeje’s economic giants, has been honoured by the Council with a street renamed after him.
    The new...
  86. Shock as 50% of Spanish would banish monarchy! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Local-10-1-150x150.jpgALMOST 50% of Spaniards want to get rid of their monarchy, according to a new questionnaire for the Huffington Post.
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    Meet Tammy! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Comm-2-1-150x150.jpgLive Arico news
    Two-year-old Tammy was found as a puppy, and homed. Unfortunately, the owners had to bring her to the...
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    Christmas at K9 .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Comm-3-1-150x150.jpgK9 animal news
    PLEASE don’t forget about all the lovely dogs in refuges this Christmas. Their Christmas is not all jolly,...
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    Thank you so much! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Comm-4-150x150.jpgAccion del Sol news
    LAST week, we had a big collective donation from the residents of Geranios apartments in San Eugenio....
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    What a cutie! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Comm-1-1-150x150.jpgCats Welfare news
    MY name is Preetie, and I’m a gorgeous girl of about nine months. I’ve been deflead, wormed,...
  91. Immigration: N400 question - citizenship eligibility

    I am applying for my mom's citizenship. She received her GC on 02/01 2014 and completes her 5 years of stay on 02/01/2019. She was out of the country for approximately 140 days (less than 6 months)...
  92. Immigration: Dec 13, 2018 Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Th

    Continue reading...
  93. Immigration: Dec 13, 2018 Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Th

    Continue reading...
  94. Immigration: Did I break continuous residency with 9 months trip overseas?

    Dear All,

    I got 10 years GC in 2015 based on marriage, which unfortunately ended in 2016. Since the divorce, I have been living at my brothers house in US.
    This year, I visited overseas for 9...
  95. Immigration: Stay Limited on B2 visa

    I'm a permanent resident. My wife has a B2 visa (multiple entry). She had to travel outside the US due to a family emergency. This time they wrote "Stay Limited" on her I-94. She was given 3 months...
  96. Immigration: Thread OPEN to Post Questions for January 10, 2019 Conference Call

    Rajiv S. Khanna, US Immigration Attorney, hosts a Free Community Conference Call for all of you, every other Thursday at 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time to answer US immigration related questions,...
  97. Is your home ready for the cold spell? .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Local-2-1-150x150.jpgumbrella covering home under heavy rain, insurance concept

    ON the occasion of the Christmas period and beyond, maybe...
  98. Farmers’ Market is still growing, after a decade .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Local-11-1-150x150.jpgADEJE’S Environment Department, run by Councillor Esther Rivero Vargas, organised a series of activities last Sunday to...
  99. New mortgage law will be boost for customers .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Business-1-1-150x150.jpgEstate agent shaking hands with customer after contract signature

    By Mariano Zunino
    A NEW mortgage law was...
  100. Thread: .

    by User Not Logged In


    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/CW-1084-front-150x150.jpgPLAYA de Las Americas is celebrating a “Special Christmas Night” with a market and live music, as well as activities...
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    Tempus Fugit .


  102. Kando’s dogma - part two .

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    India Taking ashes to India .


    In February next year, me and another family member are taking my gran and grandads ashes to Goa to scatter. I know we have to get a No Obligation Certificate from the Indian Consulate in...
  104. India April 2nd, 2019 - Share ride from Varanasi to Nepal .

    Myself and my wife will be arranging private transportation from Varanasi to Nepal on April 2nd and would like to find one or two persons to share vehicle and costs. The final Nepal destination is...
  105. Immigration: N400 and criminal record

    Hello I have one conviction 7 years ago
    2 arrest no conviction
    I applied and received greencard. I want to adjust to usc. Will I have a problem
  106. 3 of the world's most historic port cities (and how to get there) .

  107. Immigration: Change employer while in TN status, but already have H1B approval

    Hi guys, I am new here and would like opinions of you guys on my visa status.

    I am currently working at my current employer in TN status. I have received my H1B approval papers but I have not...
  108. Immigration: Criminal record and n400

    Hello I have one conviction 7 years ago
    2 arrest no conviction
    I applied and received greencard. I want to adjust to usc. Will I have a problem
  109. Ireland WOW Air says Merry Christmas with 50% off flights from Ireland .

    WOW Air is offering half off of return flights from Dublin for it's Christmas promotion
  110. Radical separatist groups call for “battle” against Spanish Cabinet meeting in Barcel

    December 21 has become a key date for the future of Catalonia, and the relationship between the regional and central Spanish government. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has decided to hold his weekly...
  111. Immigration: https://nutritionless.com/intense-x/

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  112. Immigration: January 2019 Visa Bulletin

    Region All DV Chargeability Areas Except
    Those Listed Separately
    AFRICA13 ,800
    Except: Egypt 9,500ASIA4,400
    Except: Iran 3,400
    Nepal 2,800
  113. Immigration: Citizenship interview questions re employment with GC Sponsor

    I am planning to apply for N-400/Citizenship but concerned about my case.

    1. Worked for Company H that held my H1
    2. GC application filed by Company G
    3. In 2-3 months I got my 140 approved and...
  114. America Sprawl or smart growth: the future of Opportunity Zones .

    The newly created Opportunity Zones program will likely go down as the largest and most significant federal...
  115. Ireland Top Irish Christmas gifts from Tipperary Crystal .

    Still wondering what to get for your friends and loved ones this Christmas? Iconic Irish brand Tipperary Crystal has something for everyone. From craft beer glasses to luxurious bath products, from...
  116. Ireland Christmas comes early with this Irish castle up for grabs in Co. Cork .

    Built by a 19th-century eccentric, Castle Curious is a truly quirky property.
  117. Ireland 12 injured as fire destroys block in Sunnyside, Queens .

    Twenty-five fire departments and up to 198 firefighters respond to five-alarm fire which has destroyed Queens Boulevard businesses including Sidetracks bar and restaurant.
  118. Ireland How can the Irish language relieve your holiday stress? .

    Had you planned to start learning Irish this year? Now, you have a way to begin that won't add any more stress to your already hectic schedule.
  119. Ireland Woman “too afraid” to give statement on alleged rape by Irish sports star .

    Police say all the evidence shows that the mother of one “was raped and very badly assaulted in that penthouse suite” by the sportsman who was known to her.
  120. Ireland “When you wish upon a star” - Christmas comet to appear in skies over Ireland .

    Get ready for an 'out of this world' sighting this December.
  121. Ireland Dublin-based doctors make worldwide breakthrough in epilepsy treatment .

    Findings made after a significant study in Ireland could lead to the development of new treatments for those with epilepsy.
  122. India 6 month-1 year Tourist Visa - Australian applying from Sri Lanka/Thailand/Nepal .

    Hi all,

    I am Australian but living in India. My employment visa is expiring in April 19, however I'd like to travel India afterwards.

    Do any Aussies (or anyone else!) have any experience with...
  123. Is Spain still the land of bars at every street corner? .

    It is a commonplace belief that Spain is the “land of bars,” yet this is increasingly less so, according to the Spanish Hospitality Federation.
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  124. Mallorca court accused of violating journalists’ rights in corruption case .

    Spanish politicians, journalists and legal experts have strongly criticized a Mallorca judge’s decision to confiscate cellphones and computers used by two investigative journalists in order to find...
  125. Podemos chief grilled in Senate over Venezuela financing links .

    The leader of left-wing anti-austerity party Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, appeared on Thursday at a Senate investigatory commission into party financing. The session, which was convened by the...
  126. Cold front puts 36 Spanish provinces on alert for wind and rain .

    A cold front is sweeping over the Iberian peninsula from northwest to southeast after entering Spain through Galicia on Wednesday night.
    Seguir leyendo.
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    India Tour operator .

    Please recommend a south India based tour operator from whom we may take an outstation car package. We used to go to Indian Panorama, whilst they are really good but gotten too expensive...
  128. My Best Travel Moments of 2018 .

    I love writing my Best Travel Moments of the Year posts. And 2018 was a great travel year. For the first time, I feel like I...
  129. Ireland British politician apologizes to Irish for her party’s Brexit behavior .

    Conservative Member of Parliament Anna Soubry says she’s “appalled” by the Tory party and their actions.
  130. Ireland Cork school aims for Christmas #1 with 'Lean on Me' charity single .

    #ColmansStandTogether is raising money through their cover of 'Lean on Me' this Christmas season.
  131. Wildlife • Birds of the Med .

    In the deep midwinter, it's a nice idea to just dream away of the lapping waves of the Med and picture some of the birdlife (listen to those gulls!)Adult Black-Headed Gull, Med.jpgStatistics: Posted...
  132. Chatter • How many quality programmes could you make for £86.7 million .

    All that money just to hear someone yell "You Slaaaaaggg!"
    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-46521700Statistics: Posted by Elstow — Thu Dec 13, 2018 2:38 pm — Replies 1 — Views 16
  133. Immigration: https://healthjumpprograming.com/alpha-titan-testo/

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  134. Immigration: F2 Visa - Letter to Consulate

    I have my F2 Visa Interview shortly and have been given 214(b) for F1 Visa last week. So i want to make sure i get F2 Visa without issues. Mr Rajiv suggested me to bring a letter to the embassy...
  135. Ireland The ten best Irish Christmas food and drink treats .

    Irish holiday food traditions will make your Christmas!
  136. Ireland Traditional family Irish Christmas cake recipe .

    How to make a traditional Irish Christmas cake! Remember this fruit cake isn't just for Christmas and it's killer with a cuppa tea.
  137. Ireland Surprise Christmas homecomings in Dublin Airport will make you smile .

    The lights and decorations are up in Dublin Airport Arrivals which must mean it’s time for some touching Christmas family reunions.
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    India Kashmir in Feb for 5 Days .


    I’ll be going to Kashmir in Early ( 2nd to 6th) Feb 2019 for 5 days. Here is my itinerary given below. Please share your reviews on how I can make it memorable. Also I would be require some...
  139. Spanish parents could face charges after newborn dies in home birth .

    A court in Vigo, in the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia, is considering whether to press charges against parents who opted to have a home birth without any medical assistance.
    Seguir leyendo.
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    El Roto .

  141. India Leaving India on an employment visa .

    Hello everybody,

    I'm new to the forum, so I have no idea if this question has been asked before, but here goes.

    I need to leave India on the 15'th of December. I currently hold an employment...
  142. Let’s Do A Road Trip In Europe Fin .

    Its that time of year again. It is the holidays and vacation, mirth and much merriment is upon us. Those of us who are lucky are able to take a few days to a few weeks off for vacation and can enjoy...
  143. India Travelling to Bangkok/Pattaya 11-14th Feb from New Delhi .

    I am visiting Bangkok and Pattaya (3 nights) on 11th-14th Feb, flying from Delhi Airport.
    As I am travelling alone, wondering if anyone fancies joining me for a trip, Visas are on arrival so...
  144. Let’s Go Visit The Home of Ramses, Egypt .

    When is the last time you’ve heard about Egypt? It was probably the Arab Spring was taking place, and it went through a change of government. Well, things are much more stable now and everything has...
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    India Kolkata .

    Hello all, I will be in Kolkata in earlyFeb, it’s a long time since I was there, 20 years maybe. Does anybody have any recommendations for accommodation near
    Chowringhee/Sudder St in the 20/30...
  146. Immigration: Overstayed and Detained in Memphis

    Hello - I have a friend who has overstayed her visa and visited by ICE at her work place. Surprisingly, she was not detained and asked to go to the ICE office in Memphis.
    However, she got detained...
  147. Immigration: Child Born Abroad


    What would be the process for a baby born(my son has 2 now) abroad to get US citizenship? my wife is a Us citizen but she left the country when she was 8, she has visited the count but lived...
  148. Immigration: Marrying green card holder

    Hi everyone I have a very urgent question. I am a Chinese citizen with a Canadian work permit for 3 years. I met my boyfriend 3 years ago when I was a student in Canada. He is a US green card holder....
  149. Immigration: I140 Approval copy

    My employer is not sharing the I140 Approval original and Scan copy. But I want at least scan copy to apply H4 EAD
    1) If they don't share the scan copy, how to proceed with H4 EAD then?
    2) Is this...
  150. Ireland Theresa May to continue leading Britain through Brexit, wins confidence vote .

    Prime Minister Theresa May has won a vote of confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party by 200 to 117.
  151. 4 women’s hockey stars who double as world-class travellers .

    http://www.internationalchatforum.com//media.gadventures.com/media-server/dynamic/blogs/posts/rebecca-tucker/2018/12/Hockey1.jpgIf you think hockey players just play video games or hit the clubs when...
  152. Immigration: Old parent coming to US on Immigrant Visa.. Educate me on the process an

    If parents are traveling to US on immigrant visa, what does the process look like from the time they land at US airport? When do they get the green card in the mail? How does one get health...
  153. Ireland Shane MacGowan reveals his favorite cover of Fairytale of New York .

    Shane MacGowan has revealed which cover version of 'Fairytale of New York' is his favorite.
  154. Ireland Statue of anti-Irish newspaper editor removed from US city .

    A statue honoring George Dennison Prentice has been taken down in Louisville, Kentucky.
  155. Ireland A memory of a boy and a Christmas past casts a long shadow .

    "That shining North Star has dimmed forever in my mind:"
  156. Ireland Have your say! Who is the top Irish American of 2018? .

    Who is the top Irish American in 2018? Vote and have your say!
  157. Ireland Irish woman jailed in Australia for killing her fiance .

    Father-of-three David Walsh was found bleeding severely from his neck and mouth outside his home in Australia in February 2017.
  158. Ireland Irish woman in Boston attempts snow angel - what could go wrong? .

    An Irish woman tries to make an angel in the snow, but she doesn't quite know what she's doing.
  159. Ireland “The Irish really should know their place,” says British politician .

    Some British politicians have grown resentful of the Irish throughout Brexit negotiations
  160. Ireland Most Irish couples' Christmas stress cause by in-laws .

    The prospect of spending Christmas with the dreaded in-laws has been identified as the primary cause for disputes over the festive season between married couples in Ireland.
  161. Ireland LISTEN: Ed Sheeran covers The Pogues' Fairytale of New York .

    Ed Sheeran covers everyone's favorite Irish Christmas song Fairytale of New York with trad band Beoga and Anne-Marie. Does he do The Pogues proud?
  162. Ireland US supporters of Irish Peace Process invited to join Boston to NYC cycling challenge

    United States-based supporters of the Irish Peace Process are being asked to pull on their lycra and join a group of like-minded supporters from Ireland on a 300-mile cycle challenge from Boston to...
  163. Ireland Cancel Christmas! Summer heatwave damages future Irish Christmas tree crop .

    Ireland may be facing a Christmas tree shortage in a few years thanks to this summer's heatwave
  164. Spanish PM: Catalan politicians creating narrative of “lies and grievances” .

    Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Wednesday hardened his position on the situation in Catalonia during the first single-issue debate to be held in Congress since he came to power in June. The...
  165. Madrid City Hall bans older, more polluting cars from center .

    The city of Madrid has activated new traffic restrictions aimed at reducing the current high levels of air pollution in the Spanish capital.
    Seguir leyendo.
  166. Spanish Congress prepares bill to stop treating animals as objects .

    Spanish Congress on Wednesday began working on the final version of a bill that aims to change animals’ legal status from mere objects to sentient beings.
    Seguir leyendo.
  167. First half of 2018 sees lowest number of births in Spain since 1941 .

    The natural demographic decline in Spain has reached a historic high, according to provisional data released by the country’s National Statistics Institute (INE) on Tuesday. In the first half of...
  168. Ireland Chicago to Kilkenny - Irish cocktail recipes from an expert .

    In this first part of a two-part Christmas special, FOOD&WINE.ie's great Irish drinks expert has collected two stunning seasonal cocktails from home and abroad.
  169. When partying gets out of control: police overwhelmed by outsized fiestas .

    It is the eve of another national holiday and thousands of young people are drinking and having a good time in a confined space long after midnight. Police are concerned. This is exactly the kind of...
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    El Roto .

  171. Replies

    India Golden triangle .

    Hello friend I am looking for an partner who is interested to travel with me for golden triangle tour. In month of January 2019.
  172. India Travelogue of my Shillong Sohra(Cherrapunji) Trip .

    My travelogue for our Shillong and Sohra(Cherrapunji) 8 day trip.
    First, I have to thank all members of IM for providing the name of the nicest driver in Shillong and Sohra. Yep, members who...
  173. Catalan pro-independence activists block highway for 15 hours .

    Grassroots pro-independence groups calling themselves the Committees to Defend the Republic (CDR) blocked a highway and tampered with toll plazas in Catalonia this weekend, coinciding with a national...
  174. Ireland Woman allegedly raped by Irish sports star found “battered and bruised”, say cops .

    Police removed bloodied clothes from woman’s home before she was brought to hospital by ambulance having “suffered a severe hiding.”
  175. India pics not opening in my travelogue just posted .


    Why did the pictures in my travelogue not open despite posting the links of India Mike Album but the youtube links opened.Can somebody please...
  176. Chatter • Lorry drivers' black humour .

    Trying to get some relief from moron central in the EU thread (Trucknet UK), I decide to have a little trawl around 'active topics'.

    This was one answer to an OP who wondered if seeing a...
  177. Post Box • Post-Brexit French Govt info .

    Here's a link to what the French govt is currently advising on a variety of topics including electoral rights and driving licences....
  178. Immigration: Need help! USC sponsored husband but..

    My husband and I got married summer of 2017 and I had sponsored him. We welcomed a baby girl this summer and have not heard back from immigration. We are in the process of seeking another attorney as...
  179. Immigration: Start Business in US while living in Canada


    I am Canadian citizen living in Canada. I am planning to start small business in US where I can also work. I will be commuting everyday to work from Canada by road as I am very close to...
  180. Immigration: Still waiting for my asylum decision

    Hi all,
    I have discovered this forum recently and it has been of a good help for me. I applied for asylum in March 2013 and interviewed in late August 2016. Still,I have not received a decision yet....
  181. Vehicle Ownership in France • Volkswagen Connect .

    I had my car serviced yesterday and was offered Volkwagen Connect. It is a small device that fits into the diagnostic port under the steering wheel and connects to your smartphone by Bluetooth. It...
  182. Ireland Celebration of Irish food and beverages LIVE from New York .

    On Wednesday, December 12, Digital Irish has invited five exciting Irish companies to present their unique place in the food and drink space.
  183. Ireland Boston firefighter dressed as "Buddy the Elf" challenges strangers to pillow fights .

    An Irish American firefighter in Boston is spreading holiday cheer in an unusual and hilarious way.
  184. Ireland Catholic nuns embezzled $500k to go gamble in Vegas .

    It is believed that two nuns pocketed up to half a million dollars from a Catholic School in order to go to casinos.
  185. Brexit pushes more Britons to apply for Spanish citizenship .

    An increasing number of British people have applied for Spanish nationality since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a process known as Brexit.
    Seguir leyendo.
  186. Ireland Westmeath YouTuber makes Forbes' list of 10 best paid .

    An Irish Internet gamer known as Jacksepticeye has hit the big time.
  187. Ireland Runaway Irish groom disappeared from his own wedding, cops track him down .

    In what could be a plot from a movie, a 'runaway groom' was located safe and well after disappearing from his wedding reception.
  188. Ireland Famous Irish sports star accused of rape in Dublin hotel .

    South Dublin police report that an internationally renowned Irish sports star allegedly raped and beat a woman, in a Dublin hotel, on the morning of Dec 10.
  189. Ireland This legendary Irish singer is being honored with his own Dublin statue .

    The Dubliners' frontman will receive a statue in his honor in January
  190. Ireland Irish woman who married 300-year-old pirate ghost announces breakup .

    This husband got a little too good at ghosting his wife.
  191. Ireland Irish Ambassador attacks British “depth of ignorance” about the Irish .

    In an extraordinary op-ed in the Guardian Newspaper an ex-Irish ambassador to Britain, Bobby McDonagh, has accused the British of complete ignorance of Ireland.
  192. Ireland Family's desperate plea to find missing Irishman in New York .

    Patrick Gannon (56) was last seen in a hostel in Long Island just after Thanksgiving. The Irish government is urging the public to come forward with information about the missing Irishman.
  193. Ireland Irishman who suffered traumatic brain injury in US miraculously recovering at home .

    Liam "Doug" O'Connell is recuperating in Canada after a freak accident earlier this year.
  194. Ireland Irish lecturer murdered by Muslim student in Paris for insulting "the prophet" .

    An Irish professor in Paris was allegedly murdered by a Muslim student offended by a drawing of Mohammad.
  195. Ireland 10,700 Canadian working visas available to Irish people for 2019 .

    Canada has opened more than 10,000 visas available to Irish people for 2019
  196. Ireland Happy Birthday to legendary Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan! .

    Happy birthday to Fionnula Flanagan! The Irish actress had enjoyed a career that not only spans decades, but also stage, film, and television.
  197. Ireland This Offaly pub’s Christmas advert will fill you with the holiday spirit .

    A Co. Offaly pub’s Christmas advert will remind you that the best gift you can give loved ones this holiday season is your time and attention.
  198. Ireland E3 visa bill makes more progress in Senate support .

    Support for E3 visa in the US Senate grows as another Senator indicates their approval
  199. Ireland Four-year-old cries as she learns she will spend third Christmas homeless in heartbre

    “I have nowhere to stay, we have nowhere else.”
  200. Ireland Reasons to say Bah! Humbug! at Christmas .

    Ebenezer Scrooge had it right. There is so much palaver about Christmas these days that we should just skip it altogether.
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