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  1. Ireland McDonald's has lost the Big Mac trademark to this Irish chain .

    In a David vs Goliath battle, the European Union Intellectual Property Office has canceled McDonald’s use of the “Big Mac” trademark across Europe.
  2. Ireland Vote of no confidence in British government after Brexit deal suffers historic defeat

    Theresa May's Brexit deal was rejected by 432 votes to 202, the largest defeat for a sitting government in history.
  3. Liverpool FC: Which Striker Will Chelsea Buy?!

    In the summer, Chelsea, let go of Coach Antonio Conte and bought in his fellow Italian Maurizio Sarri, to replace him. Sarri’s demand of quick passing, movement and getting the ball into wide areas...
  4. India Bicycle on flight from Cochin to Chennai? .

    Hi. I am wondring how easy it will be to take my bike on a domestic flight from Cochin to Chennai. I'm used to doing this on international flights (including Air India) but can't find any...
  5. Ireland Cillian Murphy's War of Independence documentary gets release date .

    The new War of Independence documentary narrated by Cillian Murphy will air on RTÉ in early February.
  6. Ireland Brigid Curtin, 12, mourned by community in Connecticut .

    Final respects were paid to Brigid Maire Curtin at her Connecticut funeral over the weekend.
  7. Ireland Eight facts you didn’t know about JFK Junior .

    His eerie prediction about Donald Trump, his first visit to Ireland, his romance with Madonna; just some of the stories about JFK Jr not generally known.
  8. Ireland “Guardian of the Galaxy” Chris Pratt engaged to John F. Kennedy’s niece .

    The author is also the daughter of another politician and Hollywood star.
  9. Star of ‘Eight Basque Surnames’ releases video of horrific bike crash .

    Spanish actor Dani Rovira, the star of smash hit comedy Eight Basque Surnames, has released via Instagram a video of a horrific cycling accident in which he and a trainer were involved. The...
  10. Ireland 100 years on: Remembering Boston’s Great Molasses Flood of 1919 .

    In 1919, a molasses tank ruptured in a predominantly Irish neighborhood in Boston, killing 21 people and injuring over 100.
  11. Successful Tenerife Vegan Meetup at Activate Sports Club .

    Today’s first Tenerife Vegan Brunch Meetup at Activate Sports Club was a huge success and a strong step in the right direction. There was a very positive atmosphere and an excellent turnout with a...
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    India Cycle tour of the south .

    Hi all :) Just found this place (which is going to be very useful for me in the coming weeks!)

    Never been to India before! Just booked a flight from the UK to Chennai arriving in early March and...
  13. Protests outside Andalusian parliament as investiture debate begins .

    The southern Spanish region of Andalusia is getting ready for a political change that will be “calm” and “conciliatory,” according to Juan Manuel Moreno, the Popular Party (PP) politician who is set...
  14. Immigration: Citizenship Interview Question

    My wife was originally an illegal immigrant with unlawful entry. We were able to get a hardship waiver and she was granted permanent residence. Now, she is up trying to get her citizenship. She went...
  15. Ireland The Cranberries release new music today on anniversary of Dolores O’Riordan’s death .

    “I can’t think of a more fitting way to commemorate the first anniversary of Dolores’ passing and to celebrate her life than to announce to the world the release of her final album with the band.”
  16. America New “playbook” provides a guide for how cities can manage shared micromobility servic

    This post was originally published by Transportation for America, a program of Smart Growth America....
  17. Ireland British Prime Minister warns No-Deal Brexit will speed up United Ireland .

    What now seems a likely defeat of the Withdrawal Agreement could lead to a United Ireland, Scottish independence and the break-up of the United Kingdom.
  18. Ireland Share your Irish love story with IrishCentral this Valentine’s Day .

    Ireland is a land of romance and this St. Valentine’s Day IrishCentral wants to share your Irish love story with its global community.
  19. Ireland Eight facts you didn’t know about JFK Junior .

    His eerie prediction about Donald Trump, his first visit to Ireland, his romance with Madonna; just some of the stories about JFK Jr not generally known.
  20. Ireland WATCH: Saoirse Ronan wants to play this legendary Irish woman in a movie .

    Saoirse Ronan says she would love to play this Irish revolutionary leader in a film.
  21. Ireland Family turns to GoFundMe for Irish woman’s third cancer battle .

    The family of an Irish woman receiving cancer treatment in New York City is appealing for donations.
  22. Ireland “She made the world a better place” - Funeral of Irish teacher who died saving six-ye

    Her partner Patrick McHugh placed an engagement ring on the finger of Dawn Croke after her tragic death in which she saved the life of his six-year-old daughter.
  23. Ireland Grieving Dolores O’Riordan fans travel to Limerick on first anniversary of her death

    Friends, family, and fans gathered in Co Limerick over the weekend to mark the one year anniversary of the death of Dolores O'Riordan.
  24. Ireland Dear Ma: I'm Lutheran now - Catholic Church scandals did me in .

    "For where God built a church, there the Devil would also build a chapel."
  25. Ireland The Irish must share the lessons of global immigration .

    Why should the Irish support immigration? Any Irish person who is still seriously asking that question today would want to take a serious look at themselves, and perhaps especially if you're reading...
  26. Ireland IC Health Month: Learn about the health benefits of Irish moss .

    Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, Irish moss has been harvested in Ireland for centuries.
  27. Ireland The Cranberries will receive an honorary doctorate from University of Limerick .

    The Cranberries join Marian Keyes and Bob Geldof in receiving honorary doctorates this year from University of Limerick.
  28. India Can a non-indian spouse claim rights/share in Indian properties on divorce? .

    I am a divorced Indian citizen in USA and have grown up kids in India. I am going to get married to a non-Indian citizen in USA. She has German citizenship and will still have her German citizenship...
  29. Search continues for toddler thought to have fallen into 100-meter-deep well .

    The rescue mission to save a two-year-old toddler who is thought to have fallen down a 100-meter-deep well in Málaga in the south of Spain has entered its second day. Julen went missing at midday on...
  30. Spanish bank sends letter to employees in wake of spying accusations .

    The newly appointed chief of Spanish bank BBVA has sent employees a letter discussing the lender’s alleged involvement in a spying case aimed at fending off an unwanted shareholder’s attempt in 2004...
  31. Spanish government launches website to warn about effects of Brexit .

    As the British House of Commons prepares to vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal this evening, the Spanish government has launched an information website listing the various issues that...
  32. Ireland Irish jockey claims to have spent one million quid on drink, drugs and women; now eye

    Irish jockey Paddy Merrigan has revealed his “insane lifestyle” in which he spent nearly one million quid on drink, drugs, and women.
  33. Government presents 2019 budget but cross-party support not guaranteed .

    Three months later than was scheduled, the 2019 budget was filed this morning in Spain’s Congress by the finance minister, María Jesús Montero. The plans include the biggest rise in public spending...
  34. How a selfie-snapping statue of the devil has raised the ire of Segovia locals .

    Millennia after having been built, the stunning aqueduct in the Spanish city of Segovia continues to be a source of news. This time, the story is related to one of its myths. According to an old...
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    Mythical Deutsche Bahn .

    Mark Arrol has had bittersweet experiences when travelling on Germany’s trains.One of the great myths about Germany is that the trains run on time. Increasingly, they don’t. ‘We are one of the...
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    India Cycling Down South .

    Hi everybody

    Its really great to have a site like this with so many helpful people contributing their knowledge and advise

    I will be arriving in India for the third time in a few weeks.
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    India Itinerary Advise for Ooty .

    Hello friends, I want travel to Ooty with my wife in the month of April (mid April). Can someone please advise an itinerary that I can follow. I don't want the tour to be too hectic. I will be...
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    El Roto .

  39. Solo Female Travel in Antarctica: I Did It and Loved It! .

    Is it even possible to travel in Antarctica as a solo female? Absolutely! I did so and I’m very proud that I’ve now traveled...
  40. Ireland Irish ambassador calls on US Congress to consider effect on Ireland with Russian sanc

    Irish government concerned about the unintended collateral damage the original sanctions decision would have inflicted on workers in Ireland and across Europe.
  41. 4 tips for respectfully visiting religious sites .

    As a wise man once told his uncomprehending spider-nephew — more or less — that with great privilege comes great responsibility. Tourism is a great privilege, presuming as it does not only the money...
  42. Chatter • Donald Duck burgers! .

    What the hell else will this idiot come up with to prove that he really is insane?


    And then brag about the cash coming out of his billions ...
  43. Football • Predictions 19 January .

    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leicester City
    Liverpool v Crystal Palace
    Newcastle United v Cardiff City
    Southampton v Everton
    Arsenal v ChelseaStatistics: Posted by MAD87 — Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:08 pm —...
  44. Post Box • Future living? .

    The future is near.
    CALLER; Is this Gordons Pizza?
    GOOGLE: No sir, it's Google Pizza.
    CALLER: I must have dialed a wrong number. Sorry.
    GOOGLE: No sir, Google bought Gordon’s Pizza last month....
  45. Ireland Finally, Ireland to be hit by sub-zero winter weather .

    The unusually mild weather of the Christmas period extended well into January but it may now be coming to an abrupt end.
  46. Immigration: H1b Transfer in progress with employer-B, rejoin previous employer-A


    Please advice me in the below issue.

    1. With Employer-A, original visa got expired on September 3rd, 2018

    2. Extension filed by Employer-A and got approved on October 9th, 2018, got...
  47. Immigration: DV qualified passport but unqualified country of birth

    I am hoping someone can answer my question please.
    I was born in India, moved to France when I was a teenager so i have a French passport and currently living in UK, i do not hold any other...
  48. Immigration: https://evaherbalist.com/slim-quick-keto/

    starts changing. Some people, when they begin dropping individual Slim Quick Keto, s~their hands & legs~first. I can tell you from experience, it's going to allow you to look fatty meat from meat and...
  49. Ireland Buffalo Fenians hoping to build permanent GAA pitch in upstate New York .

    The Buffalo Fenians are hoping to build their own permanent pitch and clubhouse in upstate New York.
  50. Ireland Win tickets to Cathy Davey live at TradFest 2019 .

    IrishCentral has one pair of tickets to Irish star Cathy Davey who will play at St. Michan’s Church, in Dublin as part of TradFest 2019.
  51. Ireland IRA’s Brighton Bombing to be turned into TV series by creators of "Peaky Blinders" .

    The Irish Republican Army made an attempt on the United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1984.
  52. Ireland "First Dates Ireland's" most awkward ending ever .

    First Dates Ireland’s first episode in the new season featured the most painfully awkward ending to a date we’ve ever seen.
  53. Ireland Critically acclaimed Irish American photographer opens first Irish exhibition .

    An exhibition of Irish American photographer Eva O’Leary’s Spitting Image series has opened at the Butler Gallery At Kilkenny Castle. This marks O’Leary’s first show in Ireland.
  54. Ireland Two men killed by heavy winds in Northern Ireland’s Mourne Mountains .

    High gusts of winds led to two separate fatal falls in County Down on Sunday. The men who died have been named as father-of-four Sean Byrne and former police officer Robbie Robertson.
  55. Ireland Gluten-free diet a useless fad for most, says renowned Irish doctor .

    The gluten-free food industry has grown by over a third in the past year, but do Irish people really need to cut gluten out of their diet?
  56. The Galicia supermarket murder mystery .

    On April 30, 1994, Isabel López went to pick up her sister from the Cash Record wholesale store, located inside O Ceao industrial park on the outskirts of Lugo, as she did every Saturday.
  57. “Nobody helped,” says family of Spanish woman killed in Paris bakery blast .

    Relatives of a Spanish tourist who died in a Paris explosion said their country’s embassy is now providing them with assistance, a day after denouncing that they felt “completely abandoned.”
  58. Ireland US politics drowning in looney liberals and clueless conservatives .

    If liberals and conservatives stopped shouting and cursing for a moment they might actually come to the conclusion that there is something they can agree on.
  59. The other battle of Brunete: an untold Spanish Civil War massacre .

    Eighty years ago, the only thing that existed on the plains of Brunete was gunfire, explosions and death. On January 13, 1939, when Spanish dictator Francisco Franco had all but won the war, 500...
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    El Roto .

  61. The risk of thinking quickly. Think slowly and you will get it right .

    There are people who stand out for their ability to respond in a quick and clever way. It is observed in company meetings, in groups of friends or at school. When the professor asks a question, there...
  62. Ireland Huge response to IrishCentral's Irish car hire tourist rip-off article .

    IrishCentral revealed yesterday that some Irish car rental companies are ripping off tourists with bogus claims of damage to cars when they are returned. There has been quite a reaction from our...
  63. Immigration: Is the tracking passport website usually wrong?

    My brother and I applied for passports via the A CCA 2000. We sent off our additional documents and the embassy received them December 27th.

    We have not been given any tracking information...
  64. Immigration: Jan 10, Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursda

    Continue reading...
  65. Travel Photographer Of The Year TPOTY 2018 Winners Are Revealed .

    https://www.travelfeeder.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/54-Faces-2018-BSI-SM5-RYong.jpgOne of the winners of Faces, People and Cultures category, Robin Yong from Malaysia.The winners of the 2018...
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    India Car & Driver costs. .

    Can a local Kerala person give an indication of how much I should be looking at for car and driver hire please, I no longer deal with my previous contact that I had.

    2 passengers, probably an...
  67. Ireland Irish WW2 hero’s son given medals his father never received .

    Co Waterford native Tom McGrath Jr only recently learned that his late father served in WWII and was awarded medals for his bravery.
  68. Ireland Little Irish girl uses some shocking language in this side-splitting video .

    When asked how her fingers were doing after catching them in the door, the little girl let her mother know how she really felt.
  69. Ireland Irish writer and actor among the rising stars of 2019 .

    Actor Niamh Algar and writer Emma Dabiri are two rising stars to watch in 2019, according to The Observer’s annual list.
  70. Ireland James Joyce died on this day in 1941: How the famous writer ended up being buried in

    What role did Hitler’s invasion of France have in the famed Irish writer being buried in Europe?
  71. Ireland Remembering James Joyce: interesting facts about the Irish writer .

    Remembering the words and quotes of Irish writer James Joyce. There is much about the author unknown to even his most ardent fans.
  72. Ireland Irishman searches for doctor who saved his life after heart attack and car crash .

    A 60-year-old Wexford man who suffered cardiac arrest and crashed his car while driving in south Dublin last month is looking for the three people who saved his life.
  73. Ireland What did St Patrick eat? His 5th century diet revealed .

    A food and culinary historian has released research on a study into Ireland’s diet in the fifth century as it made the transition from a Pagan to a Christian society. This reveals the foods St...
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    India Birding in Dehradun? .

    Could anyone recommend top spots for birding in Dehradun especially in winter? I am currently in Dehradun until the 18th January and have so far visited Assan Barrage and Eco-Park in Dhanauti. I did...
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    India Goa with Parents .

    I want to take my parents to goa for 3 nights. Looking for a resort which has private beach, with easy access to beach, rooms. My father has a medical condition due to which he cant walk much. Budget...
  76. India Radio stations to listen for weather and general light listening .

    I am a radio lover. In my office, in my bedroom, bathroom, I have radios. It gives me news, weather, and light listening. I will carry a portable multiple band radio.

    Is there a guide or list of...
  77. Ireland Irish car rental rip off of visitors revealed at airports .

    A leading Irish American businessman and the Irish Independent newspaper say that a major scam around fake damage to Irish rental cars aimed at tourists must be exposed.
  78. Ireland Pope John Paul refused to shake hand of Ireland’s female president, she reveals .

    “Would you not prefer to be the president of Ireland instead of your wife?” Mary McAleese claims the Pope asked her husband.
  79. Ireland IC Health Month: Is Irish black pudding the latest superfood? .

    Maybe a full Irish breakfast and black pudding, in particular, is healthier than we thought!
  80. Obsessive Comparison Disorder .

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    ‘Oahu, Hawaii with Kids

    I can’t believe it took me until I turned 32 to go to Hawai’i. I always sort of thought Hawai’i was one of those clique sort of destinations, but I was wrong. While there is an element of craziness...
  82. Immigration: H1 stamping with Summary offence

    Hi - I am planning to go india for h1 stamping, i have a summary offence in retail theft in 2015 in PA. I plead guilty because in state there is no diversion program for this least offence.
  83. Immigration: Green Card Holder sponsoring spouse

    Hello folks,

    I am a Green Card holder since August 2014 and I got married to my wife in July 2017 - the marriage took place overseas in Europe. (My wife has been to the US twice since then on a...
  84. Football • Table at 13th January .

    An interesting mix of predictions: we all correctly predicted that Chelsea would win at home, but we were all wrong in thinking Leicester would win except for Pathca who rightly chose Southampton as...
  85. Ireland Own this fairytale Irish cottage in Galway for $53K on Make Your Dream Come True Day

    Looking for (or just daydreaming about) some affordable property in Ireland? This bungalow straight out of a fairytale in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway is $53K.
  86. Ireland An expert's guide to Ireland’s top 2018 chefs and restaurants .

    In 2018, our sister publication's annual celebration of chefs and restaurants in Ireland, The FOOD&WINE Awards, reflected the evolution and revolution taking place across Ireland’s restaurant sector.
  87. Ireland IC Health Month: Would you try an all-potato weight-loss diet? .

    If you're looking to slim down in the new year, try Chris Voigt's suggestion of eating nothing but potatoes!
  88. Immigration: nutritionless com/rx-24/

    Benefits of Whole Meals Rx 24 According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), over 70% of People the america do not eat enough whole foods to give even the RDA of organic natural vitamins....
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    Immigration: Old Green Card

    I'm hoping that someone here can help me with an unusual green card question.

    I lived in the US with my partents when I was in elementary school - we moved there on a visa for a year but then got...
  90. Immigration: https://nutritionless.com/rx-24/

    Rx 24 meals you take in should be determined in relation to your present physical stature or status. However, example, if you wanted big feet, you might do a lot of dead raises and bar-bell the...
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    India Unraveling nature .

    Hey guys .. this is manu .. a travel enthusiast and a passion holder for photography .. Iam planning a trip to Rishikesh chopta tungnath n other adjoining places from 23 to 28 January .. interested...
  92. Immigration: Apply for I-90, N-400, or both?

    USCIS made an error for "Country of Birth" on my Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), it says "USA" but I was born in a foreign country. Caught the error late and never had it corrected/replaced. My...
  93. Ireland Happy Birthday to Matt Molloy, Irish musician, member of the Chieftains since 1979 .

    A third-generation flute player, Molloy continues to wow crowds as a member of The Chieftains when not enjoying a session in his pub.
  94. Ireland The Irishman who worked security for JFK, Lord Mountbatten, and Pope John Paul II .

    Co Tyrone native Mick McElhenny recalls his time working security for some of the most high-profile figures of the 20th century in The President's Bodyguard.
  95. Ireland JFK and Marilyn Monroe’s rumored lovenest is up for sale .

    The rumored love nest of President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe is on the market.
  96. Ireland IC Health Month: Would you try an all-potato weight-loss diet? .

    If you're looking to slim down in the new year, try Chris Voigt's suggestion of eating nothing but potatoes!
  97. Ireland An expert's guide to Ireland’s top 2018 chefs and restaurants .

    In 2018, our sister publication's annual celebration of chefs and restaurants in Ireland, The FOOD&WINE Awards, reflected the evolution and revolution taking place across Ireland’s restaurant sector.
  98. Ireland Celebrating Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day with the Irish Farmer Calendar 2019 .

    Yeah, we don't know what the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day is either but anyway, celebrating its tenth anniversary, the charity Irish Farmer Calendar for 2019 showcases the “best of” Irish farming...
  99. Ireland The Irish nun who nursed Pope Francis as a baby in Buenos Aires .

    Little did Sr. Oliva Maria from County Cavan know that the baby Jorge Mario would grow up to be God’s representative on Earth.
  100. India Is it necessary to change spouse name in passport after remarriage? .

    I was Divorced by notaries 100 rupiees stamp as SC/ST act in Gujarat, my first wife’s name is in my passport, now i remarried and i plan to go Kuwait (work visa) is it necessary to change my...
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    India The sari specialists .

    The sari as living heritage—a new generation of textile enthusiasts is taking the popularity of the garment beyond Instagram hashtags to explore its archival value

  102. India Arunachal Pradesh March/April .


    I will be arriving in India in a few weeks, travelling mostly by mountain bike and expect to be in Sikkim area mid February

    Would appreciate the company and assistance of any fellow...
  103. Ireland Welsh leader calls for united Celtic nation after Brexit .

    Welsh leader Adam Price is calling for a united Celtic nation in the wake of Brexit.
  104. Ireland Cork grandma goes viral trying McDonald’s for the first time .

    An 83-year-old Irish grandmother tries fast food for the first time and is not impressed.
  105. Ireland Ireland’s highest mountain listed among Rough Guide’s best places to visit .

    County Kerry’s newly-named Reeks District, the mountains and valleys of the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, is one of the Rough Guide’s 6 Regions to Visit in 2019.
  106. Ireland Win tickets to Kathy Mattea live in Dublin at TradFest 2019 .

    Two-time Grammy Award winner Kathy Mattea will play live in Dublin city’s iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Enter our contest to be in with a chance to win!
  107. India Dilemma - Kashmir/Ladakh or Darjeeling in February/March? .


    I'll be traveling for a month through India from 20 feb to 23 march.

    First 2 weeks will be through Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra and Varanasi.

    For the last 2 weeks I am considering either going...
  108. Choosing a Perfect Sleeping Pad for Backpackers .

    2Backpackers: Backpacking, Hiking & Adventure Travel Blog - Choosing a Perfect Sleeping Pad for Backpackers
    Subscribe Now -> http://feeds.feedburner.com/TwoBackpackers
    Each piece of gear you...
  109. The Rolling Backpacks Travelers Want to Use .

    2Backpackers: Backpacking, Hiking & Adventure Travel Blog - The Rolling Backpacks Travelers Want to Use
    Subscribe Now -> http://feeds.feedburner.com/TwoBackpackers
    Backpacks, they’re a traveler’s...
  110. Lexis Suites, Bayan Lepas – Another Auspicious & Prosperous Celebration Of Chinese Ne

    Consider indulging in a sumptuous Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner, Steamboat Set or 9-Course Set Meal at Lexis Suites’ Roselle Coffee House with family or friends if you are looking for...
  111. Pets - Lost and Found • Breton Spaniel lost at La Chapelle Gonaguet(24) .

  112. Immigration: Pending re-entry permit request

    So we still haven't moved to the US - currently in Canada - although I got my green card about a year ago. We frequently travel to the US and the last time I was there, the border patrol person said...
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    Best Backpacking Stoves .

    2Backpackers: Backpacking, Hiking & Adventure Travel Blog - Best Backpacking Stoves
    Subscribe Now -> http://feeds.feedburner.com/TwoBackpackers
    One essential piece of gear is a backing stove. ...
  114. Food and Drink • Chestnuts .

    We were discussing them over lunch yesterday, apropos a menu item Biscuit de Chataignes, Créme de Marron et Sorbet au “Gratte-Cul“ and no-one came up with definitive answer.

    Châtaigne or marron?...
  115. Ireland WATCH: Former NHL player hilariously attempts to learn Irish dancing .

    Former NHL player Jeremy Roenick stopped by the Lynn O'Grady Quinlan Academy of Irish dance to learn a few steps.
  116. Ireland Irish woman's hilarious reaction to hearing about shark on nearby beach .

    "And we actually just watched 'Jaws' today!"
  117. Ireland WATCH: Beto O’Rourke talks border issues, immigration while getting a teeth cleaning

    Beto O'Rourke shared an Instagram live video of a chat he had with his dental hygienist about border and immigration issues.
  118. Ireland Keira Knightley forgives Irish “Sing Street” director John Carney .

    You might remember a 2016 contretemps started by the Irish director/screenwriter John Carney, who helmed "Once" and "Begin Again", the latter starring Keira Knightley and Adam Levine.
  119. India Dilemma - Kasjmir/Ladakh or Darjeeling in February/March? .


    I'll be traveling for a month through India from 20 feb to 23 march.

    First 2 weeks will be through Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra and Varanasi.

    For the last 2 weeks I am considering either going...
  120. The reasons why Cádiz is so cool .

    Cádiz is in style: it has just been included in The New York Times’ list of 52 Places to Go in 2019. The recognition comes on the back of acknowledgment from TripAdvisor, which last year ranked Cádiz...
  121. Ireland Irish director defends movie about notorious murder of toddler by ten-year-old boys .

    Two ten-year-old boys, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, were charged with the notorious murder of two-year-old Jamie in 1993.
  122. Ireland Yet another hilarious Irish comedy has landed into US Netflix .

    Irish comedy Hardy Bucks is now on US Netflix, following the massive success of other Irish programs Derry Girls and Can’t Cope Won’t Cope.
  123. Ireland Irish brothers make speed skating history for Ireland in the Netherlands .

    This is the first time ever that two Irish skaters will compete in the same category at the European Short Track Speed Skating Championships and they just so happen to be from the same family.
  124. Ireland Irish teacher killed saving young girl from being hit by jeep .

    Mum-of-two Dawn Croke is believed to have pushed the six-year-old daughter of her partner out of harm's way before the car crashed into them.
  125. Immigration: February 2019 Visa Bulletin

    AFRICA: 15,300
    Egypt: 12,600

    ASIA: 5,000
    Iran: 4,600
    Nepal: 3,400

    EUROPE: 13,500
  126. America ‘Crossroads of America’ gets a bus lane .


    About a decade ago, business and local government leaders in Indianapolis/Marion County...
  127. Ireland Thomas Nast award renamed because of his anti-Irish, anti-Catholic cartoons .

    The Overseas Press Club of America has been commended for changing their Best Cartoons on International Affairs award, previously named after Nast who showed an “ugly bias against immigrants, the...
  128. Ireland Could you be the next Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade Queen? .

    Could you be the next Queen? The St. Patrick's Day Parade committee in Chicago is on the hunt for their next parade queen.
  129. Ireland The English will rue the day they voted on Brexit soon enough .

    The rise of English nationalism is what has fueled Brexit and continues to do so.
  130. Ireland My mother’s mental health and its ripple effect on my life .

    Untreated mental illness and how it brought chaos to my Irish American New Jersey home.
  131. Ireland "I am the real Adolf Hitler" - disturbing video posted by son believed to have murder

    The son of a slain woman arrested in connection with her gruesome murder claimed to be "the real Adolf Hitler" in a video he previously posted online.
  132. Ireland In 1919 Ireland's President became an honorary Native American chieftain in Wisconsin

    On October 18, 1919, De Valera, while touring the US as the President of the Irish Republic, was adopted as an honorary chieftain of the nation during a visit to their reservation in Wisconsin.
  133. Ireland How "Star Wars" has transformed tourism in south-west Ireland .

    Thanks to the Star Wars franchise's use of key filming locations in the south-west and north-west of Ireland, the tourism force in the area is stronger than ever.
  134. Ireland Tragedy as Irish American boy, 12, stabs his mother, kills his twin sister in Connect

    Tragedy struck an Irish American family in Connecticut when a 12-year-old boy stabbed his mother and killed his twin sister last month.
  135. Ireland Irish Embassy in Washington DC disappointed over St. Patrick’s Day parade cancellatio

    Irish government representatives in the United States capitol say they're willing to work with other Irish institutions to celebrate 2019 St. Patrick's Day as after 49 years Washington DC's parade...
  136. Ireland US Supreme Court won't take Kennedy cousin murder case .

    The decision to vacate Michael Skakel's murder conviction in 2018 will stand after the US Supreme Court declined to hear it.
  137. Ireland Colin Farrell on success, bouncing back from being a “pisshead and druggie” .

    Irish actor Colin Farrell spoke at Dublin's Pendulum Summit this week about his path to success.
  138. Ireland The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is set for a record-breaking 2019 .

    The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland is set to have a record-breaking year for 2019.
  139. Ireland New Year, new you! Reasons potatoes are a true superfood .

    Potatoes have healing powers: aids digestion, lowers blood pressure, prevents cancer, tastes great with steak and almost anything else.
  140. Ireland Five travel hacks to make your vacation in Ireland easier .

    Traveling to Ireland in 2019? Here's five travel hacks that will make your vacation easier to plan, meaning you'll have more time to enjoy yourself!
  141. Ireland An Irish cure for what ails ye - medicinal hot whiskey recipe .

    Medical expert’s official opinion on whether Irish whiskey, cloves, sugar and lemon is a cure to the common cold.
  142. Ireland In her 280-year-old thatched cottage an Irish pensioner is content .

    Margaret Gallagher’s home has no TV, phone, running water, or electricity, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.
  143. Ireland Woman exposed on Twitter as first abortion takes place in Ireland .

    A top academic has been blasted by Health Minister Simon Harris for a Twitter message about a woman believed to be undergoing Ireland’s first legal abortion on Monday.
  144. Ireland Gardaí begin Donegal excavation in search of woman missing since 2009 .

    Gardai have begun to excavate an area in Donegal in search of an Irish woman who's been missing since 2009.
  145. India May I carry cheese from an EU country to India? Block cheese such as cheddar. .

    A friend wants this. Being dairy, is cheese allowed into India? I want to take only what is legal.
    When I search on google, I am seeing mostly import / export rules advisory by foreign governments....
  146. Netflix removes Castilian Spanish subtitles from Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Roma’ .

    Alfonso Cuarón’s highly acclaimed black-and-white movie Roma entered the Oscar race this Tuesday, putting it in the running to be the first non-English language feature film to win an Academy Award....
  147. 80% of men and 55% of women in Spain will be overweight by 2030 .

    The obesity epidemic has been on the rise for years, with cases nearly tripling since 1975, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). And the outlook for the future is equally bleak – and...
  148. Spanish soccer star forced to apologize over “blackface” controversy .

    Former Barcelona FC soccer player Andrés Iniesta has had to apologize after sharing a photo that prompted accusations of racism against him on social media. In the photo, which was posted on...
  149. Vodafone Spain announces 25% staff cutbacks, with as many as 1,200 jobs to go .

    Vodafone España has informed representatives of its employees that it is putting a collective dismissal plan into action that will affect a maximum of 1,200 workers, 24% of its total workforce in...
  150. Spanish youths: trapped at home with mom and dad .

    Coinciding with the holiday rental boom in Madrid, 48% of people between the ages of 18 and 35 continue to live with their parents. In no other region in Spain have property prices risen as much in...
  151. Ireland Dozens of deer killed by snipers in Phoenix Park .

    A culling of deer in the Dublin Park has caused outrage among human rights activists who have accused the government of farming deer to make money.
  152. Divisions within right-wing alliance in Andalusia underscore rocky road ahead .

    Disputes have already broken out within the new political alliance that is working to end 36 years of rule by the Socialist Party (PSOE) in Spain’s southern region of Andalusia.
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  153. More Spanish provinces on alert for cold weekend weather .

    A polar air mass that entered the Iberian peninsula on Wednesday has already caused sharp drops in temperature, but the worst is yet to come, said the national weather service Aemet.
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    El Roto .

  155. Spain’s luxury market pins its hopes on Asia and millenials .

    Spain is keen to catch up with Europe’s luxury market leaders, and it predicts that it will be hard on their heels by 2025.
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  156. Premier League top four race: Manchester United fancied to overhaul London duo .

    With Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur looking good bets to fill the top three spots in the Premier League, there a trio of teams battling to claim fourth and a lucrative place in next...
  157. Premier League title race: Manchester City fancied to topple Liverpool .

    With just six points separating the top three sides in the Premier League this season’s title race could be one of the most exciting in years.
    Liverpool currently lead the way by four points from...
  158. Premier League relegation battle: Any two from six to go down with Huddersfield .

    The battle to stay in the Premier League will be fiercely fought this season, with seven teams currently embroiled in the race to avoid the drop.
    With just 10 points from 21 games, Huddersfield Town...
  159. India Somewhere interesting to go near Delhi/Agra? .

    Hello all,

    I'm bringing some friends to India in April. I've done the usual touristy spots and am looking for somewhere different to go.
    Our itinerary has us starting in Delhi, then down to...
  160. India Pin Parvati pass trek May 2019 .

    Hi, I am Rajesh from Pune. We are two friends planning to trek Pin Parvati pass in mid May 2019 and looking for few more people/group who r interested to travel and trek together.

    Kindly let me...
  161. Far-right party Vox wants expulsion of 52,000 migrants in exchange for votes .

    The demands made by the far-right party Vox in exchange for supporting a center-right government in Spain’s southern Andalusia region have been described as “unacceptable” by other parties.
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    The Moth Restaurant .

    Hi, I have heard good reports of 'the Moth' restaurant in Valle San Lorenzo, but haven't been able to find the restaurant or any info on it on Trip Advisor. Can anyone tell me where it is and it's...
  163. Ireland Death of Irish American family in 2017 Wexford car crash officially ruled an accident

    The Wexford car accident that killed four members of the Irish American Alexander family in 2017 has officially been ruled an accident.
  164. Ireland Car is key to unlocking 30-year-old mystery of Irish couple who vanished without a tr

    Conor and Sheila Dwyer, both in their 60s, vanished from their home in Fermoy, Co Cork, on April 30, 1991, and have not been seen since.
  165. Man’s rocky tumble leads to hospital trip .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Local-32-1-150x150.jpgA MAN was injured after falling from a height on to rocks, while walking at Montaña Roja, in El Medano.
    A call for help...
  166. Arona opens the first crematorium in South .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Local-14-1-150x150.jpgARONA Mayor José Julián Mena, and Mémora Group chief Juan José Domínguez, have inaugurated the first complete and...
  167. Couple caught scaling 16th Century building .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Local-4-1-150x150.jpgLOCAL Police officers in Salamanca City, western Spain, have caught two American tourists, attempting to scale a 16th...
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    Footie beats film-goers .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Local-28-1-150x150.jpgSPAIN’S box-office took a slight knock last year because the number of cinema-goers dropped by 2%, with overall revenue...
  169. Five injured in crash with bus .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Local-18-1-150x150.jpgFIVE people were injured after their vehicle was involved in a traffic accident with a bus on Monday night, at around...
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    Alba’s new start! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Comm-3-1-150x150.jpgAccion del Sol news
    THE Spanish Christmas came early to this little puppy, Alba, after her hard start in life. She was...
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    A good start to the year! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Comm-4-1-150x150.jpgLive Arico news
    A LOVELY family came to adopt one of pups, Queen. On leaving the shelter she became upset, because she...
  172. Irish Fiddler golfers swing into action for Cancer Bus .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Local-37-1-150x150.jpgTHE Irish Fiddler bar, in Puerto Colon, held its annual charity golf tournament last Friday, and, as usual, there was a...
  173. The Copper King Mansion, W.A. Clark Mansion, In Butte Montana .

    http://wanderingtrader.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/download.jpgThe W.A. Clark Mansion also known as the Copper King Mansion is one of the most recognized and beautiful buildings in the state of...
  174. Post Box • Cash Withdrawals this weekend .

    Not sure if this is a local or national initiative - or even if just scaremongering - but a frontalier colleague advised the next stage of the GJ protests will be to empty and keep empty the cash...
  175. Immigration: Green card through family member

    Hi, Rajiv. How are you? .my name balkinder singh i m here in usa on B1/B2 visa, divorced and my prents are green card holder and my sister is us citizen . My questions are can is there any posiblity ...
  176. Immigration: Approved 797 - Not yet stamped - now intent to revoke status

    Hi Rajiv Sir,

    I have got petition approved notice 797, and attended interview on dec 2017, VO said that they have to do some research on employer side, he took my passport.
    After oct 2018, i saw...
  177. Immigration: RTD while permanent Resident Card pending

    Can I apply for RTD while the GC is pending?
  178. Immigration: I140 RFE - Private Company won't provide Tax returns, financial statemen

    Howdy guys.

    My company filed my I-140 PP (TSC) and we got an "RFE - ability to pay" asking for Federal Tax returns, financial statements nor annual reports.

    Initially my company when they...
  179. Immigration: TN when I have a I-130

    My parents previously filed an I-130 for me. Does my current I-130 petition indicate non-immigrant intent and thus make any TN application unlikely to succeed? I will be talking with my company soon,...
  180. India Mumbai Hikers: Mumbai treks and trips 12th 13th January 2019


    Contact Person
  181. Immigration: Thread OPEN to Post Questions for January 24, 2019 Conference Call

    Rajiv S. Khanna, US Immigration Attorney, hosts a Free Community Conference Call for all of you, every other Thursday at 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time to answer US immigration related questions,...
  182. Marathon runner is a Gillian Banks amigo! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Comm-1-1-150x150.jpgTHE Amigos de Gillian Banks charity has teamed up with Army veteran Chris Martin, to take part in two marathons in Gran...
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    Homes needed! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Comm-2-150x150.jpgCats Welfare news
    THESE two siblings (pictured) are about five months old and are looking for a loving home. They have been...
  184. Ireland What if HBO’s 20-year-old “Sopranos” was set in Ireland? .

    Today, Jan 10, marks the 20th anniversary of the smash-hit HBO drama "The Sopranos" which was so huge in Ireland some folks actually imagined what if Tony Soprano was actually in Dublin... or Cork!
  185. Ireland Hugh Jackman responds to young Irish superfan who covered his song .

    Hugh Jackman made a young Irish superfan's day when he made sure to respond on Twitter to her cover of a song from The Greatest Showman.
  186. Ireland The New Year's Resolution Irish bucket list: Things to do in Ireland before you die .

    While we could name 1,000 things to do before you die in Ireland (we could name a 1,000 just in Northern Ireland alone), here are the top ten things to do in the Emerald Isle before you pass.
  187. Ireland IC Health Month: Ancient Irish homemade remedies and health tips .

    New year, new you! Check out these ancient Irish remedies to keep you healthy all throughout the new year.
  188. 5 Things To Do on the Waters in San Diego .

    San Diego is a California city full of wonders and adventures. There are plenty of things to do in the city, and in the areas immediately surrounding San Diego. However, there are also numerous fun...
  189. India Car hire Jaisalmer to Jodphur .

    Im thinking of hiring a driver and going from Jaisalmer to Jodphur over a day one way. Would it be possible to see Phalodi and Osian on the way?

    Any recommendations for drivers or companies? ...
  190. Ireland Paying tribute to Mary Raftery - Irish journalist who exposed child abuse in Ireland

    Mary Raftery, the Irish journalist behind "States of Fear" and "Behind the Walls," is remembered today on the anniversary of her death.
  191. India In need of a short and simple translation from English to Hindi .

    A friend of mine has made a Youtube video about her experience as a half Indian half Swedish woman, growing up in both countries. The problem is, she doesn't speak fluent Hindi and thus was unable to...
  192. Immigration: medical poster presentations for show case

    For EB1 green card for physician can we provide medical case presentations and poster presentations as evidence for show case or art exhibition?
  193. Immigration: Can spouse apply for H4 with new I 797(H1 B extension approved but not s

    I am currently on my H1 B, this expires on 1st April, 2019

    My employer has already filled for my extension and we received an approval for the extension starting
    2nd April 2019 to 2022

  194. Immigration: Naturalization and going abroad..

    My husband and I want to file for naturalization. We meet all the requirements without any issues per today, and we have a son that's born in the US.
    However, my father is very sick and we want to...
  195. Traveling with Kids in Colombia

    Colombia was never really high on my bucket list. But Simon was determined to go, so why not. We ended our trip (somewhat) in Colombia, after spending just under six months in South America. By that...
  196. Immigration: evaherbalist com/advanced-cardio-rx/

    In fact, in one of those analysis, researchers tested high-intensity cardio rx exercise, and found that high-intensity cardio rx exercise was able to get rid of fat. Cardio rx Execute out #2 to...
  197. Ireland ‘Vikings,’ filmed in Ireland, to end after 6 seasons with spin-off in the works .

    The historical drama has been filming in Ireland for 6 years
  198. Ireland Son held after mother beheaded in vicious County Louth murder .

    The dismembered body of Elzbieta Piortrowska (57) was discovered in the hallway of her home. Police tracked down the suspect who had been attempting to destroy evidence of “gruesome” crime.
  199. Ireland A gigantic potato has been added to the line-up of this St. Patrick's Day parade .

    A four-ton, 72-foot long potato will join the 16th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
  200. Ireland Trump is making it all up - the Mexican border and terrorists .

    US President Donald Trump is increasingly desperate to deny the truth and allege that the “crisis” on the Mexican border is real.
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