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  1. Ireland Mel Gibson weighs in on “pain” following Harvey Weinstein’s sex abuse allegations .

    The actor and director, who has an Irish mother, believes that the Weinstein accusation scandal will lead to change in the industry.
  2. America 20 leaders from five cities tour Greenville, SC for examples of smart growth .

    This article was originally published on November 20, 2017 by the Upstate Business Journal. Photo...
  3. Ireland Unionist in House of Lords suggests County Donegal should rejoin the United Kingdom .

    "It really is the hinterland of Northern Ireland and it would be great to have it back in with us," the noble Lord told a Donegal radio station.
  4. Europe’s Best Christmas Markets

    As temperatures begin to cool and the days get shorter it means it is almost time for *Christmas Markets. Hundreds of cities start to glow as the Christmas markets take on the streets. *From medieval...
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    Dante and Beatrice .


    Henry Holiday (1839 -...
  6. Chatter • Water diviners .

    I have just read the guardian on line of the huge row in the UK because a lot of water companies have admitted to the use of quote "archaic practise of water divining to find leaks in their system"...
  7. There's no place like Oz for the holidays .

    The Stop, Book and Go sale is on! As 2017 comes to a close, there’s no better way to celebrate the end of the year than with one last great adventure. What? Nobody ever said the best decisions...
  8. Ousted Catalan leader could remain in Belgium until after Christmas .

    Ousted Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont and four of his former regional ministers will very likely remain in Belgium until after Christmas due to the timings of the legal procedure underway in that...
  9. Immigration: Supreme Court allows Trump's travel ban to partially take effect

    "The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear arguments on President Donald Trump's travel ban executive order — and will allow parts of the directive to take effect in the meantime. ...
    The high court’s...
  10. America Policy #7: Complete Streets must be designed to serve the current and future land use

    We’ve raised the bar for the element of our Complete Streets policy framework to better account for land use and context. In...
  11. Germany, Austria provide inspiration for Spanish Constitution reform plan .

    Around a dozen Spanish university professors of constitutional and administrative law are proposing an overhaul of the 1978 Constitution that would use Germany and Austria as role models for some of...
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    Ros .

  13. Immigration: Can I Still Get A Green Card Through My Siblings After An Entry Ban Expi

    I was traveling by Greyhound bus from Canada to the United States in October of 2017 to see my family. The officer who was questioning me noticed on my record that I had a temporary U.S. drivers...
  14. The Best Gifts for Travelers: 2017 Edition .

    The holidays are upon us and you know what that means — it’s time for our 2017 gift guide!
    Even though I’ve been...
  15. Ireland Irish dancing Ravens NLF player celebrates touchdown with a jig .

    Running back Alex Collins celebrated his first touchdown of the season, against the Packers, with an impromptu Irish dance.
  16. India Arriving by air in Mumbai and moving on by rail .

    Now planning my 8th trip to India in 15 years!

    I am planning to arrive at Mumbai International Airport at International Arrivals, from the UK, in February 2018. My plane will arrive at 23:55 so I...
  17. “Many of us lined our pockets with the Prestige oil spill” .

    The cry of a seagull is the only thing that breaks the silence in the narrow streets of Muxía. People rest and nap and the sea is calm today. This Galician town reaches out into the Atlantic in...
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    India Visa card or Rupay card .

    My bank recently issued me a rupay card after my visa card expired.

    There are some extra restrictions on the rupay card as can be read from the brochure accompanying the card. But the bank folks...
  19. India Sandakphu Trek on December 2017-Few questions .

    Hi All,

    I am planning a trek to Sandakphu on 1st week of December.

    This is my second time there(First was in 2013).

    My Iternary will be:
    Tonglu (Day 1)
    Kalipokhri(Day 2)
    Sandakphu(Day 3)
  20. In photos: before and after the Prestige catastrophe in Galicia .

  21. India NDA Govt running away from Parl, has become an election machine: Congress .

    New Delhi,
    Charging the Modi Government with running away from Parliament to avoid discussions on issues like irregularities...
  22. Just back from: Peru’s Northern Highlands .

    http://www.lonelyplanet.com/blog/wordpress_uploads/2017/09/megan_kuelap_cloud_forest_selfie.jpgMegan snaps a selfie in front of Kuélap’s cloud forest © Megan Eaves

    Megan Eaves, Destination Editor...
  23. Ireland Barack Obama’s meme tweet for Joe Biden’s birthday goes viral…shocker! .

    White House "bromance" duo’s memes are only getting funnier and Irish American former VP admits they’re true.
  24. Google to “engineer” Russia Today and Sputnik out of search results .

    Tech giant Google is taking steps to fight fake news, with suspect content to be engineered out of search results.
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    A failure of separatism .

    It is a resounding defeat, and one that can only be blamed on the irresponsible attitude of the Catalan independence movement, whose challenge to Spain’s constitutional order has deprived Barcelona...
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    El Roto .

  27. Football • Predictions 26 November .

    Crystal Palace v Stoke City
    Newcastle v Watford
    Swansea v Bournemouth
    Tottenham v West Bromwich
    Liverpool v ChelseaStatistics: Posted by edythuk — Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:36 am — Replies 1 —...
  28. Ireland Frightening Irish: Ghoulish figures from Ireland’s history .

    Though obviously not the most celebrated Irish people, their grisly legacy still casts an eerie shadow.
  29. Catalan crisis puts paid to Barcelona bid to host EU medicines agency .

    Amsterdam will be the new home of the coveted European Medicines Agency (EMA) and its 900 employees, following a tight vote held on Monday in the Belgian capital.
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  30. Ireland There would have been no 1920s Bloody Sunday without Michael Collins’ Temple Bar offi

    Michael Collins’ Extraordinary Intelligence Office, on Crow Street, was the deadliest address in Dublin - Frank Thornton’s witness statement says it all.
  31. Ireland How Ancestry DNA helped me discover my official “Galway Girl” title .

    Discovering US relatives I never knew I had by using the Ancestry.com DNA kit.
  32. Ireland Six families of Berkeley balcony collapse settle with building owner and management .

    Dublin and California families settle almost all lawsuits following worst tragedies involving young Irish people living abroad.
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    Back again tomorrow .

    Back to El Medano on Wednesday.
    Looking forward to seeing some "interesting" weather over the weekend as it has been reported that a storm is coming in.

    By the way, I'm getting married in a...
  34. Ireland An Irish cop arrested Lee Harvey Oswald a year before JFK’s assassination .

    Mayoman didn’t think much of the incident until the following year when he switched on the TV.
  35. Ireland Get Thanksgiving started the right way with delicious pumpkin pancakes .

    Pumpkin pancakes are a great way to keep the family happy while you prepare the best feast of the year.
  36. Ireland Northern Irish priest calls on Christians to abandon Christmas completely .

    "I'm just trying to rescue the reality of Christmas for believers by giving up 'Christmas' and replacing it with another word."
  37. Immigration: Age difference requirement to sponsor spouse?

    Is there an Age difference requirement to sponsor spouse for a naturalized USA citizen ? Secondly, is the minimum age requirement is 18 for a spouse? I am 45 and got my citizenship in October 2016. I...
  38. Ireland Irish whiskey brands out in full force at WhiskyFest .

    Irish whiskey brands both new and dating back centuries were out in full force at Whisky Advocate's WhiskyFest in New York City. IrishCentral chatted with reps and indulged in a few tastes!
  39. Ireland CIA director John McCone covered up JFK assassination truth .

    Declassified 2013 report acknowledges McCone was “complicit” in keeping information from the Warren Commission.
  40. India Thiruannamalai travel & accomodation advice request .

    We are a family of 4 travelling from Chennai to Thiruannamalai.

    Intend to have a darshan at Kanchi on the way. So, was thinking of cab.

    Our present plan:
    Day1: land at Chennai airport...
  41. India Neena Verma’s election held void .

    Staff Reporter, Bhopal
    The Indore bench of Madhya Pradesh high court declared election of BJP MLA from Dhar Neena Verma null...
  42. India China objects to Kovind’s visit to Arunachal .

    Agencies, Beijing
    China on Monday objected to the visit of President Ram Nath Kovind to Arunachal Pradesh over the...
  43. Should I speak to my child in English if I am not a native speaker? .

    Similarly, Carol Rodríguez has been speaking to her son Eric in English since he was an infant. “Even though I struggled with the language, I love it,” she says. “So I decided to try it out for a few...
  44. India 48th IFFI makes glittering start in Goa .

    Agencies, Panaji
    The 48th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2017) was inaugurated at Dr Shama Prasad Mukhrjee stadium...
  45. India Decks cleared for Rahul’s elevation .

    Agencies, New Delhi
    Decks were cleared for the elevation of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Monday with the...
  46. India Padmavati not to be released in MP .

    Rashtramata Padmavati award for remarkable work in honour of women
    Staff Reporter, Bhopal
    Chief Minister Shivraj...
  47. India SC refuses to interfere in ‘Padmavati’ release .

    Agencies, New Delhi
    The Supreme Court on Monday refused to interfere in the release of the Hindi film “Padmavati.” The...
  48. Immigration: H1B Status Document Was Mailed status again

    Hi All,

    Can any one help me with the H1B status that "Document Was Mailed"? The USCIS issued 2nd RFE today and now the status was changed to the above.

    This is the second time within a month...
  49. India Feeding the poor, or buying votes? .

    An interesting item about provision of meals for Rs.5 only...

    India's Indira canteen: The best meal you can buy for 13 cents.


  50. Photography Seahawks Game, Duke vs Furman .

    Seahawks Game
    Seahawks vs Falcons
    Falcons vs Seahawks
    Seahawks vs Falcons 2017
    Falcons vs Seahawks 2017
    Duke vs Furman
    Furman vs Duke
    Seahawks Game NFL
    Seahawks Football NFL
    Duke vs...
  51. India Visa refused to get married in Ireland .

    Hi. I'm an Indian and my girlfriend is Italian living in Ireland. I've been in Ireland for 3 years and back in India for the past one year. We were planning to get married in Ireland this November. I...
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    Sport Falcons vs Seahawks .

    Falcons vs Seahawks
    Seahawks vs Falcons
    Falcons vs Seahawks 2017
    Seahawks vs Falcons 2017

    Atlanta Falcons football
    Atlanta Falcons game
    Atlanta Falcons nfl
    Falcons news
  53. India Cheapest countries to visit: Your list ! .

    One (wo)man's cheap is other's expensive !

    Not that all lists are worthwhile, and not that one's notion of cheap might be cheap for others - For what it's worth, as a conversation piece :D - A...
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    India Foreign Exchange .

    Hello again all...I have only just found out that the Indian rupee is a closed currency, with no money allowed in or out. I would usually get a currency in England and go to the country with it....
  55. Immigration: N-400 - Over 120 days past interview. Next steps?

    I filed my N-400 application in January, 2017 after having had a green card for 3 years. Things went fairly smoothly until my interview in July, 2017, when I was told verbally that I would be...
  56. Ireland Irish takeover Saturday Night Live Dec. 2 with Saoirse Ronan and U2 .

    The Irish are coming for Saturday Night Live on December 2!
  57. Ireland Colin Farrell has no time for Irish Americans who drink green beer on Paddy's Day .

    The Irish actor told Jimmy Kimmel that he had never heard of green beer before he came to America.
  58. What’s really going on with the Great Barrier Reef? .

    Driving on the wrong side of the road is a common mishap on foreign holidays, but when it comes to snorkelling in a marine metropolis, no highway codes apply: Swirling like a tornado, a shoal of...
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    India Back to the grind .


    Sunita Devi works hard for about six hours a day, not only to earn her livelihood but also to...
  60. India Crafting joy: Karnataka village has been making wooden toys since Tipu Sultan .


    Toys are not mere toys. They provide the livelihood for a majority of people in Channapatna in...
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    India Where There Are No Sewers .

    The toilet cleaners of Lucknow. Credit: C.S. Sharada Prasad

    November 19 is...
  62. India Road Trip to Hornbill and Meghalaya .

    I am planning to go for a Road trip to HORNBILL FESTIVAL this December...2017. From Bhubaneswar,Odisha to Kisama,Kohima, GOOGLE says 1817 km.:confused: Please help
  63. Ireland Irish Studio owner of Irish Central acquires six new publications .

    New York digital media company acquires six publications from Norah Casey's Harmonia magazine publishers.
  64. India A day in the life of a corpse-burner .

    Gagan Choudhury at Manikarnika
  65. Ireland RTE journalist charged in UK for sexual activity with 13-year-old .

    Judge told Kieran Creaven thought he was meeting a young girl he’d met online, instead he was confronted by an anti-pedophile vigilante group.
  66. Just back from: Jura, Scotland .

    http://www.lonelyplanet.com/blog/wordpress_uploads/2017/09/Alex_Jura_friends.jpgAlex and friends enjoying a hike on the island of Jura © Alex MacLeish

    Alex MacLeish, Key Account Manager at Lonely...
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    Thanks, Rafael .

    The Masters Cup of this last week was the icing on the cake of my career as coach for my nephew Rafael Nadal. I am concluding a happy 27-year period that began on the day that my brother Sebastián’s...
  68. America Policy #6: Road design leads to real Complete Streets .

    A Complete Streets policy cannot be implemented without an understanding of how to improve the physical environment. Jurisdictions...
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    India Free SIM??? .

    Sorry to be obtuse, but at this moment can I really pick up an Indian SIM with a bit of credit, on my production of an eVisa at Dehi airport? This sounds like fantasy, but www.androidcentral.com is...
  70. The rise of osteoporosis in men .

    Osteoporosis, a disease causing the skeleton to weaken and bones to break, is a significant threat to more than two million men in the United States today. It is estimated that one-fifth to one-third...
  71. EU to offer military aid to member states hit by serious cyberattacks .

    The European Union is about to approve changes to its mutual defense rules that will allow members states targeted by cyberattacks to call on fellow countries for military assistance, according to a...
  72. Chatter • Trump wants to relax Big Game Trophy import laws .

    Sign if you agree with the petition, please

    https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/fr/tr ... s/?cECwndbStatistics: Posted by peake — Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:51 pm — Replies 1 — Views 2
  73. Ireland Liam Neeson to spend Thanksgiving recovering from shoulder surgery .

    65-year-old County Antrim star who does his own stunts needs the should surgery due to wear and tear.
  74. Jean-Claude Juncker: “Nationalism is poison” .

    The length of the first paragraph of an interview like this one is usually inversely proportional to the interest of the message of the interviewee. This first paragraph is going to be short: there...
  75. Food and Drink • Buttermilk .

    Buttermilk is specified in a number of gluten-free recipes (I've been diagnosed with coeliac disease so I'm on a steep non-gluten bakery learning curve).
    I've never bought it before, and I wasn't...
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    India What .

    Bored of sitting back and scrolling through your friend
  77. Other Wonder Wheel 2017 Download .

  78. Other All the Money in the World 2017 .

    All the Money in the World Full Movie
    All the Money...
  79. Ireland A Bronx Irish Thanksgiving in days gone by .

    What Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Ragamuffin Day, meant to an Irish family in New York right after World War II.
  80. Ireland My interview with Charles Manson, America’s most notorious killer .

    The 83-year-old cult leader has died in prison. Here Niall O'Dowd recalls his chilling face-to-face interview with one of the worlds most notorious killers.
  81. Ireland Caitlyn Jenner celebrates her Irish roots on the Late Late .

    "My mother’s maiden name is Esther Maguire...Yes I have Irish ancestry."
  82. Ireland Saving lives at the Cliffs of Moher and goings on before Christmas .

    "It is too common for deserted cars with notes on the windscreen to be discovered in the car parks."
  83. Ireland Van Morrison rolls with the punches .

    This is a good time to be a Van Morrison fan. Belfast musician shows no time of slowing down in the studio.
  84. Ireland Hello Mary Lou – Adams' likely successor could be first female Taoiseach .

    Mary Lou McDonald's task will be a tall one but her straight talk and directness have boosted her to the role of obvious successor to Gerry Adams.
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    India Trip to Jim Corbett .

    We are planning for a Nainital trip during February next year and on our way we plan to visit Jim Corbett.
    We will not be able to stay inside the forest as we are travelling with one year...
  86. NATO intelligence reports show spike in disinformation about Catalonia .

    NATO intelligence reports show that Russian online networks have been focusing their activities on Catalonia in order to make the most of the secessionist crisis there.
    Seguir leyendo.
  87. Ireland Thanksgiving Baileys Irish cream pumpkin pie recipe .

    How do you make your pie stand out from the crowd? Never fear, Chef Gilligan is here to give you a few tips on how to make the ultimate, decadent, and Irish Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.
  88. Football • Table at 20th November .

    Edythuk, would you choose the games for next weekend, please? (Chosen because you're next on the list, not because you found Mad87's matches difficult!)Statistics: Posted by liz...
  89. Ireland The secret to cooking a perfect Thanksgiving turkey .

    "Most chefs don’t roast the bird whole like you do at home. We don’t need to do the big show of carving at the table. What we need is consistency and uniformity."
  90. Immigration: DV 2018 Kenya Selectees

    I'm starting a DV 2018 Kenya forum for those who will be interviewed out of the US Embassy Nairobi, Kenya..I went through the process in 2014, successfully resettled here and my experience might help...
  91. Ireland Saving lives at the Cliffs of Moher and goings on before Christmas .

    "It is too common for deserted cars with notes on the windscreen to be discovered in the car parks."
  92. 30 Photos to get you stoked for the ski season .

    A few photos to get you stoked for winter!Ski season is officially upon us! With snow on the brain, we...
  93. Ireland A Bronx Irish Thanksgiving in days gone by .

    What Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Ragamuffin Day, meant to an Irish family in New York right after World War II.
  94. India 54 students from Darbhanga Medical College fined for ragging .

    Agencies, Patna
    At least 54 students of girls’ hostel in Darbhanga Medical College have been fined Rs 25,000 each for...
  95. Ireland Kerrygold butter continues to take over the world, now for sale in South Korea .

    Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter will be sold through a number of major retailers in South Korea, Ornua has announced.
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    Ros .

  97. Ireland Have you ever tried the Guinness brewer’s favorite stout? .

    Learn the history of Guinness Antwerpen Stout long known to Belgian beer lovers as Guinness Special Export Stout.
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    A new Cold War .

    The maneuver from Russia of using fake news stories in the case of the Catalan crisis constitutes conclusive proof that the world is immersed in a new Cold War in which disinformation is the main...
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    El Roto .

  100. Ireland Watch as the IrishCentral staff find out how Irish we are with DNA test results! .

    Three IrishCentral staff members reveal the results of their Ancestry DNA tests! Who's the most Irish? Where else in the world did our ancestors come from?
  101. Pets - Lost and Found • Nice looking oldie lost at Beynac et Cazenac (24) .

  102. Post Box • Where do you feel your roots are ? .

    I read this BBC article this morning and could identify with most of it :

    I've spent most of my life moving...
  103. Ireland Kieran Creaven, RTE Producer: What You Need to Know .

    Kieran Creaven is accused of going to England to meet who he thought was a 13-year-old online.
  104. Ireland Documents show JFK death due to incompetence by FBI, CIA .

    Lee Harvey Oswald should have been under surveillance. John F Kennedy’s assassination could have been stopped.
  105. India Junior Kankati With Cubs | Tiger cubs running | Bandhvagarh .


    Best watched in Full HD (1080p).

    Presenting Junior Kankati aka New Kankati aka T-35 with little cubs running behind their...
  106. Hate campaign strikes major Auschwitz exhibition in Madrid .

    The most elaborate traveling exhibition about the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz ever put together has been subject to an onslaught of anti-Semitic sentiment after the Spanish company Musealia...
  107. India Shia Waqf Board chief’s game is over: Vedanti .

    Agencies, Ayodhya
    In a scathing attack on Shia Waqf Board chief Waseem Rizvi, former Member of Parliament and member of Ram...
  108. India Indiraji fought for her principles, against vested interests & agendas: Sonia .

    Agencies, New Delhi
    Being the Iron Lady was just one of the elements of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s character...
  109. India Mugabe agrees to stand down as Zimbabwe president .

    Agencies, Harare
    Robert Mugabe agreed on Sunday to resign as Zimbabwe’s president hours after the ruling ZANU-PF party fired him...
  110. India 190 militants killed since January .

    200 still active in Kashmir: Lt Gen Sandhu
    Agencies, Srinagar
    As many as 190 militants — 80 local and 110 foreign —...
  111. India Release of Padmavati deferred .

    Agencies, New Delhi
    The makers of the Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh-Shahid Kapoor starrer ‘Padmavati’, which has been...
  112. India Kedarkantha trek Map/GPS logs .

    Can I find a detailed map of this trek ?
    If there are any GPS map that can also do. I knew about this
    https://wanderthehimalayas.com/2016/...red-himalayas/ but the download link is not working and...
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    Japan Thanks To All Who Came .

    Thanks to all who came to my panel today at #animenyc !
  114. India Self Intro with Youtube channel .

    Hi there!

    Myself Sahil. I like to travel and make videos, which I post on YouTube. Requesting you all to take a look at my channel. Subscribe, Share, like and Comment. :D
  115. India BJP faces anger, resignation over dropped leaders in Gujarat poll list .

    Agencies, Ahmedabad
    A day after the BJP announced its first list of 70 candidates for next month’s Gujarat assembly...
  116. Travel Photography – Most Photogenic Places in New Zealand .

    If there is a place in the world no nature enthusiast should miss no doubt the South Island of New Zealand it is. The landscapes there are simply breathtaking, so diverse you can’t imagine such a...
  117. India Suggestion for motorcycle road trip to Harsil- Gangotri .

    I want to drive to Harsil on my motorcycle, my wife riding pillion.

    Would go via Rishikesh and comeback via Mussoorie.
    My main consideration will be avoiding black ice

    Which would be the...
  118. Immigration: Dv entry question

    i am single, and at question 14 number of children...
    Should I leave it empty or what?

    Thank you .
  119. Entertainment american music awards 2017 .

    American Music Awards
    American Music Awards 2017
    AMAs 2017
    American Awards
    American Awards 2017
    american music awards 2017 nominees
    american music awards show
    american music awards show...
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    India Intro and Greetings .

    Hey! My name is Dominique, amateur photographer and seasoned traveler. Coming to sisit India for the first time, and since I don't do thing half-way, I plan to be there for 4 months. So I thought...
  121. India Indian Citizens residing in US trying to do court marriage .

    I am an Indian citizen residing in US for the past 1.5 yrs on Work Visa. My would be husband is also an Indian citizen residing in US for the past 2 years on work visa.

    We want to do court...
  122. Charity Chat american music awards 2017 .

    American Music Awards
    American Music Awards
    American Music Awards 2017
    American Music Awards 2017
    AMAs 2017
    AMAs 2017
    American Awards
    American Awards
    American Awards 2017
  123. Shopping ddddddddddddddddddd .

    American Music Awards

    American Music Awards 2017

    American Music Awards Live

    American Music Awards Live Stream

  124. Education fjkdtujsdtusdtuy .

    American Music Awards 2017 Live Stream

    American Music Awards 2017 Live

    2017 American Music Awards Live Stream

    American Music Awards Live Stream

    American Music Awards Live Stream
  125. Sport American Music Awards 2017 .

    American Music Awards
    American Music Awards
    American Music Awards 2017
    American Music Awards 2017
    AMAs 2017
    AMAs 2017
    American Awards
    American Awards
    American Awards 2017
  126. India Itinerary: Delhi-Simla-Nako-Tabo-Kaza-Manali-Delhi .

    Hi Friends,
    I am planning a trip at January-18 END(1 week leave) to vsit :-
    1) Delhi-Simla-Nako-Tabo-Kaza-Manali-Delhi.
    2) Main focus is Simla, nako, tabo, Kaza and surrounding main places....
  127. India Permanent Move to Goa from Delhi and establish residency in Goa .


    Another question from my perspective as an OCI card holder (husband holds Indian Passport, resident of Delhi). I've been a permanent resident of India (settled permanently in Delhi, with Delhi...
  128. Photography yrfujeuwreuywryuuy .


    American Music Awards 2017 Live Stream


    American Music Awards 2017 Live
  129. India OCI (aka Dual Citizen), Adhaar, Permanent Resident + Study in India (IGNOU/Open Uni)


    Has anybody here appplied to study in IGNOU? Or in any other Open University (particularly in Goa)?

    I am a "dual citizen" (yeah I know) as per Modi aka I hold OCI. I am a permanent resident...
  130. Photography Eagles vs Cowboys,American Music Awards 2017 .


    Eagles vs Cowboys

    Eagles vs Cowboys Live

    Eagles vs Cowboys Live Stream

    Cowboys vs Eagles
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    Sport NFL Football Game .

    Browns vs Jaguars Lions vs Bears
    Packers vs Ravens Cardinals vs Texans
    Vikings vs Rams Saints vs Redskins

    https://brownsnflgame.football/ https://lionsnflgame.football/...
  132. India Cooking classes in India – where to learn? .

  133. Replies

    Japan Doors About To Open .

    Doors about to open at #animenyc day 3.
  134. Immigration: Filed i-130 for mom but didn't file i-485 simultaneously

    I filed i-130 for my mother and didn't file the i-485 simultaneously. Can I file it when I get a receipt of the i-130?

    What are the pros and cons of filing it now or later? BTW my mother is here...
  135. Japan Ready For Day 3 At Anime NYC .

    Ready for day 3 at #animenyc - see you later & at my panel 1pm panel room 3.
  136. Photography Watch History isn't viewable when signed out .

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    Sport NFL Football Game .

    Patriots vs Raiders Cowboys vs Eagles
    Chiefs vs Giants Dolphins vs. Buccaneers
    Broncos vs Bengals Chargers vs Bills
    https://chrargersnflgame.football/ https://broncosnflgame.football/...
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    Japan Day 3 Of Anime NYC .

    Folks prepping for day 3 of #animenyc
  139. Ireland Irish teenage boxing sensation to make debut at Madison Square Garden .

    Aaron McKenna, 18, will make his professional debut in New York City on December 2.
  140. Recipes https://americanmusic-awards.org https://lionsgamenfl.co .

    American Music Awards

    American Music Awards 2017

    American Music Awards Live

    American Music Awards Live Stream

    American Music Awards 2017 Live
  141. Photography Lions vs Bears,American Music Awards .

    Lions vs Bears

    Lions vs Bears Live

    Lions vs Bears Live Stream

    Lions vs Bears 2017

  142. Ireland Thanksgiving roast turkey with sage and onion stuffing recipe .

    It's never too early to be prepared! Rather than being rushed off your feet on Thursday why not start prepping now.
  143. Ireland Put upon Bono and U2 play free MTV concert for 7k in London .

    "Bono made a perfectly legal investment in a shopping mall in Lithuania... and the 'moral' police freak out."
  144. Ireland Gerry Adams to step down - made a united Ireland a major issue again .

    "The tributes will doubtless begin flowing in as well as the usual vitriol from his enemies. Like all great politicians, he has collected his share of them."
  145. India Help in proposed Gujarat family trip .

    Dear All,

    Would like to have your views on my proposed trip to Gujarat covering Bhuj,Dwarka,Somnath,Girl National park and Ahmedabad. The travel time will be in mid of January 2018 and will start...
  146. Ireland Suddenly, Europe is so great to the Trump Nation? .

    "Part of a broader fear some have that “the West” is dying... it's hard not to think this sudden love for Europe is about anything but skin color."
  147. Ireland Celebrating the Choctaw Nation this National Native American Heritage Month .

    During the Great Hunger this Native American tribe sent a massive amount of money to the Irish, the sculpture "Kindred Spirits" in Cork, is a symbol of Ireland's gratitude.
  148. India How to travel from Dharchula to Julaghat ? .

    I need to travel from Dharchula to Julaghat.
    Please help me with information of transpiration available.

    Can i visit Banbasa border on the same day after visiting Julaghat?

  149. Ireland Ancestry records reunite long-lost brothers after 85 years .

    Imagine spending your entire life as an only child, then one day, 85 years later, finding out you had a brother.
  150. Ireland New book reveals nightmare in NAMA land as US vultures stripped Irish assets .

    NAMA-land is a shocking story of how the sale of public assets conspired to disinherit the Irish people and enrich a new local elite.
  151. Ireland The wonder of a revitalized Belfast city .

    Revisiting Northern Ireland's first city after 22 year away "I was astonished... I didn't know where I was."
  152. Ireland Read the letter JFK wrote to his lover a month before he died .

    A letter that John F. Kennedy allegedly wrote to a woman believed to be his lover went up for auction, in June 2016.
  153. Ireland Remembering the magic of Thanksgiving away from home in Dublin .

    Living in Ireland over the Thanksgiving holidays makes you take account of what you are doing with your life.
  154. India Starting Trouble Royal Enfield Classic 350 .

    Hi guys, my classic 350 was off for one week.Now am unable to start the vehicle,when i turn on the key the neutral light is on, horn just a beep only, indicator not working,headlight and tail lamp...
  155. Japan Vivid Vision With Otakuthon Bouncer .

    Vivid Vision with Otakuthon Bouncer at #animenyc
  156. Japan Saw Justice League Tonight .

    Saw Justice League tonight - good flick!
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    Japan Check For DNA Mutations .

    Taking the #23andme test to check for DNA mutations as webs keep springing from my wrists. Any of you taken it?
  158. Replies

    Japan Harmony Is Really Popular .

    Our new #smartdoll cocoa skintone for Harmony is really popular! Due out in December. I love her and think you will too.
  159. Replies

    Japan Americans Love Oppai Too .

    Americans love oppai too. Do you?
  160. Japan Harmony Out N About New York .

    #smartdoll Harmony out n about New York - she is due for release in December.
  161. Traveling with a Baby in the Blue Mountains

    Baby number 2 arrived about two months ago and I have 12 months of maternity leave. So of course, an epic trip has been planned. (More on that later) But I have to admit – embarking on an 8 month...
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    Japan Choice Of Fashion Doll .

    More and more Americans are choosing #smartdoll as their choice of fashion doll.
  163. Replies

    Japan Only Two Smart Doll Left .

    Only two #smartdoll left at #animenyc - if we don’t have what you want - order from the booth and we can do free shipping from Japan for you.
  164. Replies

    Japan FaceTime With A Customer .

    Getting some FaceTime with a customer who owns Ebony #smartdoll ! Our younger audience segment is huge & continues to grow.
  165. Replies

    Japan Comrades At Anime NYC .

    Meeting a ton of comrades at #animenyc - see you for day 3 tomorrow and at my panel 1pm panel room 3.
  166. India Resource to check state of roads .

    Google maps, Waze, (and of course the locals) have directed me on to some terrible roads.

    What is a good source of information on the current state of highways, etc?

    Delhi to Agra is wonderful...
  167. Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Ferringhi – Eat, Drink & Be Merry! .

    This coming Christmas, spend your time for the celebration at Hard Rock Penang. Hard Rock has so much to offer to bring up your Christmas spirit and welcome the New Year. During this Christmas Eve,...
  168. Sport washington vs utah, stanford vs california, boise state vs air force, usc vs uc

    washington vs utah stanford vs california
    boise state vs air force usc vs ucla
  169. You always think you have more time, until you don’t .

    It’s taken few weeks to find the words to write this. I debated whether to publish this, or keep it...
  170. India Transit in Cochin airport need visa? .

    Hello, coming from Bangkok, i'll be landing in

    cochin airport May 10 @ 1am with AirAsia
    Next flight is May 10 @ 5.45pm with SaudiAirlines

    In the past, if you had checked luggage, then you...
  171. Immigration: Mailing address.

    I have a problem.. My nationality is Polish, but I live in Scotland. There is no Scotland on the list for mailing address.. the same 9. Country Where You Live Today. There is no UK also.
  172. India Buying affordable sitar in Delhi? .

    I'm looking to buy an affordable sitar in Delhi. It doesn't have to be top of the line, I will use it mainly for decoration back home. Some playing though, yes, for learning. Suggestion?
  173. Immigration: TN Visa Extension - Consular Process Timelines

    Hi, Is there anyone who applied for TN extension through consular processing (Vermont Service Centre) and what are the recent processing times look like?

    I have checked the Vermont Service Centre...
  174. Sport Georgia vs kentucky, notredame vs navy, ohio state vs illinois .

    Georgia vs kentucky
    notredame vs navy
    ohio state vs illinois
    kentucky vs Georgia
    navy vs notredame
    illinois vs ohio state
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    Noble Kirk .

    Can anyone make curtains from material supplied? Or perhaps knows someone who does.
  176. Oklahoma State vs Kansas State .

    Watch Oklahoma State vs Kansas State NCAA Football Game 2017 Live Online HD Here:

    Oklahoma State vs Kansas State
    Kansas State vs Oklahoma State
    Cowboys vs Wildcats
    Wildcats vs Cowboys
  177. India Location for Engagement Shoot (out of country) .

    Hi. I am from New Jersey. I will be traveling to India in March for my wedding shopping (most likely Surat and Mumbai). My fiance and I are planning to visit Rajasthan for an engagement shoot,...
  178. India Location for Engagement Shoot (Out of Country) .

    Hi. I am from New Jersey. I will be traveling to India in March for my wedding shopping (most likely Surat and Mumbai). My fiance and I are planning to visit Rajasthan for an engagement shoot,...
  179. Post Box • age of sexual consent .

    Headlines and first 2 pages of discussion in the Depeche yesterday.
    Evidently there have been 2 recent cases of men who had sex with an 11 year old girl being freed because "she appeared to...
  180. India Transit in Kochi airport NEED VISA??? .

    Hello, coming from Bangkok, i'll be landing in

    cochin airport May 10 @ 1am with AirAsia
    Next flight is May 10 @ 5.45pm with SaudiAirlines

    In the past, if you had checked luggage, then you...
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    Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam .

    I am not a mere lump of clay nor a stone.
    I am a poet disguised as a philosopher,
    The allegorical star in a stone boat.
    I stand on a sandbar in the river of time,
    Straining the eyes of my soul in...
  182. Sport Mississippi State vs ARKANSAS .

    Mississippi State vs ARKANSAS
    ARKANSAS vs Mississippi State
    Buldogs vs Razorbacks
    Razorbacks vs Buldogs
    Mississippi State vs ARKANSAS 2017
    ARKANSAS vs Mississippi State 2017
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    Sport Memphis vs SMU .

    Memphis vs SMU
    SMU vs Memphis
    Tigers vs Mustangs
    Mustangs vs Tigers
    Memphis vs SMU 2017
    SMU vs Memphis 2017
    Memphis vs SMU Football
    SMU vs Memphis Football
    Memphis Football
  184. Cars & Transport the supervisors in corrupt departments .

    Miss World

    Miss World 2017

    Miss World Pageant

    Miss World 2017 Pageant

    Miss World Contestants
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    India AC1 tickets .

    Hi Guys ive booked 2 x AC1 tickets from Jaipur to Delhi by eticket Question is
    Do I need to confirm my booking before I arrive at the station as its showing confirmed chart not prepared
  186. Replies

    Sport Clemson vs Citadel .

    Clemson vs Citadel
    Citadel vs Clemson
    Tigers vs Buldogs
    Buldogs vs Tigers
    Clemson vs Citadel 2017
    Citadel vs Clemson 2017
    Clemson vs Citadel Football
    Citadel vs Clemson Football
  187. India AIADMK leaders pained over IT raids .

    A day after late last night surprise raids at ‘Veda Nilayam’, the Poes Garden residence of late Chief Minister J...
  188. Ireland Ohio governor hopeful Bill O’Neill goes on bizarre rant about his sexual exploits .

    The State Supreme Court Justice claims his Facebook post was written to "save my opponents some research time."
  189. Replies

    Sport TCU vs Texas Tech .

    TCU vs Texas Tech
    Texas Tech vs TCU
    Horned Frogs vs Red Raiders
    Red Raiders vs Horned Frogs
  190. Replies

    India Karmali to Arambol .

    Hi I am traveling by Tejas Express towards mid December to Goa. I want to know:
    1. Does the train stop near by Pernem or any other station near to Arambol?
    2. If I get down at Karmali how can I...
  191. India How to encounter bears in the Himalaya .

    Hi there fellow Mikers,

    Having had a couple of close encounters with bears in the Himalaya (all in Himachal Pradesh), I wanted to ask if anybody around here knows anything definitive on how to...
  192. Ireland Avoid a Thanksgiving dinner disaster - useful tips and recipes .

    From how to shop for a turkey to the ultimate cranberry sauce, our Irish chef in Miami has you covered this Thanksgiving.
  193. Ireland Would you be able to handle the largest Irish breakfast in Ireland? .

    Located on Pearse Street in Athlone’s town center, the cafe Murphy's Law offers punters a whopping 3,500 calories breakfast.
  194. Ireland Who deserves a home? Ireland’s housing crisis death sentence .

    "Taoiseach's comment is 'a Walter Witty remark' and he asked, 'What planet are the taoiseach and housing minister living on?'"
  195. Ireland How we Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving in Dublin .

    With some of us homesick and some happily overseas in Ireland, finding the Thanksgiving feeling in Dublin, especially a good Thanksgiving dinner, still feels to us all like a treasure hunt.
  196. Ireland Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett picture bought for $10 is worth millions say experts .

    Found in a flea market in NC six years ago, the tintype group photos of these bad hombres could be worth $5 million.
  197. Ireland Galway city buskers enraged by proposed new restrictions .

    The City of the Tribe’s busking community has long been regarded as one of the best things about the city, but could new laws see the tourist attraction diminished?
  198. Ireland 9 Irish American surnames explained by the experts .

    From Murphy to O'Connor - the popular Irish family names now big names in the United States.
  199. India Majid’s surrender a brave move: Army .

    Agencies, Awantipora
    Terming surrender of footballer-turned-militant Majid Irshad Khan as a ‘brave move by the young man’, a...
  200. India Censor board returns ‘Padmavati’ .

    Agencies, New Delhi
    Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus Padmavati on Friday was sent back to the filmmaker by the Central...
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