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    Immigration: NY Interview

    Hi All, I had my interview in June 2018 at NY asylum office. I ma still waiting for a decision. Every time i inquire, they say its still on background check. Wonder how long would this take. Its...
  2. Ireland Pelosi warns British "don’t even think" about new Irish border .

    US House Speaker in Dublin enforces messages to British government that any change to Ireland’s border with the United Kingdom would not be acceptable
  3. Review: 10 Day Egypt Explorer Tour with Expat Explore .

    We have been wanting to visit Egypt for a while now so when the opportunity to get away over the Christmas and New Year period arose we knew we needed to head there for a break. We joined Expat...
  4. Ireland Speaker Pelosi launches new effort to pass Irish work visas bill .

    Nancy Pelosi and Richard Neal announce new attempt to pass US E3 visa bill for Irish, utilizing unused existing Australian work visas
  5. Ireland What to look out for at the 2019 CLRG World Irish Dancing Championships .

    New York-based Irish dance teacher and adjudicator Niall O'Leary shares what you should be on the lookout for at the 2019 CLRG World Irish Dancing Championships!
  6. Ireland Irish farm life has saved me and helped me live fully for the first time .

    A wayward son’s return home to his family’s farm, and how he found a new beginning in an age-old world.
  7. Ireland What makes Guinness Extra Stout so extra? .

    Big Guinness Draught fan? Then you'll love Guinness Extra Stout. Each bottle of this Irish Dry Stout is packed with history and a taste profile unlike any other.
  8. Ireland IrishCentral exclusive: Purchase copies of Celtic Woman's long-form “Ancient Land” DV

    For just 24 hours IrishCentral readers are being offered the exclusive offer to purchase advance copies of Celtic Woman’s new DVD “Ancient Land”
  9. Ireland Why do we care about the Titanic more than the Lusitania? .

    The Lusitania, which sank off the coast of Ireland in 1915, was every bit as tragic and dramatic. Why isn’t it better remembered?
  10. Ireland Win a VIP trip to Milwaukee Irish Fest this August .

    Enter IrishCentral’s competition and be in with the chance to win a trip for two to Milwaukee Irish Fest this August and experience the world’s largest celebration of Celtic music and culture
  11. Ireland This family of Irish-dancing traditional musicians are unfairly talented .

    Brothers Luca (12), Finn (10) and Dempsey (7) Byrne, better known as The Byrne Brothers, took the internet by storm.
  12. Ireland Italian doctor finds cure for Parkinson's disease in Irish dancing .

    An Italian doctor has discovered that Irish dancing overrides the neurological impediments that affect the gait in those suffering from Parkinson's disease
  13. Ireland For World Heritage Day, check out Ireland's heritage sites in stunning 3D .

    April 18 is World Heritage Day! What better way to celebrate than exploring Ireland's ancient heritage sites in stunning 3D renderings.
  14. Ireland On This Day: Carpathia arrives in New York with Titanic survivors .

    On this day in 1912, the RMS Carpathia arrived in New York having rescued passengers and crew from the Titanic after it was struck by an iceberg and sank on April 15, 1912.
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    Sights to See in London .

    If you’re traveling to London, congratulations. You are going to enjoy yourself. The capital of the United Kingdom has something for everyone – history, theater, art, and of course, the monarchy....
  16. Ireland Lads who Irish dance – Denver brothers viral videos smashing traditional stereotypes

    Michael and Matthew Gardiner’s #LadJam2 series allows men around the world to express their love of Irish dance.
  17. Ireland Celebrating a traditional Irish Easter: blessings, greetings and recipes .

    Apart from Christmas and St. Patrick's Day, Easter is the most important religious holiday in Ireland's calendar. Here are some of the ancient Irish Easter traditions.
  18. Ireland In 1912, my Irish grandmother was booked to sail aboard The Titanic .

    The incredible good luck of a woman who should have perished on the Titanic on April 15, 1912, and instead went on to start a new life, in the New World.
  19. Ireland Easter Sunday roast-lamb and mint sauce recipe .

    The perfect recipe for an Irish family Easter Sunday lunch - a hearty springtime meal with room for something sweet to break Lent.
  20. Ireland Five surprising facts about some of the 1916 Easter Rising leaders .

    One was English-born, another played pipes for the pope.
  21. Ireland Bestseller "Say Nothing" is really a get Gerry Adams exercise .

    Patrick Radden Keefe’s best-selling book, a forensic examination of Northern Ireland’s Troubles, lacks critical insight and is very much flawed
  22. Ireland Are your Irish ancestors in this Kilmainham Jail autograph book from 1916? .

    Kilmainham Jail has published prisoners' autograph books from 1916 online. The collection offers a compelling insight into the minds of the men during the Easter Rising.
  23. Ireland Trump’s new Ambassador to Ireland pledges to uphold Good Friday Agreement .

    President Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. ambassador to Ireland Edward Crawford is a step closer to taking up his post.
  24. Ireland TIME names ‘Together for Yes’ Irish leaders among most influential for 2019 .

    Irish women Grainne Griffin, Ailbhe Smyth, and Orla O’Connor are included among TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people for 2019.
  25. Ireland Irish woman being chased by a goat will have you laughing for hours .

    You won't Billy-lieve the speed of this goat as it runs after an Irish woman in her garden.
  26. Ireland Stunning Game of Thrones stained glass windows unveiled for final season .

    As Game of Thrones' final season kicks off, a very special tribute to the series' legacy and impact on Northern Ireland is appearing across Belfast: Game of Thrones stained glass windows.
  27. Ireland Nearly 80 percent of young people in Ireland in favor of United Ireland .

    New survey finds that majority of people in Ireland are in favor of Irish unification.
  28. The 4 Best US Cities for an Outdoor Adventure .

    If you are looking for a destination that will get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping, you will be spoilt for options in the US. Offering various landscapes and tough terrains to tackle,...
  29. 50 Travel Quotes that will inspire you to pack your bags .

    Best Travel Quotes for Travel InspirationSometimes a simple quote or phrase is all it takes to spark action...
  30. Ireland New Irish dance feature film 'Curls' is looking for support .

    Irish dance movie 'Curls' is being filmed this summer in North Carolina and it's reaching out to the Irish dance community and beyond.
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    Divine Cazorla .

    Oblak and the antidote. In the defensive chain of Atlético de Madrid, which is famed for its consistency and roughness, the most solid link is Oblak. A modest, agile goalkeeper, he is more imposing...
  32. Brussels fears Spanish election may not end political instability .

    Elections are one of those defining moments in the history of a country. Spain is viewing the general election of April 28 as some sort of second democratic Transition, following a decade of...
  33. How did your neighbor vote in the 2016 Spanish election? .

    Recent polls suggest the political landscape of Spain could shift dramatically at the upcoming general election on April 28 – with the far-right party Vox gaining congressional representation for the...
  34. In photos: Easter celebrations in Spain .

  35. The Spanish volunteer vets taking care of livestock in Lebanon .

    How did a dean from Complutense University in Madrid end up with his arm inside a cow’s rectum in Lebanon? There is actually a simple explanation. “It was a house in which the cows basically lived in...
  36. Rescue ship says Spain is blocking its bid to aid refugees in Greece .

    A Basque fishing vessel converted into a migrant rescue boat called the Aita Mari is having problems going to the Greek island of Lesbos, where it aims to deliver humanitarian aid to the thousands of...
  37. Screened out: The Spanish teens hooked on technology .

    They call it non-substance addiction. For Adrián, a 14-year-old from the southern Spanish city of Cádiz, it started in the summer. Almost without realizing it, he began to spend his days holed up in...
  38. Notre-Dame de Paris: where all the paths in France converge .

    During the Paris Commune, in 1871, when the revolutionaries knew themselves to be defeated, they began torching all the public buildings in their path, with a special preference for churches. Yet...
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    Is Paris burning? .

    “Is Paris burning?” screamed Hitler hysterically into the telephone in August 1944, addressing General Von Choltitz, the German commander of the occupied French capital. The general disobeyed orders...
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    El Roto .

  41. Cherry blossoms and nervous bankers .

    In March 1912 the mayor of Tokyo, Yukio Ozaki, gave the city of Washington D.C. 3,020 cherry trees. The saplings adapted well to their new surroundings and, over time, spread throughout the capital...
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    The boldness of Ajax .

    At the academy in Ajax, there is a maxim that they drill into your head from the very first day: “If you are timid, you’re going to have a tough time here.” They cultivate a footballing arrogance in...
  43. Spain’s election officials suspend TV debate with far-right party Vox .

    Spanish election officials have suspended a five-candidate televised debate planned for next Tuesday that would have included the far-right party Vox.
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  44. The new cocaine lords of Galicia .

    At 11am on November 15, 2018, the only people in the vicinity of a modern-looking house near the center of Pontevedra, in Spain’s northwestern Galicia region, were a man doing workouts, a couple out...
  45. The future of Spain: five parties, two models .

    On April 28, Spaniards will go to the polls in a snap national election triggered by a deadlock over the 2019 budget. Whichever government emerges from the vote will have to deal with this and other...
  46. Divide and conquer: Spanish PM’s election strategy seeks to split the right .

    The two-week campaign ahead of the general election of April 28 that began today is going to be an atypical one, with many Spaniards away on their Easter vacation. Everything will come down to the...
  47. Spanish parties take inspiration from ‘Game of Thrones’ ahead of election .

    Spain’s political parties are using the hit television series Game of Thrones in campaign advertising ahead of the general election on April 28.
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  48. The life of Julian Assange, according to the Spaniards who watched over him .

    The life of a plumber from the eastern Spanish region of Valencia crossed paths with Julian Assange for the second time in 2016, when he received a call from a familiar voice and was asked to...
  49. Spanish toddler died from fall into shaft, not rescuer’s pickaxe: autopsy .

    A Spanish toddler who slipped into a borehole in southern Spain in January died from the fall and not from an accidental blow to the head by a rescuer’s pickaxe, a definitive autopsy has confirmed....
  50. Civil Guard arrests businessmen who took uniform off employee to cover up workplace d

    Four businessmen from the Spanish town of Chiclana de la Frontera in Cádiz province have been accused of stripping a dying employee of his uniform on the way to the hospital to avoid being held...
  51. Wet weather to put a damper on Easter break in Spain .

    There is more bad news for Spaniards’ Easter vacation plans. Besides the transportation strikes that have already caused delays at Madrid-Barajas airport, holidaymakers will have to contend with...
  52. Relief for Easter travelers in Spain: Air Nostrum pilot strike is called off .

    Air Nostrum pilots have called off a strike after reaching a deal with their employer on Tuesday, company sources said.
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  53. Strikes in Spain complicate Easter travel plans .

    Strikes called by labor unions at some of Spain’s main transportation companies have complicated travel plans for the start of the Easter holidays.
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  54. Losing their religion? New report shows Spaniards are turning their backs on faith .

    Francesc Romeu was ordained as a priest 34 years ago and is currently in charge of the parish of Santa Maria de Taulat in the Barcelona neighborhood of Poblenou. “This Sunday is Palm Sunday,” he...
  55. How an underground Stonehenge was discovered in southern Spain .

    In 1923, a bricklayer named Manuel Guijarro, who was building a cabin for the guard on Marquis Armando de Soto’s La Lobita estate, discovered huge, rare stones in an area known as Zancarrón, in the...
  56. Foreign tourist and Civil Guard officer: The many meanings of the word ‘guiri’ .

    Today the word guiri is commonly used in Spain to describe a foreign tourist who struggles to understand the local culture. But the word has many meanings.
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  57. Ireland Irish teen girl fends off attacker using karate skills .

    A 17-year-old Irish teenager was able to call on her karate skills to fend off a would-be attacker who "followed and tried to grab her" on Tuesday afternoon.
  58. Ireland An IRA Holy Week shooting in New York .

    In 1922 the long reach of Michael Collins tracked an informer to New York and shot him dead outside Central Park - but did the traitor really die?
  59. Ireland Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair plea for new Brexit vote for UK .

    Two powerful political influences for peace in Ireland have made an earnest plea for a second Brexit referendum in Britain
  60. Menacing prisoner’s threat to kill officers .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Local-6-1-150x150.jpgA DANGEROUS inmate at the state penitentiary in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, has assaulted four on-duty civil servants and...
  61. Levontin 7 360° Piano Festival: The Betty Bears .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/IMG_4312-1000x656.jpgElla Daniel – The Betty Bears @Levontin 7 360° Piano Festival/Photo: MUPERPHOTOLife always feels more elegant when...
  62. Sasha Waltz & Guests: Continu .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/????-???????-???-????-???????-20190314-4449.jpgContinu – Sasha Waltz & GuestsSasha Waltz & Guests will present Continu at the Israeli...
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    Peter back with a belter .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Comm-3-1-150x150.jpgBy John Zammit
    TENERIFE Loves Karaoke, sponsored by The Duke Shops, Costa Adeje, is a fun competition, open to anyone...
  64. Brexit headwinds bludgeon the pound .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Business-1-150x150.jpgSTAYING on top of the latest currency news can help you time your transfers more effectively, so find out what you...
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    Reasons to be cheerful! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Comm-5-1-150x150.jpgAccion del Sol news
    WE are so happy! The six surviving puppies, dumped in a plastic bucket outside a church, have all...
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    Such hard times! .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Comm-2-150x150.jpgCats Welfare news
    CATS Welfare Tenerife was started over 10 years ago, and has grown, immensely, over the years. We neuter...
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    Hi. I’m Rubius .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Comm-1-1-150x150.jpgLive Arico news
    “I WAS found in miserable conditions in a finca, where I was mistreated. I’m healing from my wounds,...
  68. Vicious Austrian on bail after early-hours attack .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Local-28-1-150x150.jpgAN Austrian man, detained by police in the early hours on Sunday for attempting to rape a woman outside the North...
  69. Mighty cruise ship damaged by crane .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Local-31-1-150x150.jpgTHE world’s largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, damaged when a construction crane collapsed on it, in a port in the...
  70. Bike-crash victim injured seriously .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Local-35-1-150x150.jpgA MOTORBIKE rider, aged 27, was seriously injured on the TF-21, in the area of La Orotava, after being involved in a...
  71. Heart-attack driver in horror bus crash .

    http://www.canarianweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Local-4-1-150x150.jpgAN out-of-control bus left a trail of destruction I,n Malaga, after the driver suffered a heart attack while at the...
  72. Meet your neighbours: The Galápagos giant tortoise .

    http://www.internationalchatforum.com//media.gadventures.com/media-server/dynamic/blogs/posts/sarah-marshall/2017/11/JGI%20logo%20for%20blog.jpgThis year, on April 22, we’ll celebrate Earth Day, the...
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    Mayumana – Garage 6 .

    The super-energetic, spectacular dance/percussion troupe Mayumana is out with a new show Garage 6. Performances will take place at Reading 3, and the venue will be transformed into an enormous...
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    Why we mourn Notre Dame .

    On April 15, 2018, my mother, sister and I visited Notre Dame. We first stopped in a park nearby to eat sandwiches. It was our third day in Paris, and we’d adjusted to the difference in time, so we...
  75. The ABCs of: Spotting lions on safari in Tanzania .

    Visitors to sub-Saharan Africa often have the same thing at the top of their to-do lists: a wildlife-spotting safari. At the top of the list of animals travellers hope to see is often the lion — the...
  76. Immigration: Switching from F1 to TN while being a student (graduating in 1 month, fu

    Hi everyone!

    I'm in a weird little bind here. I have been in Chicago for almost 3 years now pursuing a double masters (MPH/MBA). My MPH in Epidemiology is most pertinent to the job and I completed...
  77. Immigration: Ready vs. AP status


    A couple of weeks ago, I received the congratulation letter in the USA embassy as my DV was approved by the consular officer during the interview last Month. However, I have not yet got...
  78. Immigration: i140 approved with notice that has a wrong eta case number

    I just found out that my i140 approval notice has a wrong eta case number and in perm the state of my university is filled wrong.

    Would it be able to get it corrected? Are these problem very...
  79. Immigration: Name change at citizenship interview

    In N400 I filled the name change column with new name.

    How exactly it works? Do I get the citizenship certificate with new name? or the name change process starts there, and will take its own...
  80. Immigration: when H1 visa stamping is in administrative processing how long H4 visa d

    i am on H4 visa its valid until 2015 december.
    my husband has H1b visa valid until 2015 december. he went to india for 10 days visit and he went for the visa stamping , but he did't get visa...

    So after completion of my last OPT, I was in language school for about 1.5 year because of personal issues.
    I got tired of not working, so I registered for a dog-walking app (Rover app) with my SSN...
  82. Ireland Little evidence that babies were sold to America from Irish mother and baby homes .

    The Irish Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation published its fifth interim report on Wednesday.
  83. Immigration: Termination of removal proceedings

    Based on experience,how long does it take to terminate removal proceedings?I am married to a US citizen n I have an approved I 130
  84. Immigration: Leaving current employer after Green card

    Hello Mr.Rajiv

    Recently, I have got green card from my employer on EB-1C category.
    Based on your recent videos I can see that we can switch job after green card.

    In case if I need to switch...
  85. Immigration: Renewing PR vs Citizenship


    I'm looking to get some insight on whether I should renew my 10 year permanent resident card (received through marriage) or apply for citizenship.

    My green card expires next year....
  86. NDT2 to Perform in Israel – May 2019 .

    NDT2 will perform at the Herzliya Performing Arts Center from May 3 – 6, 2019, with four works: SH-BOOM!, Sad Case, Simple Things and Midnight Raga....
  87. Immigration: Adjustment of status denied!!

    Hello everyone! I applied for AOS back in July 2018 after entering US on K1 Visa. We got married within 90 days and I filled for AOS together with EAD and advanced parole. We used a Joint sponsor...
  88. PUTIEN, Gurney Paragon – Duotou Clams King of The Clams .

    One of the very few restaurants that has a Michelin-rated star in Penang is PUTIEN.
    PUTIEN is a beautiful coastal suburb in...
  89. Ireland Irish people still believe 1985 Virgin Mary sightings were real .

    During the summer of 1985, apparitions and moving statues of the Virgin Mary were said to have appeared at various locations throughout Ireland. Many people today still firmly believe the phenomena...
  90. In the Trees Writer’s Retreat, Benque Viejo .

  91. Ireland Irishman to sell $34 bottle of whiskey for over $1200 .

    An Irishman who had a $34 bottle of Irish whiskey hidden away in a wardrobe for 29 years is set to auction it off for over $1,200.
  92. Ireland Irish dancing across the wondrous Irish landscape .

    This is Irish dancing as it was meant to be.
  93. Ireland Delicious Irish Easter recipes for the special day .

    Easter Sunday was a day of great celebration in old Ireland, including a celebration of the end of the abstinence of Lent. Here is a selection of Irish Easter recipes to help you celebrate.
  94. Ireland Easter Rising rebels approve draft Proclamation of the Irish Republic on this day in

    On April 17, 1916, all seven members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood Military Council, who planned the Easter Rising, approved the draft of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic.
  95. Ireland No trade deals with Britain if Irish border returns says Speaker Pelosi .

    Speaker Pelosi has warned Britain that any attempt to re-introduce a hard border in Northern Ireland will result in no new trade deals with the UK.
  96. Ireland Sonar images show Titanic in its ocean grave on anniversary of tragic sinking .

    On this day, April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank. As we remember the anniversary of this tragedy, we take ourselves inside the Titanic with these sonar images.
  97. Ireland Irish-dancing NFL player stood up for boy being bullied about his love of dance .

    Our favorite Irish-dancing Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins has returned to the headlines because of his wondrous Irish dancing skills.
  98. Ireland Princess Diana and Madonna would not work with John F Kennedy Jr .

    John F. Kennedy Jr tried and often failed to get A-listers to work with his magazine 'George.'
  99. Ireland Traditional hot cross buns recipe for Easter .

    Hot cross buns are perhaps the strangest of the Lenten food customs as they are sweet rolls that are traditionally eaten on the most important fast of all, Good Friday.
  100. Ireland WATCH: Teen reinvents Irish dance with pop music choreographies .

    Owen Luebbers is putting his own modern spin on Irish dancing.
  101. Ireland Was your family shanty or lace curtain Irish? It’s important .

    So which Irish are you? Shanty or lace curtain, narrowback or donkey, Mick or Paddy?
  102. Ireland The 1916 Easter Rising - How Irish America and Ireland saw it very differently .

    Ireland and Irish America's leading newspapers told very different stories regarding the 1916 Easter Rising
  103. Ireland In praise of the Paris firefighters who saved Notre Dame .

    An Irish woman in Paris takes her hat off to the Parisian firefighters who salvaged what they could of the iconic church Notre Dame and who have been a support to Parisian community life for decades.
  104. Ireland Share your Irish dance news on IrishCentral .

    IrishCentral is celebrating everything Irish dance and we want you to join Irish Voices and contribute your Irish dance news and videos with our global community.
  105. Ireland This Riverdancing baby will put a smile on your face .

    Proud parents showcase their Riverdancing daughter, Kali Jazz.
  106. Notre Dame: Nos Profondes Condoléances .

  107. America Smart Growth America tapped to help determine the future of the Buffalo Skyway .

    https://smartgrowthamerica.org/app/uploads/2019/04/5036693682_d5b466e6d4_o-e1555094394427-1024x248.jpgThe aging and fracture critical Buffalo Skyway bridge looms over the Buffalo Harbor project site....
  108. Why must birth certificates in France be less than 3 months old? .

    Most foreigners living in France are asked at some stage to deliver a full birth certificate that is less than 3 months old. Why three months?
    If you’ve even seen a French birth certificate of...
  109. Ynysmaengwyn - A Spring Walk - Tywyn - Wales .


    From the late medieval period until the twentieth century,...
  110. Ireland Ireland to abolish its visa re-entry system from May 2019 .

    Visa-required nationals will no longer have to hold a visa if they have registered for an Irish Residence Permit or Garda National Immigration Bureau card.
  111. Ireland Donegal road renamed ‘R2D2’ ahead of Star Wars Festival in May .

    A road in Co Donegal has been renamed R2D2 ahead of a Star Wars festival scheduled for May.
  112. Ireland Easter Rising inspires Irish film makers in unique collection .

    What was the real after effect of the 1916 Easter Rising on Ireland? This collection of short films looks at what the rebellion left in its wake.
  113. Ireland WATCH: ‘Game of Thrones’ gets the trad treatment from this Irish ceili band .

    The Shandrum Ceili band has put their own traditional spin on the Game of Thrones theme song.
  114. Ireland Police officer who tragically struck an Irish man in Canada will not face charges .

    Co Louth native Brendan Keogh later died from injuries sustained in the Vancouver accident.
  115. Ireland Crowdfunding campaign for first movie to tell whole story of Irish Famine launched .

    A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to fund the first feature-length movie to tell the whole story of the Irish Famine, including the role of the English Prime Minister, Lord John Russell and...
  116. Ireland Win a box full of Irish chocolate from The Paddy Box .

    Lent is almost over and it's time to treat yourself with some Irish chocolate!
  117. Ireland This Irish university is offering an online course that explores all things Gaelic .

    How you can reconnect with your ancient Irish heritage and language through an online MA in Gaelic Literature.
  118. Ireland These delicious Baileys and Guinness Easter eggs are now available in Ireland .

    Baileys and Guinness have some delicious Easter eggs out in time for Easter this year.
  119. Ireland Famine awarded more control to Catholic Church in Ireland, says new documentary .

    'Rome V Republic,' a new RTE documentary, explores Ireland's relationship with The Catholic Church.
  120. Ireland Fall in love with Ireland at your own thatched cottage in Co Kildare .

    Ready to fall in love with Ireland all over again? Check out this thatched cottage that's for sale in Naas.
  121. Ireland Kennedy family used as inspiration for Democrats O'Rourke and Buttigieg - Will it wor

    It’s almost 60 years since John F Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th president of the United States and since then the Democratic Party have been mesmerized by the Kennedy style.
  122. Ireland WATCH: Irish teen with autism sings inspiring rendition of ‘What a Wonderful World’ .

    Conor McCann, an Irish teen with autism, sang an inspiring rendition of a classic song at his recent communion ceremony.
  123. Ireland United Airlines announces return of daily nonstop routes between Shannon and NYC .

    United Airlines has announced the return of their seasonal daily routes between Shannon in Ireland and New York City.
  124. Ireland Want to buy property abroad? Come along to this free Dublin event .

    Dreaming of moving to the likes of Portugal, Spain or even Thailand? Visit the Overseas Property Show in Dublin this weekend.
  125. Ireland What do a pint of Guinness, the Pope and the Queen of England have in common? .

    Guinness archivist Eibhlin Colgan explains how artist John Gilroy was inspired by a trip to the circus in creating all your favorite Guinness artwork.
  126. Ireland Ireland's largest cheddar cheese exporter issues stark warning about Brexit .

    Dairygold's chief executive said their cheese trade could be severely impacted by a no-deal Brexit
  127. Ireland Heroic Irish boy saved teenage girl from attempted abduction .

    A brave young Irish boy is being hailed as a hero by police after he rescued a girl from an attempted abduction.
  128. Ireland Experience Titanic's last port of call in Cobh, Ireland .

    On this day in 1912, Titanic departed Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, in Co. Cork, and set sail for New York. Today The Titanic Experience at Cork harbor commemorates the Irish passengers who...
  129. Ireland Faces of the Titanic: Daniel Buckley survived by hiding in a lifeboat .

    Daniel Buckley survived the sinking of the Titanic due to the kind of a woman who smuggled him onboard a lifeboat.
  130. Ireland WATCH: Irish short film about an Irish father and son's Titanic twist of fate .

    The award-winning film 'Uisce Beatha' is just eight minutes long, but it’s sure to bring a tear to your eye with its Irish Titanic story.
  131. Ireland Must-see Dublin exhibition captures the history of the Irish Famine .

    The Irish Famine Museum / Exhibition at St. Stephen's Green in Dublin captures the history and tragedy of the Irish Famine, also known as Ireland's Great Hunger.
  132. Ireland Irish American hero cop receives highest police honor .

    Sean Gannon, 32, was shot in the head while attempting to serve a warrant. Thomas M. Latanowich has pleaded not guilty to his murder.
  133. Ireland Lori Loughlin: Five things you need to know about the Irish American actress .

    Lori Loughlin who faces jail time for her part in both illegally bribing to have her daughters accepted at USC and money laundering is of strong Irish roots in County Cork.
  134. Ireland There is a killer eagle owl on the loose in Dublin .

    Dubliners and people in Ireland’s Leinster region have been warned to watch out for a massive killer owl which is capable of eating deer and other mammals.
  135. Ireland The British people who want to remain European via Irish citizenship .

    Many British people are opting for Irish residency, citizenship, and or naturalization in the wake of Brexit.
  136. Ireland Irish family facing deportation from Australia after son diagnosed with Cystic Fibros

    Christine and Anthony Hyde's son Darragh has been deemed a "financial burden" to Australian taxpayers.
  137. Ireland Hugh Ryan brings an Irish sensibility to the queer history of Brooklyn .

    Uncovering hidden histories is an Irish specialty since colonial conquest has left us to uncover so much of our own from the forces that tried to suppress it
  138. Ireland Clinton supporters will feel no sympathy for Julian Assange .

    Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election because of Wikileaks. It is ironic that the Trump administration has sought Julian Assange’s extradition.
  139. Spanish unions planning strikes during Easter travel crunch .

    In what seems increasingly like an established tradition, labor unions at some of Spain’s main transportation companies are making the most of the Easter travel crunch and calling strikes on days...
  140. What’s It Really Like to Travel Guyana? .

    When I knew I was traveling to Guyana, I had no idea what to expect. Even for the girl who grew up constantly reading about...
  141. New poll predicts Socialist Party victory at Spanish elections .

    The Socialist Party (PSOE) will win the upcoming general election in Spain with between 123 and 138 of the 350 seats in Congress, followed by the conservative Popular Party (66-76), Citizens...
  142. Ireland Meet the Kerry woman redefining the immigrant story for LGBTQ Irish in New York .

    Some Irish bars have traditionally functioned like shadow consulates. Unless you're LGBT, that is.
  143. Supreme Court refuses to release Catalan separatists to campaign in upcoming election

    Spain’s Supreme Court has turned down a petition to release six jailed Catalan separatist leaders currently being tried for their role in the 2017 unilateral secession attempt.
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  144. Spaniard who helped wife to die could be tried in gender-violence court .

    A Madrid judge investigating the death of a terminally ill woman with help from her husband is passing the case along to a gender-violence court.
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  145. Police to have powers to check cellphone calls of drivers involved in crashes .

    Spain is closing the net even tighter on drivers who use their cellphones at the wheel. According to Civil Guard sources, Bartolomé Vargas, a Supreme Court prosecutor and coordinator of Road Safety...
  146. Barcelona school removes “Little Red Riding Hood” for being sexist .

    A school in Barcelona has decided to remove 200 children’s books from the infant school library for perpetuating sexist stereotypes. The Tàber school, which is under the responsibility of the Catalan...
  147. WikiLeaks reports spying operation against Julian Assange .

    WikiLeaks reported on Wednesday that it has uncovered a major spying operation against Julian Assange inside the embassy of Ecuador in London, where the founder of the whistle-blowing website has...
  148. “Autism is just a different operating system” .

    There are some people who need complete silence to work. There are some who like to work in the dark. Yet others cannot sit still. They might seem like office space quirks, but for people on the...
  149. Argentina’s Plaza de Mayo Grandmothers find missing child in Spain .

    Carlos Alberto Solsona was driving his car down a freeway in Santiago, Chile, when he received a call from Buenos Aires, Argentina informing him that the DNA of a 42-year-old woman living in Spain...
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    El Roto .

  151. Spanish elections: a 1985 law for 21st-century communications .

    The Avenida de América station is one of the busiest in Madrid’s subway system. In recent days, commuters emerging from the Metro stop have been confronted by a large advertisement featuring a...
  152. Frankenstein and eight-headed serpents: Spanish campaign takes on apocalyptic tones .

    In March 1996, the governing Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) commissioned a campaign video that depicted its rival Popular Party (PP) as an enemy of progress, and illustrated the idea with ominous...
  153. How to Buy the Perfect Swimwear for Your Next Trip or Vacation .

    If you are planning to spend time on the beach or by the pool during your next trip or vacation you are going to need to buy the right swimwear. Below, we explain how to make the right choice.
  154. Could France’s state rail operator bring “low-cost” train travel to Spain? .

    Trains with more seats and that run for more hours every day. Doing away with all services apart from those that are strictly necessary and that do not compromise safety. More flexible ticket prices,...
  155. Uber launches new electric scooter rental service in Madrid .

    The ride-hailing company Uber has launched a new electric scooter renting service in Madrid called Jump. This is the first time Jump has been available in a European city.
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  156. Vandals desecrate graves in Spain’s only German military cemetery .

    Chema Hernández spotted the graffiti first. He was driving his tractor early Friday morning, when he saw that the wall of the Cuacos de Yuste cemetery, located in the western Spanish city of Cáceres,...
  157. Hackers broadcast live stream of police camera at Podemos leaders’ home .

    Spain’s leftist Podemos party filed a complaint on October 17 reporting that a security camera installed outside the family home of the group’s leader, Pablo Iglesias, had been hacked, and that...
  158. 30 officials to face trial in Barcelona over role in independence referendum .

    While Spain’s Supreme Court continues its trial of Catalan separatist leaders in Madrid, another major judicial investigation into the 2017 independence drive is coming to an end.
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  159. Why wealthy families from Beijing are buying up apartments in Madrid .

    A Mercedes van with tinted windows pulls up next to a three-floor brick building in a working-class neighborhood of Madrid. A Chinese family gets out of the vehicle and looks around in surprise at...
  160. For residents of Madrid’s city center, trendiness is offset by industrial levels of n

    Jimena Toscano and Andrés Martínez live in an old, unpretentious apartment in downtown Madrid where the most salient features are a red telephone in the living room, and a mural of Elvis’s face that...
  161. More than 850,000 people over the age of 80 live alone in Spain .

    According to a new study conducted by the National Statistics Institute (INE), more than two million people over the age of 65 live alone in Spain. That’s almost half the 4.7 million single-person...
  162. After record-breaking Barcelona gig, Dylan Moran returns to Spain .

    Irish stand-up comedian Dylan Moran will be returning to Spain this week, to make two stops on his Dr Cosmos tour. Having already racked up 42 dates in the United Kingdom in 2018, this weekend’s gigs...
  163. The cycling paradise I found in Madrid .

    Road cyclists from colder Northern European countries have long traveled to Spain to experience warm-weather riding on the beautiful roads and testing mountains dotted around this vast land. During...
  164. How an American’s love story captivated a small Spanish village .

    Hilary Stern is washing walnuts as she recounts her story. It’s one that begins 40 years ago at the University of Washington and ends in an unlikely Airbnb in Souto de Mogos, a tiny Spanish village...
  165. Ireland IRA leader Liam Lynch's tragic love story .

    The young Irish Republican Army leader died on April 10, 1923, leaving behind a local girl he'd promised to marry until hostilities had ceased
  166. Khan Theatre: A Flea in Her Ear .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/294A8093_????_????_S-1000x667.jpgA Flea in Her Ear – Lucienne (Yael Esther Mor) and Raymonde (Carmit Mesilati-Kaplan)/Photo Yael IlanA Flea...
  167. Ireland POLL: Should unvaccinated children be banned from Irish schools? .

    Ireland's Minister of Health "instinctively agrees" that unvaccinated children should be banned from Irish schools.
  168. New York City (truly, genuinely, we're-not-kidding-about-this) has everything .

    You'd be forgiven if the headlines of the last year or so have turned you off of the idea of travelling to the United States of America. But you'd also be missing out. Despite the news, there's much...
  169. Adam Ben Ezra Hosts Itzik Pzazaty – Inbal Multicultural Center .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/IMG_2461-1000x656.jpgAdam Ben Ezra/Photo: MUPERPHOTOAdam Ben Ezra is a mesmerizing performer, creating worlds onstage with his music....
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    Israel Festival 2019 .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Israel-Festival-???-??????-Dance-Protagonist©Urban-Jörén7-1000x667.jpgProtagonist – Cullberg Contemporary Dance Company/Photo: Urban...
  171. Live Music Shows: April 2019 .

    MONDAY APRIL 1STLevontin 7 presents its annual 360° Piano Festival 2019, with performances through April 9th. Moving from its usual place onstage, the piano will be in the center of the room,...
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    Opera on the Big Screen .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/????-????-?????-???-??????-????-???????-???-???-A04050072_bregenz-3-1-1024x768.jpgCarmen/Photo courtesy of EllaComOpera lovers of Israel,...
  173. Israeli Opera 2019 – 2020 Season .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/????-???????-?????-?????-Miklos-Szabo-1024x683.jpgIl Barbiere di Siviglia/Photo: Miklos SzaboThe Israeli Opera offers an exciting season in...
  174. International Yoga Festival 2019 .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/?????-?????-????-????4-Large-1000x667.jpgPhoto: Raphael Pinkas“Open Heart” is the theme for the International Yoga Festival, that will take...
  175. French Film Festival 2019: Gilles Lelouche .

    Gilles Lellouche, whose film Le Grand Bain opened the 16th edition of the French Film Festival, arrived in Israel with the film’s producers Alain Attal (Trésor Films) and Hugo Selignac (Chi-Fou-Mi...
  176. Meet your neighbours: The polar bear .

  177. The ABCs of: Hot springs in Iceland .

    Iceland is famed for its striking, almost otherworldly landscapes. Among its most famous natural formations are the geothermal hot springs: pools of water that are warmed naturally by heat generated...
  178. 5 meals worth travelling to Thailand for .

    I watched Fon intently as she leafed through a menu practically the length of a novella. On our G Adventures trip through Thailand and Laos, finishing off with two days in Hanoi, we became accustomed...
  179. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day. So How Long Did It Take? .

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    Cameri Theatre: Misery .

    Stephen King’s Misery is a writer’s fiendish fantasy/nightmare, spiked with dark humor. The protagonist, Paul Sheldon, is the author of a series of romance novels set in 19th century England...
  181. India Communal reporting, Islamophobia in Hindi newspapers: Nav Dunia peddles propaganda, b

    This is just a reflection of how Islamophobia and branding Muslims, goes on...
  182. India Mumbai Hikers: Mumbai treks and trips 13th 14th April 2019


    Contact Person
  183. Immigration: Asylee naturalization - need help or guidance

    Hi guys,
    Last year, I applied for naturalization after 4 years of GC (backdated by 1 year). Finally I had my interview a couple of weeks ago which didn’t seem to go well. I have a clean record, no...
  184. Immigration: Call for Re-interview while on B1/B2

    Hello house,

    I need advice. I have a B1/B2 visa and I plan to travel even bought ticket. However, I got a mail from the embassy that the VISA is invalid that I should appear for interview before...
  185. Immigration: H1B and L1A processing at same time

    My employer ABC processing both H1B(non-cap) and L1A(blanket) to me. While H1B RFE in process, Can i attend L1A blanket Visa stamping? what is the risk?
  186. Immigration: Asylum based LGBT

    Hi everyone.
    Is there anyone in this forum has applied for asylum based LGBT?
    How was your experience with it?
    Did anyone get denial?
    What are your advises about it?
  187. Immigration: Submit Immigrant Visa application (DS-260 form) deadline for family spon

    I have some questions regarding the deadline of the submission of my IV application.

    My PD is 14 April 2006, at the moment my status is current for filing and I expect my PD will be current for...
  188. Ireland LISTEN: The Derry Girls soundtrack is now on Spotify! .

    Missing Derry Girls already? One Irish man has compiled all of the show's songs into a Spotify playlist!
  189. Immigration: Need Assistance with I-864

    My dad is sponsoring 2 of my brothers. He retired a few years ago. He submitted I-864W (request for exemption), but the embassy requested he submits I-864. I am submitting one for him as joint...
  190. Immigration: Public Intox student who needs to renew F1 stamp


    Background: I am a student in a F1 Visa in Arkansas. I was arrested early in February while I was walking back from a bar with some friends. I was taken to jail and charged with Public...
  191. Levontin 7 360° Piano Festival: Zeev Tene & Udi Bonen .

    https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/IMG_3377-1000x656.jpgZeev Tene/Photo: MUPERPHOTOIf anyone can surprise an audience after several decades as a performing artist – then it’s...
  192. Immigration: Overstayed in 2009

    Hi. Excuse for my bad english.

    My name izwonder. Im Indonesian.

    I was entering US in may 2009 my i94 was untill november november which is i supposed to stay just for 6 months. I was just 19...
  193. Seaqueen Restaurant, Straits Quay – A New Place for Dim Sum .

    There are not many places in Penang with a good variety and also tasty dim sum especially in the northern part of Penang island. Recently, SeaQueen Restaurant at Straits Quay has launched a wide...
  194. Ireland Family discovers hidden camera live streaming from their Cork Airbnb .

    A family from New Zealand made a scary discovery in their Co Cork Airbnb last month.
  195. America Getting intentional about equitable TOD in Chicago .

    https://smartgrowthamerica.org/app/uploads/sites/2/2019/04/Building-Better-Communities-Ep.-14_Social.pngA green line train in Chicago. (Image: Ron Cogswell, Flickr)
    Six years ago Chicago passed its...
  196. Ireland On This Day: Titanic sets sail from Southampton, docks in Cherbourg, France .

    On this day in 1912, Titanic officially began its maiden, yet tragic, journey.
  197. Ireland Is conservative Ireland making a comeback? .

    A number of more conservative political parties have emerged in Ireland in recent years but will any of them succeed?
  198. Ireland Irish Archbishop says ”hundreds” of pedophile priests in the Irish church .

    Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin stated that so many children were abused that some of the pedophile priests responsible do not even remember who their victims were.
  199. Ireland Celebrate Golfer's Day by exploring Ireland's best golf courses .

    Golf lovers will be spoiled for choice with plenty of stunning locales to tee off at in Ireland.
  200. Ireland High hopes for new Irish Parkinson’s drug says company founder .

    The Irish professor whose company has begun a new approach for treating Parkinson’s has said he has high hopes that it will be effective in treating the disease in humans.
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