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  1. El Salvador:Bull Fights, and Bovine Blessings
  2. El Salvador:The Little Businesses That Can
  3. El Salvador:The fruits of this season
  4. El Salvador:Women´s Tour of El Salvador
  5. El Salvador:Directions, Maps and Perverse Geometry
  6. El Salvador:Tiny donuts but technically no biscuits
  7. El Salvador:April Fools and Awesomeness
  8. El Salvador:Beettleapocolipse – Cicadas Mighty Roar
  9. El Salvador:Unreasonably large Ants
  10. El Salvador:Night Fishing and the Muelle at La Libertad
  11. El Salvador:Expat Tax Law The Basics You Need to Know to Live Abroad
  12. El Salvador:It’s A Revolution At La Playa
  13. El Salvador:The Graduation into school
  14. El Salvador:Fishing In Our New Surf Neighborhood
  15. El Salvador:Moving from the big city to the surf village
  16. Costa Rica:Costa Rica Tourist and Visitor Advisory
  17. Costa Rica:OK… now I am all a’Twitter!
  18. Costa Rica:What I am Doing Today!
  19. Costa Rica:Revisión Técnica aka Riteve
  20. Costa Rica:Arenal Volcano Watching in Costa Rica
  21. Costa Rica:Gasoline Prices in Costa Rica – Just Stupid
  22. Costa Rica:Applying for a Tourist Visa to the USA
  23. Costa Rica:My Readers Write – More Questions about Costa Rica
  24. Costa Rica:Costa Rica Modifies Rentista Residency
  25. Costa Rica:A Disgrace for Costa Rica – Opinion
  26. El Salvador:Some Differences in the Education System
  27. El Salvador:Wine lists, expectations and perceptions
  28. El Salvador:Small Business Fair at CIFCO
  29. El Salvador:Men and Women in the Workplace
  30. El Salvador:Breakfast with Cranky
  31. Honduras: Comment on ONYX Terminates Development of Honduran Solar Project by tam1904
  32. Honduras: Comment on Plastics May be Banned in Guanaja, Roatan and Utila by dmainard
  33. Honduras: Comment on U.S. Citizen Town Hall Meeting in La Ceiba by Trujillo Patty
  34. The Schism of isms
  35. The role of government in our complex world
  36. In defense of the restaurants of Boquete Panama
  37. Guacho de Mariscos, good local eats
  38. Arepas, a Breakfast of Colombians
  39. My internet and I were off line for five days.
  40. Some great things are happening in Boquete
  41. Raise the roof, it’s time for Mondango
  42. Entrepreneurial Government, Mitt you can learn from Panama
  43. Panama’s New Law 510 – Copyright Law
  44. Solar Success
  45. Ole Miss Winter Camp
  46. Santa Visits Holy Cross
  47. Spiritual Fruit Ministries visit Holy Cross
  48. Nature Explorers Visit Holy Cross
  49. Annual Boat Parade
  50. St John's Church mucks in
  51. PTA Rises to the Challenge
  52. EWB Visit Holy Cross & San Mateo
  53. San Mateo Road Building Continues
  54. Rainwater Harvesting at Holy Cross
  55. Volunteers Making a Difference
  56. Safe Water in San Mateo
  57. First Holy Cross Preschool Graduation
  58. Softball Success
  59. 2012 Scholarship Drive
  60. Preschool Antics
  61. Spring Break at Holy Cross
  62. CSI Belize
  63. Well deserved time off
  64. Surprise for Mawags
  65. If you are squeamish don’t look
  66. Come meet the San Pedro Sailing Junior Team
  67. if someone asks you …
  68. Way to many San Pedro Independence day parade pictures
  69. San Pedro is in for a treat
  70. Yellow raincoats on boats
  71. She would have knocked our sox off
  72. high technology
  73. stairway to heaven
  74. Land submerged!
  75. on the home stretch
  76. Was that it?
  77. We're expecting "Harvey" ***update***
  78. application for employment
  79. finally we are rain-harvesters
  80. What they have done while we were gone...
  81. Back from Germany
  82. prevention for cold days
  83. hard to believe
  84. we finally moved in
  85. the next project
  86. chick... chick... chick...
  87. We got it!
  88. Toledo Cacao Festival
  89. ...do you want to be my friend???
  90. hoping to have a green thumb
  91. Easter Holidays in Belize
  92. a challenge for my Flip-Flops
  93. Expo 2012 - Spanish Lookout
  94. the dry an hot season can come
  95. General election in Belize...
  96. made in China
  97. Solar Success
  98. Ole Miss Winter Camp
  99. Santa Visits Holy Cross
  100. Spiritual Fruit Ministries visit Holy Cross
  101. Nature Explorers Visit Holy Cross
  102. Annual Boat Parade
  103. St John's Church mucks in
  104. PTA Rises to the Challenge
  105. EWB Visit Holy Cross & San Mateo
  106. San Mateo Road Building Continues
  107. Rainwater Harvesting at Holy Cross
  108. Volunteers Making a Difference
  109. Safe Water in San Mateo
  110. First Holy Cross Preschool Graduation
  111. Softball Success
  112. 2012 Scholarship Drive
  113. Preschool Antics
  114. Spring Break at Holy Cross
  115. Costa Rica Travel Packages, Itineraries, INFO, Tips
  116. Travel Costa Rica NOW now does Costa Rica Travel Packages
  117. my new blog Travel GAY Costa Rica NOW
  118. Renting a Car in Costa YOU NEED to KNOW THIS
  119. Manuel Antonio Costa Rica INFO 2012
  120. Exclude REAL Costa Rica by Staying ALL Inclusive in Costa Rica
  121. Our Friends at Joluva are GUILTY of Being GAY!
  122. Vamos 4X4 Responds to Pitfalls of Renting a Car in Costa Rica
  123. CNN's VIDEO on Rancho Margot - Worth a L@@K
  124. Our Vacation Rental VIDEO Gets Harsh Feedback
  125. News on Sunday
  126. You can call me Prince Monolulu because......
  127. Shipping Sh*t to Costa Rica - a Container ANYONE?
  128. Ime pt 2
  129. My Friend Wants to KILL Himself FOR REAL
  130. TripAdvisor is the EVIL EMPIRE
  131. Dr Sanjay Gupta does Rancho Margot
  132. Visit Costa Rica but WATCH this Video FIRST
  133. How GAY is Manuel Antonio?
  134. Rancho Margot and Costa Rica Cooking
  135. A Few Days in Manuel Antonio
  136. UPDATE: My Friends in Granada Sexually Exploiting Boys?
  137. Rancho Margot OUR VIDEO on the Vision
  138. My FAVORITE Email So Far
  139. OMG! We Dicked Ourselves OVER
  140. Gaia Hotel and Reserve Manuel Antonio 2012
  141. BIG MISTAKE Taking Over a Business in Costa Rica?
  142. El Jefe....and Dad.
  143. The steergoround.....
  144. .
  145. UFOs and R and B
  146. J'accuse!
  147. Previous Post
  148. Cigareets and Whuskey and Wild Wild Women
  149. photographs of San Jose
  150. Off the tourist trail in San Jose
  151. Visit from Bob the Parrot and Joey Stevens .
  152. Holy Cross Graduation 2010 .
  153. Perpetual Scholarship Fund .
  154. Holy Cross survived Tropical Storm Alex .
  155. Global Giving Green Open challenge .
  156. Happy Birthday Holuy Cross .
  157. News from the Front
  158. costa rica olympics
  159. From a long line of lovely bloggers....
  160. Alcoholics Ubiquitous
  161. No longer a fool....
  162. Is there something the matter with me....?
  163. Who are the sharks?
  164. Liebster Award
  165. A sort of Grand Old Duke of York day...
  166. Steaming along nicely
  167. As the run stealers flicker to and fro...
  168. Something's gone AWOL....
  169. The Saviour of Costa Rica....and British at that!
  170. With a Bimbo in his arms and a Gleam in his Eye...I blame Gordon Ramsay
  171. The Wrong Side of the Volcano
  172. St. George's Caye, Part Three: The Resort and More Pictures of the Island
  173. 11-Year Old Belizean Aquarium Manager Knocks My Socks Off On St. George's Caye
  174. A Trip to St. George's Caye, Part One: Dignitaries, Sailing and San Pedro's Proudest
  175. Let The Cats Play! A HUGE Cattery Donated to SAGA and How You Can Help Both the Cat
  176. San Pedro's Art in the Park: They Need You to Attend!
  177. 100% Made In San Pedro, Belize: Delicious Kakaw Chocolates
  178. September in Belize is THE Best: There is Still Time!
  179. Walking South to North: Pictures All Over Town (Really)
  180. Heading up to Ak'Bol and Palapa Bar on a HOT Summer Day
  181. It's Turtle Season: But Hatchlings on the Beach At Royal Palms?
  182. The World Is Buzzing About Long Time Belize Favorites "Hot Cheetos and Takis"
  183. A New Exit Fee When Going from San Pedro to Chetumal + My Trip To Medellin, Colombia
  184. Medellin, Colombia, Part One: Pablo Who?
  185. Medellin, Colombia, Part 2: Put this City on Your List
  186. Karen Waldrup Puts On An Amazing Show to Raise Money In San Pedro
  187. Things I Love About Tulum, Mexico...Even If Just For One Night
  188. Eight Things You Might Not have Known About Traveling to Colombia
  189. San Pedro's Independence Day Parade...AMAZING Again. Part Two.
  190. San Pedro's Independence Day Parade...AMAZING AGAIN. Part One
  191. Cali, Colombia: Now This City's Got Some Pizazz, Part One
  192. Popayan: Colombia's Second Most Beautiful Colonial City is a Bit Bland
  193. A Retreat from the Gritty City of Cali: Pance, Colombia
  194. A Trip to a Thermal Springs in Santa Rosa De Cabal, Colombia
  195. Salento, Colombia: Figuring Out Why It is Such a Backpacker Hot Spot
  196. Hacienda Venecia: Perhaps The Perfect Spot to Experience Colombia's Coffee Region
  197. A Beach Walk On Ambergris Caye...Some New Things and An Old Favorite
  198. Costa Rica Websites GOOD and BAD
  199. Top Ten ways to stick to exercise
  200. One last comment on Law 510
  201. Beach Trash Clean-up on a GORGEOUS Saturday Morning Plus A Bit of Fried Chicken
  202. Yummy Brunch at Red Ginger Restaurant and the Beautiful Phoenix Resort
  203. Honduras: Comment on The Economist Explores Honduras Charter Cities by Trujillo Patty
  204. Pedasi Panama Real Estate Update
  205. Karen Waldrup did it again
  206. Indigo Beach Homes and A Walk Up North
  207. TCM: A Healthcare Forum
  208. Way delayed by power out
  209. A Few Things I Did On A Very Grey Day
  210. Proposed Law 377, dropping the other shoe
  211. South San Pedro errand run
  212. A Bar Birthday Challenge: Cheap, Fun and New
  213. Effects of Tropical Climate
  214. Honduras: Comment on Radio Journalist Assassinated in Honduras by Administrator
  215. Some New Things Around Town
  216. It wasn’t so bad after all
  217. Panama is going metric this year
  218. Sunday Funday at Crazy Canuck's Beach Bar
  219. Great taco cam view this morning
  220. I think Obama is better than Romney
  221. El Salvador:Kindness of Strangers
  222. Hunting for a Cedula for Extranjeros
  223. The Tuesday Morning Fruit Boats & Becoming a Dolla Taco Connoisseur
  224. Perpetual Tourists in Costa Rica Receive GOOD NEWS
  225. Belizean Style Trick or Treating
  226. Photocopying
  227. Good Eats, cooked by Bona Foodie
  228. Changing Directions
  229. Compare and Contrast...the Dengue Carrying Mosquito and Politicians
  230. Shopping in Chetumal, Mexico and the "Free Zone": Super Fun or Super Frenzy?
  231. Quiet Saturday morning
  232. US Citizens, your government wants to help you stay at home.
  233. The Scratch, Win and Donate Game
  234. Super Fun or Super Frenzy? Part Two: Shopping in Chetumal, Mexico
  235. Getting to Know You...
  236. How I spent my Coulmbus day
  237. The Best Bars in San Pedro, Belize: 2012 Edition
  238. Sometimes It Take a Bit of Rain to Appreciate the Gorgeous Weather We've Been Having
  239. Am I good enough?
  240. Of Balboas, Dollars, Euros and Juan
  241. Sunrise at Victoria House, Ambergris Caye, Belize
  242. Horseback Ride to Fortuna Waterfall VIDEO
  243. Around Town: Geo's Hideaway, The Post Office, Wild Mango's and More
  244. Cali, Colombia: Now This City's Got Some Pizazz, Part Two
  245. Off the menu like list
  246. The End is Near, or far.
  247. Alll kinds of Weather
  248. Alll kinds of Weather
  249. Saturday in San Pedro: Photos around Town, Tequila & Wildlife at the Barrel Bar
  250. A Stormy (Almost Tropical Depression) Weekend in Belize: Finding Shelter at Estel's