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  1. Japanese Teenager Arrested For Creating Deadly Firearms (Inspired By 007 Films)
  2. Anti-Japanese Racism on American Radio Show
  3. Famous Baby Monkey Dies
  4. Why Is JET Program Teacher William Milberry Raising Money Online?
  5. Video: Being Gay in Japan
  6. Stanford Researchers: Fukushima Radiation Will Likely Kill Less Than 200 People Worl
  7. Fukushima Beach Re-opens to Swimmers
  8. Tokyo Tower Loses Its Analog Antenna, Drops From 333 Meters to 315 Meters
  9. Media Coverage of the Death of a Naturalized Japanese Citizen
  10. Poll: 90% of Chinese Support Military Action Over Senkaku Islands
  11. More Anti-Nuclear Fearmongering: Thyroid Growths in Fukushima
  12. Dark Knight Rises Tokyo Premiere Cancelled
  13. Sh*t Americans Say (Video By Japanese High School Students)
  14. Vladimir Putin to Receive Akita Puppy
  15. Sea Shepherd Leader Paul Watson Skips Bail & Flees Germany
  16. More Questionable Online Fundraising: American Living 650 Miles Away From Fukushima
  17. Happy Science Spreading in Uganda
  18. Anonymous Launches Cyber Attack on Japanese Government #opJapan
  19. US Senator Ron Wyden: Spreading Nuclear Fear…And Allowing Natural Gas Exports to Jap
  20. CNN’s Kyung Lah Leaving Japan
  21. Oi Nuclear Plant Restarts, But Electricity Shortages Remain
  22. Tokyo Authorities Not Enforcing Infamous Ban of “Harmful” Manga?
  23. Joseph Tame, Running Nike Advertisement
  24. Twitter Gave User Information to Japanese Police
  25. Restarting One Nuclear Plant Cuts Fossil Fuel Consumption / About 60,000 Barrels of C
  26. Elderly Driver Plows into Supermarket, Killing & Injuring Customers
  27. Korean-Japanese Military Cooperation Pact Derailed by Korea’s Anti-Japanese Nationali
  28. Chinese iPad Game: Slaughtering Japanese to “Protect” the Senkaku Islands
  29. Taiwanese Activists Wave PRC Flag at Senkaku Islands
  30. Sea Shepherd Vows to Attack South Korean Whalers
  31. Cold Cup Noodle
  32. Smiling Tohoku Faces in London
  33. Filipino Being Held After Knife Attack
  34. Mirai Suenaga Fanart 2
  35. Videos: Tokyo’s “Robot” Restaurant
  36. Korean Nationalists Complain About Japanese Gymnastics Team’s Uniforms
  37. Korea Football Association Official Lies About Rule-breaking Athlete / Korean Public
  38. Two DPJ Cabinet Members Visit Yasukuni Shrine
  39. Lee Myung-bak Panders to Korean Nationalists: Demands Additional Apologies From Japan
  40. Anime, Comics, and Games
  41. Good Smile Company New Offices
  42. Culture Japan Night Malaysia
  43. Shibuya in the Summer
  44. Wonhobby TV Summer 2012
  45. Japan Plastic Food
  46. Odaiba in the Summer
  47. United Kingdom Otaku - Rob
  48. Koku
  49. Japanese Man Throws Brick at South Korean Consulate in Hiroshima
  50. South Korean Soccer Player Denied Olympic Medal After Displaying Nationalist Propagan
  51. Anti-Nuclear Activist Loses Yamaguchi Election
  52. Japanese Journalist Supports Syrian Free Army & Converts to Islam?
  53. Internet Anger Over Olympic Judo Judgement
  54. Fugitive Paul Watson Blames Japanese Conspiracy
  55. High Turnover Rate of Japanese Defense Ministers
  56. Tokyo Tower’s Mystery Baseball
  57. Video: Korean Basketball Team’s Violence Against Japanese Players
  58. Naturalized Japanese Citizen Wins Olympic Medal
  59. U.S. Ambassador Attends 2012 Hiroshima Ceremony
  60. Goodbye, Zippei: Popular TV Canine Dies of Heat Stroke
  61. Racist Tweets After U.S. Soccer Victory Over Japan: “Japs” & “Pearl Harbor” Trending
  62. Interpol Issues Red Notice: Calls on Countries to Arrest Paul Watson
  63. Video: Japanese Marten Raised by Dog
  64. Japan vs. South Korea Olympic Soccer Match Sure to Inflame Nationalists
  65. Crossdressing Coast Guard Officer Arrested
  66. Video: Chinese Ultra-Nationalist Violate Japanese Territorial Waters, Land on Senkaku
  67. CJ Night Tokyo Spring 2012
  68. 1957 U.S. Military Film: You in Japan
  69. Japan Submits Takeshima/Dokdo Dispute to International Court of Justice
  70. Animate
  71. Koganezaki
  72. Dollism Plus Tokyo
  73. Violent Anti-Japanese Protests Erupt Across China
  74. The New Wendy’s Lobster Burgers ? Only in Japan
  75. Fish in Space!!!!! ? Japan Sent Fish to the International Space Station
  76. How to Clean Your Belly Button
  77. Maeda Atsuko’s last appearance as an AKB48 member to be August 17th
  78. Dragon Ball Z Anime Film Teaser
  79. Rola?s first fashion book, THE ROLA!!, coming out August 23rd
  80. ?Go to the top? is Koda Kumi?s New Single
  81. 4K Video: Can It Save Sony?
  82. New Avengers Show Announced at Japan Movie Premiere
  83. Ayase Haruka has new look in upcoming CM for ‘SK-II’
  84. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Nezu Shrine
  85. Photos: Colors of Tokyo // Ueno (??)
  86. Photos: Colors of Tokyo // Koenji DOM Studio
  87. Photos: Colors of Tokyo // Tokyo Photo Studio
  88. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Sparklers in Shibuya
  89. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Kamakura
  90. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Mount Takao (???, Takao-san)
  91. Photos: Colors of Tokoyo /// Test Tones at SuperDeluxe
  92. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Final Sound Mix for CatChat
  93. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Summer Tokyo Exhibitions
  94. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Happy Birthday America!
  95. Photos: Colors of Tokyo \\\ Takao-San (???)
  96. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Yoyogi-Koen (?????)
  97. Photos:
  98. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Ueno Zoo
  99. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Farewell Dinner
  100. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Lunch in Akasaka
  101. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Television Debut
  102. Photos: Colors of Tokyo - Tokyo Bay
  103. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Ghibli Museum (??????????)
  104. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Jim O'Roarke at NHK
  105. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Matsuri (?)
  106. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Hanabi (??)
  107. Photos: Colors of Tokyo /// Karaoke (????)
  108. Photos:
  109. 27? in June
  110. Sauna spa @ Shinjuku
  111. The Tokyo Disney Land Hotel
  112. I'm full
  113. Sunday @ Yoyogi park
  114. I love them
  115. Yakitori bar
  116. My friend came to Japan part 2
  117. My friend came to Japan part 1
  118. Sakura
  119. Various kinds of Ramen
  120. Japanese characters
  121. Walk around Aoyama
  122. Tanabata night
  123. My trip report -Osaka-
  124. My trip report -Nikko-
  125. Biiiiig festival in east of Tokyo
  126. Big festival eve
  127. Secret place @ Ginza
  128. Memory of summer -fire works-
  129. Recipe -Hayashi Rice-
  130. My trip report 3 -Gifu- last day
  131. My trip report 2 -Gifu-
  132. My trip report 1 -Gifu-
  133. I'm going to....
  134. Summer Adventure
  135. Pink Skies
  136. Midsummer Mindlessness
  137. Asakusa + Tempura
  138. No shirts, no shoes, no dice.
  139. July Unleashed
  140. Ikenoue
  141. Shonan Day Trip
  142. My Apartment Is....
  143. Tanabata: Star Festival
  144. Park Hyatt Tokyo: New York Grill
  145. Summer Salty Watermelon
  146. Hot Hot Summer
  147. Slow Summer
  148. Summer Sonic 2012
  149. Food for (Tokyo) Thought
  150. August, Obon, Literature
  151. Baking in Japan
  152. Shikoku Journey: Ferry + Osaka
  153. Shikoku Journey: Beaches + Temples
  154. Shikoku Journey: Marugame
  155. Shikoku Journey: Shodoshima
  156. Shikoku Journey: Taupe Café
  157. Shikoku
  158. Isabel Marant Omotesando
  159. Bon Odori
  160. Korean Internet Cafe: “No Japs Allowed”
  161. Japanese Journalist Killed in Syria
  162. Chinese Student Sold Hundreds of Counterfeit Anime Figures
  163. Naka Riisa will be starring in a new medical drama Resident 5-nin no Kenshui
  164. Maeda Atsuko to wave good-bye to fans in parade through Akihabara
  165. Japan?s Rice Paddy Art
  166. Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid
  167. Summer Sonic: We loved it.
  168. Cakes + Strawberry
  169. Video: Chick Loves Dog
  170. Bento Art
  171. Dakimakura Skydive
  172. flumpool Coming Out with New Single and Album
  173. Atsuko Maeda?s Graduation Parade Cancelled Due To Security Concerns
  174. Ginza in the Summer
  175. Anti-Japanese Sentiment Threatens Japan-China Friendship Events
  176. Korean Attempts Suicide to Protest Against Japanese Territorial Claim
  177. Chara Hobby 2012 - Good Smile Company
  178. Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid Giveaway
  179. Chara Hobby 2012 - Gundam
  180. Kiyoharu to Collaborate with MIYAVI and Many Others on New Album, ?Under the sun?
  181. Japan?s ?Last Ninja?
  182. Japan?s Preteen Model Boom
  183. Mirai Millennium Itasha
  184. Videos: Japanese Mud Olympics
  185. JUJU Releasing 2 Best Of Albums In November
  186. End of Summer
  187. Video: Hiroshima Survivor Meets Enola Gay Pilot
  188. Japanese Ambassador’s Car Attacked in Beijing
  189. Chara Hobby 2012
  190. Free Return Ticket To Japan
  191. Environmental Impact of the V-22 Osprey
  192. Streets of Akihabara
  193. AFA ID 2012 & CJ Night Jakarta
  194. Chinese Suspects Questioned for Attack on Japanese Ambassador’s Car
  195. Japanese Student Uses GPS to Retrieve Stolen iPad
  196. Hi, September
  197. Photos:
  198. Video: Surveying the Senkaku Islands (Uotsurijima)
  199. Ueno in the Summer
  200. McDonald’s Aussie / French / Indian Burger Commercials
  201. Google Celebrates Doraemon’s Birthday
  202. AKB48?s Watanabe Mayu Lending Voice to Nerawareta Gakuen Anime Film
  203. Japan Art: 12 Japanese Couples Lubed and Wrapped In Plastic Bags
  204. Ikenoue Mornings
  205. National government to purchase 3 Senkaku islands from private owner
  206. Crashed WW2 aircraft recovered from lake bottom
  207. Culture Japan Night Jakarta
  208. Famous performing chimpanzee Pan-kun viciously mauls woman
  209. Poisonous spider infestation in Hyogo
  210. Shimokitazawa
  211. Hatsune Miku Yukata
  212. Voice Actress Romi Park Takes Time Off After Surgery
  213. Naruto SD 3DS Game TV Ad
  214. Morning Musume?s Sayashi Riho new photo book, ?Un Deux Trois? released
  215. Raphael releasing their first single in over 12 years
  216. Emi Takei is Tokyo Zenryoku Girl
  217. My friend came to Japan in summer
  218. What to do in Tokyo?
  219. Late Summer Diary
  220. Japan?s poo-powered Toilet Bike Neo from Toto
  221. Photos: Los Angeles Adventure - LAX Beach
  222. Photos: Concept Design
  223. Meiji Jingu Shrine
  224. Anime Festival Asia Indonesia
  225. AFAID 12 Culture Japan Booth
  226. Akihabara Electronics
  227. Sailor Moon New Series
  228. Thailand imports peaches from Fukushima
  229. Technology helps tsunami survivors recover family photos
  230. Nationalists face charges after replacing Fuji TV’s tattered Japanese flag
  231. Resident Evil: Retribution World Premiere
  232. Tomohisa Yamashita and Katori Shingo form ?The MONSTERS? for upcoming series
  233. HIRO and Aya Ueto Married
  234. Photos: Los Angeles Adventure - Sketchbook
  235. Photos: Los Angeles Adventures - piñata
  236. Anti-Japanese violence in China as Chinese ships violate Japanese territorial waters
  237. Chinese state-owned media: China should “drop an atomic bomb” on Japan
  238. Desk Diary 2012/09
  239. Hatsune Miku Events
  240. Doll Show 35
  241. I heart Kobe
  242. Will hundreds of Chinese fishing boats overwhelm the Japanese coast guard?
  243. Vanity Fair’s Obama article invents imaginary Japanese village
  244. Audi dealership in China: “We must exterminate the Japanese”
  245. Wagnaria
  246. Japanese Book Stores
  247. Anti-Japanese mob attacks American ambassador’s car in Beijing
  248. Chinese Sportsmanship: Badminton players withdraw from Japan Open / Japanese cycling
  249. Pixiv x Mirai Suenaga
  250. Washi Paper and Cats