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  1. Golfing In Germany
  2. If You Can?t Be German, Eat Like One
  3. The Hidden Groundhog Connection In Germany’s Candelmas
  4. Thank You To Our US And UK Friends
  5. Tipping And Table Etiquette In Germany
  6. A Magical Mystery Tour Through Germany
  7. Enjoy Music At The 2012 Luther Decade
  8. Celebrate Holidays In Traditional German Style
  9. Fall In Love With The Hamburg Ballet
  10. Top 10 Berlin Movies
  11. Real Football Is Played Outside America
  12. Germany, the Land of Poets and Thinkers
  13. It?s Spargelzeit ? Asparagus Time!
  14. German Personality Traits ;-)
  15. Kaffee und Kuchen, Delicious And Relaxing
  16. German(s) Outside Of Germany
  17. On Green Living And Ecotourism
  18. Hessian Cuisine
  19. 7 Unique Hotels In Germany
  20. Traditional Bavarian Clothing
  21. German News And Events
  22. German Art And Architecture Explained
  23. A New Jewish Germany
  24. Top 10 World War II Flicks
  25. Berlin: still a work in progress
  26. Germany Holidays: Foodie breaks in Lower Saxony
  27. Talk your way out of recession
  28. Germany Holidays: Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  29. Germany Holidays: Walker?s Paradise
  30. Are Germans taking over America?
  31. Busking in the Elbe Tunnel
  32. Hut tips for high-level hiking
  33. What the world loves most about Germany
  34. Lufthansa?s Airbus A380
  35. Germany?s National Parks Should Be More Famous
  36. Greet Uta In The Naumburg Cathedral
  37. We Speak Everything PLUS Standard German :-)
  38. Insects In German Cuisine, Anyone?
  39. Bavarian Cuisine, Famous Around The World
  40. Is Your Writing Full Of Hot Air?
  41. Superstitions In Germany
  42. Groupies Sure Do Eat Great
  43. The Luther Decade, An Epic 10-Year Event
  44. Enjoy Halloween In A Haunted Germany
  45. Germany Holidays: Mecklenburg?s live-aboard waterways
  46. Cool stuff for kids in Germany
  47. Renewable Energy Most Important Electricity Source in Germany in 2013?
  48. Increase of Surcharge Due to Grid Fee Exemptions for Energy-intensive Companies?
  49. Improved Funding Under Renewable Energy Incentive Programme as of Mid-August
  50. Rösler: State Engagement for Offshore Grid Means of Last Resort
  51. TSOs and Trade Associations Propose System Change Regarding Connection of Offshore Wi
  52. EEG Clearing Agency Informs about New Arbitration Procedure
  53. Federal Network Agency: Further Delay in Grid Expansion
  54. About 2.050 GWp of Newly Installed PV Capacity in May and June 2012
  55. Football: Germany Euro 2012: Looking back; Germany?s previous Euro Semi-Finals
  56. WEEE Recast Includes Photovoltaic Panels
  57. Law Suits Against EEG Surcharge Make Headlines
  58. German markets
  59. Austerity in Germany?
  60. Random stuff spotted while driving through Krefeld
  61. A newfound enthusiasm for flavoured crisps sweeps Germany!
  62. What Germans think we eat…
  63. Train travel in Germany
  64. At last! German snacks take a leap forward into the 1980s
  65. German buskers
  66. Amazing German flower arrangements
  67. Football: Germany Euro 2012: ?Mole? threatens to derail Germany?s bid for glory
  68. Football: Germany Euro 2012: The Dark Horses vs The Party Spoilers
  69. Football: Germany benefit from a cautious Portugal
  70. Cinema: Midnight Revue
  71. Cinema: The Kaiser?s Lackey
  72. Cinema: Marriage in the Shadows
  73. Cinema: Goya
  74. Driving On The German Autobahn
  75. June Brides, Weddings German Style
  76. German States In A Nutshell, Part 2
  77. German States In A Nutshell, Part 1
  78. German Sauna Etiquettes, Naked
  79. Cinema: Hey You!
  80. Cinema: Ursula
  81. Cinema: El Cantor
  82. Football: adidas German Euro 2012 Home Kit
  83. Football: Germans aim for early qualification
  84. Football: Germany easily bounce past Socceroo?s
  85. Football: Loew lights fire ahead of Australian showdown
  86. Football: Germany World Cup squad 2010
  87. Football: Bayern quartet hold key to German success
  88. Cinema: Underground Film in the GDR
  89. Cinema: The Adventures of Werner Holt
  90. Cinema: The Ernst Thälmann Films
  91. Partying on the Tyne: Hen Do Ideas for Newcastle
  92. It's Summer Sale in Germany
  93. Shipping from Europe
  94. Travelling from U.S. To Europe
  95. The Würzburg Residence
  96. One Life is Not Enough to See The World
  97. Travel Snapshots from SEgovia, Spain
  98. Don't Miss These Sights When Visiting Munich
  99. My Second Visit in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  100. Discovering the Art in Venice
  101. Pinay-German Travel Blogger Hoping To Visit U.S.A. Again
  102. Spring Trip To Cannes, France
  103. Garden Stuffs
  104. Visit to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain
  105. Germany With Highest Per Capita Photovoltaics Capacity
  106. Countdown to the USA
  107. Gelato in Rome, Italy
  108. Finding Unique Souvenirs Like Jewelry When Travelling
  109. Neumarkt Jura Volksfest
  110. A Souvenir Shop in La Subbetica, Andalusia
  111. Passing By in Dürnstein During A Cruise in Danube River
  112. Listening to the Live Band in Gaubodenvolksfest in Straubing
  113. London Olympics 2012 Snapshots
  114. Invitations
  115. Euro Travel in Vernazza, Italy
  116. Top Places To Visit in Norway
  117. Environment Minister Presents 10 Point Energy and Environment Programme
  118. 5 Best Snowmobile Destinations in Canada
  119. 5 Best Snowmobile Destinations in Canada
  120. Cinema: Jadup and Boel
  121. Using Plastic When Travelling
  122. Visit to Paris, The World's No. 1 Tourist Destination
  123. First day of May = Great day to Play!
  124. Strasbourg, France
  125. Why everyone should go to Frühlingsfest
  126. Summer is in the air, and so is white asparagus
  127. Frühlingsfest!! (aka Spring Fest!)
  128. Triberg - Home of the Famous German Cuckoo Clocks
  129. Tips and Tricks for Traveling around Europe
  130. Travel Quotes to live By
  131. A normal day in Germany
  132. Lichtenstein Castle
  133. The German Vending Machine?
  134. Surgery in Germany
  135. Barcelona
  136. Prague
  137. Getting ready for Prague and Barcelona
  138. Biergarten Bike Run Throughout the Forest
  139. Tis the Season of Festivals! Esslingen Strawberry Festival and Sindelfingen Int'l Fes
  140. Camping in Germany at the Titisee
  141. Going to the Zoo in Germany
  142. Rising Crop Prices Fuel Discussion about E10 and Bio Energy
  143. Kleve…. Anne, Holbein, wild flowers and scary scary swans!
  144. David Buchan: The Energiewende ? Germany?s Gamble
  145. I Miss This Night Walk in Albayzin, Spain
  146. Cleaning my Laptop Before I Travel
  147. Scary clothes-shop windows in Germany
  148. Decision on Liability Regime for Offshore Grid Connection Delayed?
  149. Dena Study on Integration of Renewables: Fossil-fueled Power Plants Needed to Provide
  150. EEG Amendment Cutting Solar Tariffs Promulgated
  151. Stolpersteine in Emmerich am Rhein
  152. State of Baden-Württemberg Provides Online Information on Wind Conditions in Forest A
  153. Visit our brand new accommodation section
  154. RWI: Market-Oriented Renewable Funding Scheme Would Save EUR 52 Billion
  155. Why you should never get a phone contract with o2
  156. BfN Survey on Nature Awareness 2011 Shows Preference for Offshore Wind Power
  157. Government Adopts Amendment of German Energy Act to Speed up Offshore Wind Power Expa
  158. BNetzA Aims to Realise Synergies Between Electricity Grid Expansion and Broadband Exp
  159. Government Passes Ordinance Cutting Management Premium for Wind and Solar Power
  160. German women – we know your secret!
  161. BFH Ruling on Earlier Investment Deduction for Start Up Photovolatic Power Plant
  162. Cinema: Destinies of Women
  163. 543.225 MWp of Newly Installed PV Capacity in July 2012 Brings Total to 29.7 GWp
  164. German beauty branding fail!
  165. It’s that time of the year again…
  166. BMU/UBA Fracking Study Recommends Strict Requirements for Fracking
  167. BNetzA: Average Electricity Interruption Rose Slightly in 2011
  168. Affordable Family Fun
  169. Yes, it?s the Lederhosen season!
  170. Private Households Pay EUR 937 Million in VAT on EEG Surcharge
  171. Beautifying the Germany countryside
  172. Walking Around Vancouver
  173. Visi to Vancouver, Canada
  174. Stuttgart Summer Festival!
  175. Stuttgart Wine Festival (yes, there really is more than beer in Germany!))
  176. Things I never ever thought would happen in Germany....
  177. Grid Fee Exemption for Privileged Grid Use Violating EU Law?
  178. BNetzA Starts Consultation on Electricity Grid Development Plan 2012
  179. GreenTech-Atlas 3.0: Environmental Technologies to Account for 20% of GDP in 2025
  180. EU Energy Efficiency Directive Approved by Parliament
  181. Travelling near the Dutch-German border this morning…
  182. EEG Clearing Agency Advises on Grandfathering Clause for Solar Feed-in Tariffs
  183. BNetzA Update of German Power Plant Capacity, New Build and Decommissioning Announcem
  184. A Night at Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas
  185. Still in Vegas
  186. Environment Minister Altmaier Calls on Länder to Cut Back Wind Power Expansion
  187. BDEW Presents Latest Wind Power Data and Demands More Market Integration of Renewable
  188. BMWI Sets up New Funding Scheme Promoting Energy-Efficiency in SME
  189. Germany Holidays: Weimar, classic with a twist
  190. Cinema: Look at This City!
  191. A fall evening in Tübingen
  192. The Guardian does Germany
  193. German Cartel Office Imposes Fine Against Producers of Power Transformers
  194. German-Maroccan Energy Partnership Shall Promote Expansion of Renewable Energy
  195. FAZ/EWI Energy Conference: Oettinger on Harmonsation of Renewable Support, EEG Surcha
  196. FAZ/EWI Energy Conference: Oettinger on Harmonsation of Renewable Support, EEG Surcha
  197. German-Maroccan Energy Partnership Shall Promote Expansion of Renewable Energy
  198. German Cartel Office Imposes Fine Against Producers of Power Transformers
  199. First Parliament Reading of Rental Reform Act ? Energy-Efficient Renovation
  200. Updated VKU/DST/DStGB Brochure on Concession Agreements
  201. Environment Minister Altmaier Wants to Encourage Citizen Participation in Financing o
  202. Bundestag Environment Committee Passes Ordinance Cutting Management Premium for Wind
  203. Chancellor Merkel Reaffirms Electromobility Target
  204. BDEW: Expansion of Charging Stations for Electric Cars Making Good Progress
  205. And the Planet Germany award for the best named German Imbiß (snack bar) goes to….
  206. New Energy Initiative Aims to Help SME Implement Energy Policy Shift
  207. Austria’s huts are outposts of Germany
  208. BSH Starts Consultation on Amended Draft of Offshore Grid Plan
  209. Happy To Visit Vilnius, Lithuania
  210. Oldtimertreffen in Neumarkt, Bavaria
  211. Musicians in Neumarkt's Volksfest
  212. Visit to the Hill of Crosses Near Siauliai, Lithuania
  213. BVerwG on Free Allocation of CO2 Emission Allowances to Power Plants
  214. Altmaier Presents Paper on Reform of Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
  215. Cinema: Till Eulenspiegel
  216. It must be fall in Germany
  217. Renewable Surcharge for 2013 Rises by Almost 47% to 5.277 ct/kWh
  218. TSOs Publish Preliminary Offshore Surcharge for 2013
  219. New flights for winter
  220. New Photos! Innsbruck, Austria
  221. Government Adopts EnWG Amendment Preventing Shutdown of Power Plants
  222. Rising Grid Charges for 2013?
  223. European Commission Proposal on Biofuel Revison
  224. BNetzA Approves Scenario Framework for National Gas Grid Development Plan 2013
  225. More weird stuff appearing in German shops…
  226. Not every German vehicle has a lot of horsepower…
  227. EEG Clearing Agency Procedure on Replacement, Relocation and Addition of/to Renewable
  228. Bundestag Passes 8th Amendment of Act Against Restraint of Competition
  229. The Golden October in Europe
  230. Our trip to Innsbruck, Austria
  231. Parliament Hearing Regarding Amendment of Act on Legal Remedies in Environmental Matt
  232. Borkum Offshore Wind Farm: Trianel Takes Legal Action Against Tennet TSO
  233. OLG Düsseldorf: Doubts About Legal Basis for StromNEV Grid Fee Exemption
  234. The Night We Almost Died In Austria
  235. Parliament Adopts Amendment of Motor Vehicle Tax Act Extending Exemption for Electric
  236. German Rail CEO Warns of Cancellations If Datteln Power Plant Is Shut Down in Decembe
  237. Having Fun in A German Festival
  238. Twenty of the best German novels
  239. Windreich AG and Tennet TSO GmbH Agree on Interim Grid Connection of Offshore Wind Fa
  240. Ideas for a holiday in Majorca
  241. Bundeswehr Opposition against Wind Turbines in Mecklenburg Western-Pommerania for Saf
  242. BNetzA Announces 2.5% Degression of Solar Feed-in Tariffs for November to January
  243. Riga, the Paris of the Baltic States
  244. NRW Environment Ministry: Annual Wind Power Potential of 71 TWh/a in NRW
  245. Chancellor Merkel and State Premiers: Continued Commitment to Energiewende and Offsho
  246. Continued Operation of Datteln Power Plant Units 1-3 in 2013
  247. Consultation on Electricity Grid Development Plan 2012 Completed
  248. BDEW: Renewables 26% of Electricity Consumption ? PV Generation Increases by 50% in F
  249. Parliament: Energy Tax Reductions for the German Industry Remain in Force
  250. TSO Study: Merger of Gas Market Areas not Commecially Reasonable